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The world is in an uproar over an IDF attack against Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who took part in the October 7 massacre who lived inside rooms in an UNWRA school, fully armed, hiding between children’s classrooms. Israel has wised up to this tactic and attacked the rooms-not the building as Hamas claims – killing dozens of Nukhba terrorists.

Consider this: In the Sudanese civil war the Sudan Rapid Support Forces fighting against the Sudanese army just massacred 104 residents of the village of Wad a-Nora, south of the capital Khartoum. The civil war, which started on April 15, 2023, has killed more than 15,000 and displaced over 8 million, and caused famine and the overrunning of refugee camps in surrounding Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan. And yet, what are the news channels foaming at the mouth about? The Israeli attack in Rafah with 35 dead – an attack on senior terrorists, outside the designated safe zone, who were stashing and hiding weapons in a school next to the tents of displaced civilians.

The marvelous Melanie Phillips has a podcast in which she explains that Israel has a remarkable record of not targeting civilians in this war. According to the norm, in any war 9 civilians die for every combatant. In this war the ratio is an unheard of 1:1. And yet, we are accused by the ICC of deliberately causing the death of civilians! Also, in issuing warrants against Israeli leaders, the ICC has gone against its own rules which permit this only if the country involved is unwilling or unable to investigate the crimes it is being accused of. Israel was never given that opportunity. Karim Khan, head of the ICC, is therefore guilty of illegal and criminal behavior, destroying the ICC ‘s legitimacy and credibility and undermining any value it might have had to target real injustice in the world. He has much to answer for.

In an incident that should turn on numerous red lights, terrorists from Gaza were discovered about to cross into Israel at the border fence. Luckily, Israeli patrols discovered them before they succeeded. After an exchange of fire, the terrorists were targeted by tanks and planes who turned them into the only kind of Hamas terrorist that does no harm: dead ones. Why, then, the red lights? Because Israel said it was establishing a buffer zone between the border fence and Gaza, so how did they get so close? This is being investigated, no doubt. But something is seriously wrong here.

Luckily, Hamas, in its demented stupidity, has rejected the wide-ranging and suicidal cease-fire plan offered by Biden via Netanyahu. But listen to this: leaders of 16 nations, including the US and UK, have signed a statement effectively begging Hamas to accept President Biden’s Gaza ceasefire proposal, thus giving that vile terror organization legitimacy and strength in the Arab world. They are making Hamas look like they have the entire world begging them for mercy. What’s wrong with these people?

Hopefully, Hamas’ rejection of the proposal will give Israel the time it needs to finish Hamas off and locate our living hostages, if there are any. The brutality and stupidity and savagery of these people who take hostages, expect to win a war by bartering them, and then torture them to death…

Death is really too good for them. Sorry we don’t have something worse. Wait. What about doing to them and their families what they did to Israelis in Be’eri, and Nachal Oz, and, Nova, and, and? Just copy them exactly. That would be justice, but our humanity and our sanity would get in the way. That is always the problem the Jews face in fighting their enemies.

According to Israel Today, the Biden administration is cautioning Israel against even a limited ground operation in Lebanon, fearing it could draw in Iran, which could then even lead to Russia entering the fray. On the other hand, American mediators have utterly failed to broker a deal that would return security to northern Israel. The situation in the Upper Galilee cannot continue. Nearly 100,000 Israeli civilians need to return home, and daily life there needs to resume.

But, as we’ve seen with Rafah, Biden’s “commands” don’t hold much water in Israel. So why hasn’t Israel entered into a full-scale war against Hezbollah? Because Iran-supplied Hezbollah has an estimated 100,000 missiles, some of them long range that can be delivered to any place in Israel. It has bomb-carrying drones that just attacked an Israeli Druze village, causing deaths and injuries. A few minutes ago, a Hezbollah drone had a direct hit on a shopping center in evacuated Kiryat Shmonah. There were no injuries.

Should Israel be targeted, such rocket fire would completely disrupt Israeli life and the Israeli economy. Right now, our supermarkets are full. Our children are graduating from high schools and colleges. The war in Gaza is being won, slowly but surely. To divert the kind of effort we would need to combat that kind of rocket fire would be a tremendous burden on the entire country. You can’t believe how normal daily life still is in Israel at the moment. It’s hard to give that up.

In fact, over the last few weeks, several Israeli start-ups have been sold for billions of dollars. The latest, WalkMe, founded by Israelis Dan Adika and Tal Niego in 2011, was just sold to German software giant SAP for 1.5 billion dollars. Our people, our creativity, are our greatest assets. No wonder the world is out for our blood…

And yet the time to confront Hezbollah is drawing near, let no one mistake this. And Nasrallah – who is hiding in a spot Israel can target any time they decide to –  is going to be eliminated along with Sinwar, Deif, and Haniyeh along with thousands more terrorists on our borders. Biden needs to support Israel, not issue directives with shaking knees. He is the leader of the free world, remember.

If that world still exists…

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 6 JUNE 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    Naomi (and everyone),
    I’m just reading the news today. It’s just unbelievable. Very emotional. I can’t imagine what it must be like for all you guys over there. Well done all the soldiers of the IDF who participated in this rescue operation. I can’t imagine how they must have felt when they were about to start their mission. So far as I’m concerned, this must rank as one of the greatest military missions ever conducted. Well, done, well done, well done. I hope the IDF killed a lot of the enemy as well. Show them no mercy. Send them all to the afterlife!

  2. Eva Lande Reply

    Big picture on the front page of The WSJ this Thursday of “Israeli right-wing activists” attacking a Palestinian journalist. Reminded me of those young ignorant student morons in the US at the universities. Useless to go down to that level.

  3. C W Joiner Reply

    In the early years of the Old West, when an Indian nation would capture someone who killed one of the tribe, the killer was turned over to the slain one’s women folk for punishment. I want the judge for the Hamas punishment to be my favorite chronicler of the war: Naomi Ragen.

  4. KD Reply

    I think I said a while back that Israel had to ignore Biden and eliminate Hamas, because you don’t want to end up fighting a war on two fronts.

    If anyone starts complaining about how the IDF is fighting this war, remind them that the United States invented napalm during world war two, and used it to firebomb Tokyo in March 1945, killing an estimated one hundred thousand people in one night.

    Remind them of Operation Meetinghouse.

    On June 12th 1944, Roosevelt had said, “True, we still have a long way to go to Tokyo. But, carrying out our original strategy of eliminating our European enemy first and then turning all our strength to the Pacific, we can force the Japanese to unconditional surrender or to national suicide much more rapidly than has been thought possible.”

    Those were the options facing Japan. Unconditional surrender or national suicide.

    Those were the days when America had a President who knew what it meant to fight a war – and to defeat your nation’s enemies.

  5. Gloria Valentine Reply

    You are my connection with the reality of this insanity.
    Why aren’t you running the world.???
    Wish everyone read Naomi.
    I got my friends to.
    And I forward you to the ones that would rather not hear your truths.
    Stay healthy. Keep writing.

  6. golda Reply

    cut off their testicles.
    that would be fitting retribution.
    and they would understand that because that is their brain center, if they have a brain.

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