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The Covenant

The Covenant

The Covenant is the story behind the headlines we read every day, the heart-wrenching reality of modern life, where terrorists reign and average citizens find themselves at the pivot of politics and history. Living in Jerusalem, Elise Margulies fears for the lives of her husband and daughter every day. Then comes the day when her worst fears are realized. Cancer specialist Dr. Jonathan Margulies drives his young daughter home from her ballet recital and his bullet-ridden car is found empty on the side of the road hours later. Elise, in the last stages of a difficult pregnancy, desperately calls her grandmother Leah in America for help and unknowingly revives a decades-old oath that transcends both time and place. Over the course of five terror and hope-filled days during which ordinary people join the front lines against terrorism, the ties that bind two generations forge a potent alliance against contemporary evil. With this novel, which examines the passionate and terrifying struggle to preserve life in any age, Naomi Ragen is at her most powerful and engrossing.

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“While still maintaining her great warmth for characters, The Covenant is as suspenseful as a Mary Higgins Clark as you worry about the fate of characters hour by hour, minute by minute. The Covenant brings the headlines heartbreakingly home and redefines the unlimited boundaries of lifelong friendship.”
Gay Courter, author of The Midwife and Code Ezra

The Hebrew version of The Covenant

“A thrilling page turning from start to finish, Naomi Ragen’s The Covenant is not only a mesmerizing tale with fine drawn characters, it is a story of truth and integrity, a multi-generational novel love, friendship and duty. This is a MUST READ book. It is Naomi Ragen at her finest hour.”
Faye Kellerman, author of Street Dreams

Dutch version of The Covenant

“Naomi Ragen’s books are always compulsively readable, and The Covenant is no exception. An emotionally-charged and engrossing book, The Covenant is a tribute to the power of friendship and the strength of love in the face of evil.”
India Edghill, author of Wisdom’s Daughter: A Novel of Solomon and Sheba