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The “Gimme” Patriot: Ask Only What Your Country Can Do For You

I started thinking the other day why this election is so important to me, and why Obama’s candidacy touches me so deeply. It is not just about Israel. It is about America, the wonderful country in which I was born and educated, which is the leader, and last bastion of freedom in a world that is too confused to stand up against the forces joined against human freedom.

Yes, I firmly believe that from the very beginning of his career, Barack Obama has been supported and aligned with forces that are anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Yes, I believe that he has surrounded himself with anti-Israel advisors. If these facts have anything to do with his Muslim father and step-father, or his early education in a Muslim school in Indonesia, I don’t know, and frankly I couldn’t care less. There are plenty of anti-Semites with Jewish fathers who grew up in Israel. So his family background or ethnicity doesn’t matter to me.

If I really thought- despite this- Obama was a good choice for America, I wouldn’t hesitate to say so. Because having a strong, freedom-loving leader that is committed to American values as head of the free world , helping America to stand fast against its haters, is more important than anything else.

And no, there is no conflict of interest with my concern for Israel. Because there is no way a person like that could be against the struggling little democracy in the Middle East I live in.

What concerns me is that Senator Obama has not shown that commitment, that love, that strength. Quite the opposite.

What concerns me is that even though he and his wife have benefited from every opportunity America has to offer in their education and employment, they don’t seem grateful.

I was a little girl when John F. Kennedy ran and won the Presidency. I remember his inauguration speech well. He said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Obama keeps asking his country: What have you done for me and mine, now or ever? He is a “gimme” patriot.

Barack Hussein Obama and his wife belonged to a church filled with Black bigots, which damned America, feeling no gratitude at all for all the progress made in civil rights, and the many, many, many white people (predominantly Jews by the way) who were at the forefront of the civil rights movement and affirmative action, all things that allowed the poor son of a twice divorced white woman to get an education at Columbia and Harvard and to rise quickly and without impediment to one of the most powerful positions in America. I have never heard him express any gratitude for that. What I hear is how the country is so terribly flawed and how he and his friends are going to fix it by taking money from rich white folks.

And even then, he won’t be grateful. His grandparents, who took him in, brought him up, and cared for him, when his divorced mother sent him there, he has called : “white folks.”

Americans have had years of brainwashing to convince them not to be proud of what America stands for. The Obamas are a product of that.

Obama and his wife with your vote would like to take over the last bastion of freedom in the world and change it into “something” they would be proud of. I don’t know what that “something” would be. But it’s the same “something” that CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Guardian, would be proud of, and why they are trying so hard to get him elected. These newspapers are ashamed of Israelis who fight back against terror. They blame Israel for Palestinian atrocities. They ignore crimes against Muslim women by Muslim men in the name of multiculturalism. They claim not to understand the word “terrorist” and never use it if they can help it. They think the war in Iraq that freed the world from Saddam Hussein and his missiles was a mistake. They thought the “surge” which has brought victory was a mistake. They think that Islam is a religion of peace. They ignore- or ridicule- real freedom fighters, like Ayaan Hirsin Ali and Brigitte Gabriel. They ignore vast human rights abuses in Muslim countries, and the vast hypocrisy of the U.N. when it comes to human rights, but believe that 9/11 was brought about because America is arrogant, and not sensitive enough to Muslim “concerns.” They think the solution is to open more mosques, and more medrassas run by the Muslim Brotherhood funded by Saudi Arabia. They believe America must take in more illegal immigrants;practice reverse discrimination favoring Blacks and Muslims; and tax to the hilt anyone who works hard and builds up a nest egg in order to subsidize those who don’t work at all.

The Jewish community in America has been a major beneficiary of American values which has allowed it to flourish in freedom without discrimination. They should be more concerned than anyone that the America that has sheltered them is going to be taken over by those who don’t view that as a miraculous and wonderful accomplishment. By those who aren’t grateful. Jews, more than anyone, should be concerned about a leader who is not proud of all America has accomplished, not grateful, and who wants to pick their pockets to achieve unspecified “change.” I fully expect that the part of the American Jewish community who haven’t attended a synagogue for years, don’t know a word of any of the prayers, are all in favor of abortions and intermarriage, and gay marriage, are going to be more afraid of any candidate with ties to Jews for Jesus, than they are of a candidate with ties to Louis Farrakhan and Kadaffi. That was statistically proven in the last election. But this time, it’s not a John Kerry they’ll get. They’ll get exactly what they voted for, even if they haven’t yet figured out it’s the opposite of what they should want for themselves and their children.

Unfortunately, the results of their vote has the power to weaken the dikes guarding our little Middle-Eastern democracy as well, so there will be no place for them to run. If this sounds alarmist, it is. I am alarmed. More than I can say.

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