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An Observant Wife

An Observant Wife is the sequel to my previous book, An Unorthodox Match, the story of California girl Lola, whose thoroughly modern secular life implodes without warning. After years fruitlessly searching for love, marriage, and children, she decides to take the radical step of seeking spirituality and meaning far outside the parameters of modern life in the insular, ultraorthodox enclave of Boro Park, Brooklyn.

It’s the first sequel I’ve ever written, and it continues the story of Leah, Jacob, and Shaindele. BookReporter reviewed the book and said “No one writes about observant Jews as well as Naomi Ragen, whose first novel, Jephte’s Daughter, is considered one of the 100 most important Jewish books ever written. … An Observant Wife joins the list of Ragen’s books about Jewish life that will stand the test of time and become classics.”

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I hope you’ll enjoy it.


“As an avid fan of many years of this amazing storyteller, I can honestly say that Naomi Ragen has outdone herself with this excellent book.”

“I loved this book as much as I did the first one. I enjoy the brutal honesty of the subject matter that cuts close to the bone and the depth of the characters who become so real you begin to anticipate their responses.”

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