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What Israelis Need Now

Friends …

As always, you have been great (did I expect anything else?) about the lecture cancellations. I wrote you not because I need those lectures (believe me, I have more invitations then I can handle, and those two spots will be filled in a few days) but because it is indicative of the kind of thing that is undermining our fight here in Israel to see the truth, and to fight for the things that matter.

Some of you mistook the name of my lecture bureau agent, Iris Kislin, as the person responsible for the cancellations. Iris, of course, is not responsible. She simply conveyed the cancellation from Marcia Cantor at and Nancy Somers in Hamilton, Ontario.

Here in Israel, as we mourn the horror of three murdered women, two of them fourteen year old friends standing in front of their own door, in cold blood by war criminals supported by EU funding, and media coddling, we have more important things to think about than the politics of professional fundraisers.

Israel’s government is in crisis. Her economy is collapsing. And every single day numerous terrorist attacks are planned and carried out. We are busy crying for the 19 year old women soldiers blown up by 128 kilos of explosives near Karkur, for the three soldiers, two of them officers, who with great heroism held a suicide bomber back from exploding himself in a restaurant near Ariel.

For the mother and daughters murdered in Chermesh who snuck through under cover of an Arab olive grove, the kind Rabbis for Human Rights are so keen to save. Amos Oz and AB Yehoshua went out to support the rights of Arab olive grove owners (but didn’t bother to stop by Chermish to protest the violation of the human rights of young, Jewish girls to be protected from random mass murder by Palestinian scum.).

And who knows what will happen tomorrow? At this time, all of us, especially those who are trying so hard to fight the media’s lies, need to concentrate. I don’t have the time or the strength to get involved in this kind of nonsense.

So let me end this topic by saying this:

I am a writer. A playwright. And a lecturer. But I am also a human being, and a survivor of a terror attack that could have claimed the lives of my sons, and my daughter in law, my husband and my children’s grandparents. I was trying to have a seder in the Park Hotel. Because of an Arab murderer who took advantage of a Jewish hotel that was, in my opinion and in the opinion of the families of the 29 people who died there with whom I am in touch, criminally negligent in securing the well-being of its guests, dozens died, over a hundred were injured, and I and my family were put into mortal danger.

It is our opinion that in light of the Park’s negligence, fundraising luncheons and dinners should not be held there, allowing it to profit from this tragedy.

This is my right, as a human being. I will not give it up no matter what it costs me. People who can’t understand that, can’t understand the first thing about Israel or Israelis, or what kind of support they need at this time. And so, perhaps they shouldn’t be in fundraising.

They should work for CNN.

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