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The Saturday Wife

In The Saturday Wife, Ragen utilizes her fluid writing style – rich with charm and detail – to break new ground as she harnesses satire to expose a world filled with contradiction.

Beautiful, blond, materialistic Delilah Levy steps into a life she could have never imagined when in a moment of panic she decides to marry a sincere Rabbinical student. But the reality of becoming a paragon of virtue for a demanding and hypocritical congregation leads sexy Delilah into a vortex of shocking choices which spiral out of control into a catastrophe which is as sadly believable as it is wildly amusing.

Told with immense warmth, fascinating insight, and wicked humor, The Saturday Wife depicts the pitched and often losing battle of all of us as we struggle to hold on to our faith and our values amid the often delicious temptations of the modern world.

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The Hebrew version of The Saturday Wife

“Naomi Ragen hooks the reader from the first word and doesn’t let go until the last. I can’t wait to catch up on her past novels.”
Marcia Blumenthal Lyons

“The pleasure of this novel is in its mercilessness, with Ragen raising the stakes until the very end.”
Publishers Weekly