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The night of Iran’s despicable attack on Israel, make no mistake, was meant to annihilate large swathes of our population. Hundreds of deadly drones, and powerful missiles containing 60 tons of explosives were meant to destroy army bases, homes, factories, schools, synagogues, killing thousands. More than that, missiles and drones were directed towards Jerusalem and al Aksa, and went over holy Muslim shrines in Iraq. This wasn’t a mistake. Israel’s destroying these missiles prevented them from destroying what the Muslims insist is one of their holiest shrines and the basis for the genocidal “Flood” campaign of Hamas. Yet, like the atrocities of October 7, Iran is not apologetic, but proud of this, publicizing photos of their missiles over Al Aksa everywhere.

Iranian opposition cartoon

Who can understand them? That their missile attack achieved less than nothing – two holes in the ground in the Golan and the Nabatim airbase – is nothing short of a miracle. But that’s not the point.

I wonder if any other place in the world under such attack would be warned with such immediate and fanatic frequency by its “friends” not to fight back. I can’t understand America. Yes, they helped us down about 80 drones and missiles. But there were hundreds. And Israel took care of them all by herself. If only Joe Biden and his State Department would have focused their insistent demands against reciprocation on the Iranian regime before its missile launches, instead of on Israel after.

While I personally wasn’t frightened, what do you think it does to a whole civilian population to be told that hundreds of missiles are launched and coming their way? Why does anyone seem to think that because the missiles didn’t land successfully and achieve widespread murder and destruction that nothing happened and it should be ignored?

Something did happen. The entire world received iron-clad proof of the Iranian regime’s insane genocidal intentions. In a world where rationality and self-interest ruled, there would be offers across the board of support for an Israeli attack to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. If anything proves conclusively we are not living in such a world, but instead in a world of complete dysfunctionality and surrender to terror, it is the across the board attempts to prevent such a rational Israeli response.

Why? What does the West have to gain by stopping Israel? Are they simply afraid of Iran, even now, before it goes nuclear, the way they are afraid of the primitive little savages in Yemen, allowing them to continue to disrupt worldwide shipping for months? It certainly looks that way.

China and Russia must be laughing. Why would anyone choose to ally themselves with the West? Not only are they trembling at their own shadows, but they are positively terrified that tiny, little, courageous Israel — their “ally” — might do their work for them, teaching Iran the devastating lesson it sorely needs as the world’s leading terrorist underwriter and champion, a lesson that they themselves either don’t have the guts or the intelligence to do on their own.

The attempts to destroy the Jewish State have now gone from hateful rhetoric, antisemitic calumnies lifted straight from the Third Reich playbook to widescale physical attempts at annihilation of which October 7 was a mere appetizer, again in line with the Hitler plan.

What has this done to the people of Israel? Outwardly, nothing. The day after the onslaught, I went to a wedding, drank champagne and danced the night away. I wasn’t alone. Hundreds of people were there with me, smiling, eating, laughing.

This is not fearlessness. Or stupidity. But unlike our people who were stuck in Europe with no way to protect themselves, we now live in our own homeland, as directed by our faith. We believe in the Divine will that brought us here, and the Divine will which protects us. Others may see “miracles” or good luck, or clever warriors. We see ourselves as sitting in the palm of His hand. The idea that whatever happens to us here is His will, gives us all an inner strength and calm in the face of anything that is thrown at us that I suppose is almost impossible to describe. It must be experienced.

Our faith teaches us that one day the eyes of the world will finally be opened to the truth about the goodness of Jewish people, who are here to remind the world of G-d’s laws, and who bring so much blessing to mankind.

May we all live to see that day.

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4 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 15 APRIL 2024”

  1. Dalya Reply

    Once again, Naomi, you are spot on. Absolutely correct on all points!
    Thanks for another diary entry of unvarnished truth.
    Glad you enjoyed the wedding and hope you have many more happy occasions in the future.
    Am Yisrael Hai!!!

  2. Eileen Goldstein Reply

    After the Iranian attack friends from the States have been writing that they are praying for Israel. My reply to them is they don’t have to pray for Israel; we can take care of ourselves. However, they do need to pray for the United States because they don’t know the difference between GOOD and EVIL because they are bashing GOOD and supporting EVIL.

    • KD Reply


      I have to agree with you about the United States government, and I must go further and say this strange amoral blindness, this utter inability to discern what is evil, has infected the British government too.

      One inevitably thinks of Isaiah 5:20:

      Woe to those who call evil good,
      and good evil;
      who exchange darkness for light,
      and light for darkness;
      who exchange bitter for sweet,
      and sweet for bitter!

      (Isaiah 5:20 MEV)

      Where are the leaders our countries need right now? Let’s not forget how Winston Churchill responded to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. The very next day, December 8th, Churchill spoke in the House of Commons, and said: “When we think of the insane ambition and insatiable appetite which have caused this vast and melancholy extension of the war, we can only feel that Hitler’s madness has infected the Japanese mind, and that the root of the evil and its branch must be extirpated together.”

      As for FDR, he believed in making sure the war was won, and the enemy was utterly defeated, so they would never rise again. In a “fireside chat” on June 12th 1944, he spoke of the American war aims: “True, we still have a long way to go to Tokyo. But, carrying out our original strategy of eliminating our European enemy first and then turning all our strength to the Pacific, we can force the Japanese to unconditional surrender or to national suicide much more rapidly than has been thought possible.”

      Can you imagine any of our leaders saying such things today?

      Unconditional surrender or national suicide? Those are the enemy’s options!

      Or: The root of the evil and its branch must be extirpated together!

      These two men understood what it took to win a war – and they knew how to do it when they were facing a fanatical, utterly ruthless enemy capable of the most appalling cruelties imaginable. Let’s never forget what the American troops faced on Tarawa, and on Saipan . . . the Marines responded appropriately.

  3. Rita Quartel Reply

    Shalom Naomi,
    Thanks for your daily updates! Would it be OK to translate the diary of 15 April into Dutch and publish it in our newspaper Israel Aktueel in the Netherlands? Israel Aktueel is the newspaper of Christians for Israel ( We are also active worldwide: As we have a tight deadline (need to know Tuesday 16 April), it would be great to hear from you soon.
    Rita Quartel

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