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You can believe me or not believe me, but this is the truth. This Friday I started to feel, for the first time, a sense of real despair. And as I lit candles Friday night, I decided to have a long conversation with God. “Look,” I said, “your people need some help. Some encouragement. We can’t go on like this. Please, please help us find our hostages.”

Little did I know, that at that very moment the government had given the green light to the most daring hostage rescue operation of the entire war.

The joy in Israel was palpable. Life guards announced it at the beach to cheering crowds. An Arkia pilot told his passengers. Even the usual disgruntled Saturday night Hostage Square protestors in Tel Aviv smiled and cheered before going back to protesting.

It took those of us who keep Shabbat a while to get the news, although some thoughtful secular Israelis were kind enough to tape up posters on synagogues with the joyful news to cheer the worshippers inside.

We spent Saturday night looking at the videos of Noa Argamani hugging her Dad, and going to visit her poor mom who is in the last stages of brain cancer. Noa was brought to the same hospital for her medical care so they could be together, and her mom’s last wish could come true. Tragically, Yossi Jan, father of rescued Israeli hostage Almog Meir, died on Friday, only hours before his son was freed from Hamas captivity. 

Apparently, the IDF knew weeks ago where these hostages were being held: Noa –  the famous young woman seen kidnapped on a motorcycle by some Hamas degenerate at the Nova Festival , Almog Meir (21), Andrey Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv. The army had even built models of apartments for soldiers to train in for the operation. But only now had the IDF deemed such an operation possible.

The location was Nuseriat, a crowded refugee camp where you can’t put one foot in front of the other. They knew Noa was in a ground floor apartment and the three men 200 meters away in another apartment building on the third floor. While they discussed rescuing Noa alone, it was decided that her rescue without including the men would be a death warrant for them. So the decision was made to do a daring simultaneous rescue in the middle of the day.

Rolling into Nuseirat with a truck disguised to look like a typical conveyance for wandering Gazan refugees, complete with mattresses and Gazan refugee outfits, the soldiers – which included both men and women to make the refugee story more plausible – apparently told curious locals that they had rented an apartment in the building they were heading towards because where they had been staying Rafah was too dangerous.

Then they stormed the apartment. The family holding on to Noa for the last eight months included an Al Jazeerah journalist, his wife and kids, his sisters, and his father, a doctor. All of them resisted. All of them died. But unlike Hamas, the grandchildren weren’t shot (Hamas would have burnt them alive). At the very same moment, a second force was storming the apartment with the men. Its heroic commander, and the person after whom this operation will forever be known, Arnon Zemorah, was fatally wounded by terrorist fire. Nevertheless, the Israeli commandos rescued all the hostages, shielding them from heavy gunfire with their own bodies and successfully retreating back to the vehicle they had come in,

By this time, hundreds of Hamas terrorists in Nuseriat had come running through the narrow alleyways with Kalashnikovs, RPG’s, and other weapons. A direct hit put the soldiers’ vehicle out of commission, making them all sitting ducks. It was then that the magnificent coordination of fire from Apache helicopters, ground troops, and navy vessels protecting them and decimating hundreds of terrorists and the people who gave them shelter kicked in, allowing them to take the hostages to a helicopter waiting at the beach for the flight back to Israel.

That this operation succeeded is nothing short of a miracle. God was certainly involved, the difference between spectacular success and disastrous failure a hair’s breadth apart at every moment.

The IDF didn’t go into Nuseriat to kill Hamas terrorists or uninvolved civilians (if they even exist) and would have gladly taken the Israelis they had rescued from torture back home without firing a shot if they had been allowed to. But as it was, as on October 7, Hamas decided on war. Now they are dead and everybody in the world is crying for them.

Not me. We didn’t go in there to kill. We went to save lives. But a few hundred dead Hamas is the cherry on top. I don’t know why anyone is crying. Haven’t Gazan mothers told us time and time again how much they love death and martyrdom? How much they want it for their kids? So here, we gave you both. Say thank you. As for the Europeans crying for them, you are all idiots.

I guess I’m not surprised at the reactions from places like Turkey, or Egypt, or Jordan. But then, there are these: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Josep Borrell: “Reports from Gaza of another massacre of civilians are appalling. We condemn this in the strongest terms,” Borrell said on X. “The bloodbath must end immediately.” And Norway’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Andreas Motzfeldt Kravik, who strongly condemned Israel for what he defined as “another massacre of civilians in Gaza.”

Today I read an article about a poor villager in Indonesia that went missing and who was later found, swallowed whole, in the belly of a python. I can’t help thinking that the python of Islam is well and truly on its way to digesting whole certain European countries; places where the doors were opened wide to bring in the murderers and rapists of their women and girls and whose entire culture, economy and educational system is being undermined by backward, violent, ignorant, racist, misogynists who will soon take over and turn the clock back to the Middle Ages. Rome let in the Barbarians, and that was the end of it. The same thing is coming the way of all those who side with Hamas. They are no longer part of the civilized world. They have been swallowed whole.

I rejoice that little Israel is showing the world how civilized people behave, and that Jewish lives aren’t cheap. Hamas was asking for the release of 50 murderers for every hostage. So we’ve shown them each hostage is worth the death of 65 Hamas terrorists. The math works for me. There will be no cease fire without the release of all the hostages and the banishment or death of Sinwar, Deif, and the rest of the Hamas barbarians. Don’t give us advice when you have done nothing to help us fight this war against the barbarians. Just sit back, watch, and shut up.

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19 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 9 JUNE 2024”

  1. Ellen Poor Reply

    Thank you, Naomi! I love your books and I love your diary.
    Keep up the wonderful diary…

  2. Moshe Elkman Reply

    Hi Naomi I receive a lot of news from Israel but your posts are the only ones I open. My wife and I love the way you write, Yasher koach (Melbourne Australia)

  3. Phillip Erickson Reply

    Your reports are riveting. Too bad you can’t have a by-line in one of the widely read papers. We only get slop and propaganda from them.
    Look forward to your reports every day.

  4. Shirley Reply

    i am a secular jew and have not lit candles for a long time.
    Friday night I decided I must start lighting candles again, we do get
    challah and say the bracha.
    Saturday morning i watched the video of Noa that i found on Youtube,
    A few hours later i hear of her rescue.
    Woohooo…. i will keep lighting candles!!!!
    Thank you Naomi, I love reading your posts

  5. Sara Reply

    Dearest Naomi- I agree- Death to Sinwar! It was my birthday yesterday and what a wonderful gift- the hear of the rescue of these 4 hostages. Of COURSE the libellous media has to take that and EVERYTHING and turn it somehow against Israel. It has become more and more disgusting…you know create fake headlines to suck in the reader, more readers more advertisers – follow the money $$. I believe in my heart there will be more rescues. Innocent Gazan civilians???? right…where??
    Hamas is responsible for these deaths and more. And if possible…block that first disgusting post. Thank you again Naomi

  6. Maureen R Katz Reply

    I cannot be a day without YOU.
    May the Jewish nation be guarded day and night.
    This is beyond exhausting and I’m just a reader without end.
    Thank G-d for Naomi E.🤗✡️🇮🇱🇮🇱✡️❤️

  7. Cheryl W. Reply

    What a wonderful miracle! I too thought that it was bashert to conduct this operation on a Saturday morning–when the power of the Shabbat candle blessing prayers of Jews all over the world must be most vibrantly powerful. Am Yisrael Chai!

  8. Linda Kaiser Reply

    Thank you Naomi.
    Such a beautiful and powerful message to the world.
    I look forward to your daily messages.

    • Ettie Kryksman Reply

      Thank you Naomi for this wonderful article. This was truly a remarkable and heroic rescue. I agree with you 100%. There should be no tears shed for Palestinians who are okay with shielding hostages and try to actively interfere in their rescue. Yes. Jewish lives are not cheap. Well said. Bravo.

    • Joy Reply

      It’s so happy you described the rescue so well in your excellent blog. Truly miraculous!
      Chag Sameach

  9. Eileen Goldstein Reply

    Naomi, I am with you one-hundred percent every time. I’m tired of playing games with the U.S., the U.N. et al. Let the IDF do what we know best and finish this war with the hostages home and as victors!

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Yes –This description of Naomi’s personal feelings and the intensity of the rescue strengthen my already very strong support for Israel, the IDF, Netanyahu and all the brave Israelis.

  10. Susan Hilton Reply

    I wish that those that report on the way the hostages were freed would NOT give details which will be read and dissected by the Hamas and other animals- Gives them fuel to prevent other rescue missions, kill surviving hostages out of anger and shame, etc etc. Why give such info out before ALL the hostages are gotten out???? Giving away strategies and steps taken to free our people is not wise or helpful at this time. Wish all reporters and eye witnesses would think before speaking/writing about the strategies taken by the IDF and Security organizations….

  11. Linda Biderman Reply

    I feel somewhat hopeful that more hostages will be found and freed.

    I am already thinking who will govern these Palestinians. Israel should be part of the control, but not be exclusively in charge. I just don’t trust any other countries and that is a problem. Lack of trust!

    Thank you for your daily updates.

    • BG Reply

      I agree with person who commented about need to be guarded in discussing information. Some info. should not be made public.

  12. Sarah Reply

    Naomi, thanks for giving us details the papers omit. Many of us rely on you.

  13. Eva Reply

    I read your diary every day. Thank you so much for your poignant words.
    I agree with you 100%. Keep up the amazing writing you do. Thank you so much.

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