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Will the Dikes Hold?

It seems as if the whole world is holding its breath, waiting for some kind of resolution. Millions have uprooted themselves from their homes, willingly or unwillingly, and now are pushing to enter the homes of others all over the world. Some are seeking a better life, and some come with a hidden agenda of contempt for the homes they enter, a desire to destroy and uproot the calm, satisfied lives of people who don’t meet their moral or religious standards.

They are waiting, waiting on the sidelines, waiting to make their push, to break open the barriers that hold them at bay, a great force, like the lifting of the earth’s crust, a great, searing flood like lava, bright and destructive, sweeping away all in its path, re-forming and obliterating what came before.

Will the dikes hold? Or will those promoting the goodness, the moral rectitude, of destroying the dikes with our own hands be listened to?

There was a moment like this, years ago. Hitler demanded Czechoslovakia be turned over to him. Now, this bright little democracy had weapons. It had wonderful fortifications against attack. In fact, it had more and better weapons than the recently rearmed Germany. Together with France and England, it could have defeated Hitler. But the dikes gave way, and Britain and France destroyed with their own hands the containment of Hitler, and millions of people died because the barriers went down in cowardice and stupidity and wrong judgement.
Britain and France.

I am holding my breath. Will the dikes hold, or will the hordes be allowed to sweep in, a bloodless invasion that the average person feels will destroy his country and his way of life, and only the elites, those in charge, advocate out of purely personal motives that have nothing to do with the good of their nations?

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6 comments on “Will the Dikes Hold?”

  1. Jeannette Noteboom

    Naomi, you are so right. It seems like people are blinded to the truth. We in Europe have been brainwashed to believe that we must not be racist. i.e.we are no longer allowed to believe that our Judeo-Christian culture/civilization is superior to islam.
    We are told that these invaders will adapt to our values and moral convictions, which they will not. When people finally will wake up it will be too late, we will have compromised and handed over all our forefathers died for.
    So yes, the dikes will not hold! The forces hostile to our way of life will overtake our lands and culture

  2. Rostislav Gorchakov

    My own impression of the developments since WWII is that the few last dikes will NOT hold and that the hordes will be allowed (or, rather, ARE allowed already) to sweep in. I may be wrong, but of course, but at least I do not hold my breath over questions which seem to me purely rhetoric.

  3. Surak

    Her message is clear. She is afraid of the destruction of Western civilization by hijrah (invasion) as well as by jihad. Aren’t you? Do 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Beslan, Bali, London, Paris, Brussels, the gang-rape of Europe, and the Oslo intifada throughout so much of Eretz Yisrael mean that little?

  4. marcella wachtel

    your message is not clear. \you do not state exactly what scares you so much

    • Larry


      What is not clear about her message? She gave an excellent analogy by recalling the Nazi takeover of the Czech Sudetenland.. Seems clear to me! Check out the reply by Surak on June 23, 2016. Maybe this will help you understand.

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