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The Enemy Beside Me

The Enemy Beside Me, my fourteenth book, was published on September 12, 2023. To order your copy, click here.


This book made the Holocaust real to me in a way that even knowing and hearing survivor testimonies did not. There are so many things that made the Lithuania Holocaust different from other areas in Europe – and these events now haunt me in a completely different way. Honestly, I felt that reading this book incinerated me as a person and I have been rebuilt better. That’s a tall order for historical fiction!

I was not certain of which events were fact or fiction, and the Yad Vashem and US Holocaust Museum archives tell me that all of the events mentioned in the book are real. This book is some of the most important historical fiction that I could ever imagine. It’s a very challenging book to read – and yet I stayed up til midnight to finish it. Know that this book will challenge your ideas of heroes and how we as humans can hope to reconcile the past and the present.

Amazon 5-star Review

Sometimes a book can be difficult to read. Perhaps it’s because of the quantity of information presented, or it makes us uncomfortable or sad, or it shines a bright light on ugly human flaws that we’d rather not think about. But that book might need to be read over and over again to really experience it fully, discomfort notwithstanding. Naomi Ragen’s 14th novel, The Enemy Beside Me is just such a book because of the intense spotlight she shines on a country that to this day refuses to admit its part in the massacre of its Jewish population, and because of the amount of information she presents – factual first-person accounts – about those horrific events.


The prose is sobering and expressive. The characters are troubled, brave, and strong. And the plot is an enthralling, hopeful tale about life, love, strength, deception, injustice, guilt, loss, shame, respect, passion, truth, understanding, and acknowledgement.

Overall, The Enemy Beside Me is ultimately a heart-wrenching, affecting, pensive tale by Ragen based on real-life events that highlights the extreme hardships, suffering, and horrors endured during a heinous time in history when millions of lives were violated, taken, and senselessly lost, and reminds us that our greatest power against such evil, truly, is knowledge and never, ever to forget.