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A Gazan man addresses Hamas openly on video (thank you Abu Ali Express):”I have a short message for the Hamas leadership.

“Have mercy on us and leave the Gaza Strip. Enough.

“Whoever wants to call me a collaborator, go ahead.

“Enough with the pain and suffering. Leave us alone!

“Where are you trying to lead us with your madness? ENOUGH!”

And another said: “You have taken us 500 years back, killed our children, our lives are ruined! We are all just dying!”

They are saying this openly despite Hamas gunmen ready to kill any Gazan who opens his mouth. Things are getting desperate.

Israel is not the enemy of the people in Gaza. Hamas is their real enemy…

I have a few choice words for Benny Gantz, leader of the spineless, directionless National Unity Party, who entered the government soon after October 7, and has now quit because: “Fateful, strategic decisions are met with hesitance and procrastination due to political considerations.” That’s rich, coming from a politician who quit in the middle of a war while calling for new elections!

Honestly, I never had any feelings for Gantz. He was a cipher. I don’t know what he believes, what he sees for Israel’s future. And all I saw of him as part of the emergency unity government was to do his best to weaken Netanyahu’s firm stance against Biden’s suicidal cease fire deals, which aim to leave Hamas in power in Gaza with thousands of armed men ready to cross our borders once again.

With Gantz urging him on, even Netanyahu has weakened, falling into this ugly trap which calls for the release of thousands of murderers and at least a temporary end of the war with Hamas, just enough to give them time to rearm. And this, in exchange for just a handful hostages living and dead!

Only two parties, comprising 14 Knesset seats, have stood firm throughout, both of them labled “far right” by the press: Bezalel Smotrich’s Religious Zionist Party, and Itamar ben Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit Party. Both oppose this cease fire which ends the war and releases murderers from our jails.

I’m not particularly fond of either party, mind you. Ben Gvir is an idiot who opposed a law requiring abusive husbands barred from their homes to wear ankle bracelets! But when you are faced with existential choices, and the leadership on the other side are homocidal maniacs, it doesn’t hurt to have maniacs on your own side to stop the slide into complacency and surrender. To come to a lasting peace, we have to speak their language, and it is not compromise and surrender.

My friend’s son, who served in Lebanon during the war for 5 months, has just received a new call up order. This is so unfair. The continued refusal of thousands of haredim to honor their miliary obligations has left the army so short-handed that there is no choice. This is not only heartbreaking, but dangerous. A small article in Ynet reveals that a soldier in the Engineering Corps who was in Gaza for many months and suffered PTSD recently comitted suicide after receiving a new call up notification. I can’t tell you how this makes me feel.

In the meantime, the government is trying to appease its haredi coalition partners with a new law meant to bypass the decision of the High Court requiring all Israelis do military service. I hope the law fails. If you are here and think serving your country in the IDF is incompatible with your lifestyle, go live somewhere else. No one has to die for your convenience. Everyone has to shoulder their civic and military responsibilities.

Some do so little, and some do so much. General Avi Rosenfeld, commander of IDF’s Gaza Division, announced his resignation yesterday. “It was my mission to protect the Gaza periphery, and on October 7, I failed in that mission,” he wrote in his resignation letter. Rosenfeld served his country for over twenty years. In 2023, he held the rank of Brigader General. His previous posts included commander of of the elite Oz Brigade, Bislamach Bridade, Northern Gaza Brigade, Sharon Regional Brigade, the Shaldag Unit and Nahal Infantry Brigade. Friends said that Rosenfeld activated the “doomsday” response to the mass invasion immediately on October 7, calling up all the divisions he could, and he himself had to be physically restrained from joining the troops on the front line. But in the absence of crucial intelligence, Rosenfeld just wasn’t prepared for the Hamas onslaught. It was a tragic mistake.

IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, also plans to resign: “The Military Intelligence Directorate, under my command, failed to warn of the terror attack carried out by Hamas,” Haliva said on October 17. “We failed in our most important mission, and as the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, I bear full responsibility for the failure.” IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi also indicated at the beginning of the war that he bore reponsibility but would resign only when the war was over. Gallant, as Minister of Defence, hinted as much as well but has now apparently forgotten all about it. And of course, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the head of State, cannot evade the ultimate responsibility.

Netanyahu has said that this is not the right time for assessing blame. I agree with him about that. Besides, his resignation would only give solace and succor to the enemy, which is exactly what Gantz’s resignation has done. The Iranian Foreign Ministry had this to say yesterday: “The repeated resignations in the government of the Zionist entity indicate its (the Zionist entity’s) collapse from within.”

Dream on, you cowardly, ignorant barbarians! Your entire military establishment is not worth the chip off the toenail of one of our generals. Yes, terrible, human mistakes were made on Oct 7. People died. But the people who made those mistakes are all honorable men who have dedicated their lives to keeping the people of Israel safe, risking their own lives numerous times. On October 7, they failed. They are accepting responsibility for that and the consequences.

They are great fantasists, the Muslims. Mohammed flew on a donkey to Jerusalem one night, that’s their claim to Jerusalem! (I’m not making this up. Google Buraq.) And Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who have not won a single battle, are so humilated they make up for it by regularly inventing successes to console themselves and their “fans.” For example, Hamas declared that in Israel’s latest operation, three hostages were killed. Who? What? Where? And someone else (Hezbollah? Islamic Jihad?) proclaimed they destroyed an Iron Dome battery.

In their dreams. Who in their right mind is still paying attention to these Neanderthals and their fantasies and their “Ministry of Health?” Oh, wait, Reuters, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC ….

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6 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 10 JUNE 2024”

  1. Guy Reply

    Netanyhou and the Likud party which I used to support are nothing but a bunch of prostitutes

  2. Penina Honig Reply

    Those generals in intelligence, who had warnings and refused to believe them, and who threatened the observers, who did NOT inform Netanyahu of the warnings as they are supposed to do, should not be allowed to resign. They should be court martialed. Sorry to say, some of this may have been prevented if those intelligence heads were not so full of themselves and their theories of invincibility.
    I sure hope that whoever replaces them when they are thrown out have a lot more humility.

  3. Sarah Reply

    Ganz is a disgrace. What captain leaves his ship even if it is sinking? And Israel is certainly not sinking. He thinks only of his political future. I hope Israelis remember this. He does not deserve to lead a country. No black clothes will make him into a hero. Let him be gone.

  4. Daveed Shachar Reply

    Only two generals have ever left an Israeli soldier to bleed to death. First Ehud Barack, and later Benny Gantz. That makes them both despicable human beings, unfit to lead anything, let alone an entire country.

  5. golda Reply

    thank you for your up to date news on the frontlines.
    you are my ONLY source of Israeli news.
    I too believe that the resignation of top military personnel should not be at this time.
    yes, they made horrible mistakes, but their expertise and services are sorely needed,
    and now it NOT the time to step down.
    Israel needs every able body with their acumen to fight these barbarians at the gates.
    my prayers are with you all,
    you shall prevail, but at so horrible a price.

    • Laurie Reply

      Thank you so very much for your updates, Naomi.
      I would hope and pray that there are many more Gazans like the man about whom you’ve just written. It many be taken as cruel and unpopular to say but how do we know any hostages are surviving? Israel now has to stand strong and REFUSE any ceasefire or else the rats will be back in a very short time….3? 4? weeks? And those who refuse Army service should have no security protection from the rats…they don’t recognise the State of Israel apparently.

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