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Haredi War on Women

August 2012 – The latest craze – new modesty glasses for Orthodox Jewish men so they won’t see women.

October 2011 – I returned to the scene of the crime.

In January 2011, Israel’s Supreme Court declared, in response to a suit filed by myself and several other women, gender segregation on buses to be illegal, but said that women may continue to “voluntarily” move to the back of the bus.

An interview with the National Council of Jewish Women on the issue.

I Am Not Sitting in the Back of the Bus (published in the Jewish Chronicle on 23 Feb 2007) – Why, together with other women, I filed suit to put an end to the primitive and degrading gender-segregated bus lines now popping up all over Israel.

Read my original article about how I was attacked by a religious fanatic because I refused to move to the back (the “women’s section”) of a Jerusalem bus.

Read about an American woman beaten because she refused to move to the back of a Jerusalem bus.

Read NPR’s article about the lawsuit.

Read my article explaining why segregated buses are just the latest crazy idea of fanatics with too much free time on their hands.

Read about haredi women who want to sit with their families and don’t want to be forced to crowd together in the back of the bus.

Israel Bus Rule Sparks Religious Row – How the liberal western media perceive all this fanaticism.