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The Delusion Has to Stop

The heartbreaking and shocking tragedy in Pittsburgh has had a particularly harsh effect on me. I send all my friends there my heartfelt condolences.
I remember so well being inside the Park Hotel with my family when a hate-filled Hamas suicide bomber blew up a dining room full of Holocaust survivors and their families just as they were sitting down to the Passover Seder.
Back then, I remember so clearly thinking how all the condolences, all the outrage, all the candles, all the finger-pointing spectacularly missed the real point, which was this: My family almost died, and many others did die, because a Hamas bomber found no armed guard standing outside the door, letting him waltz right in. The bomber was in Netanya in the first place because the Oslo Accords put fewer armed checkpoints on the roads, letting this homicidal maniac travel from Nablus to Netanya without stopping him, a “good will gesture” to please the media. He was there because the Oslo Accords, so enthusiastically supported by the media and ‘progressive’ American and Israeli Jews who wanted us all to live according to the wisdom of a Beatles song and “give peace a chance” instead of living according to reality, had gotten hundreds murdered, and thousands maimed for life.

Jews died because almost everyone in the media couldn’t figure out that the PLO headed by that pedophile murderer Yasir Arafat wasn’t interested in peace, but in filling Israeli graveyards. Fake news and media bias created a delusional public who elected delusional politicians who enacted delusional and destructive public policies. And when the bombs went off, and the streets flowed with blood these ‘progressive’ politicians and their cheerleaders never took any responsibility.

And now, similarly, organizations like “Bend the Ark” in America which claims to have “thousands of progressive Jews” as members, has decided that Donald Trump is responsible for the anti-Semitism of a deranged Trump-hater with a gun license who waltzed through the doors of an unguarded synagogue in Pittsburg.

If you’re looking for someone to blame, maybe it has to do with Mr. Obama who welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and did his best to surround himself with anti-Israel scum like John Kerry, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Powers, etc. etc. etc. had a little to do with turning the tide toward Jew-hatred.

Maybe it has something to do with organizations like the Anti Defamation League headed by Jonathan Greenblatt who instead of fighting anti-Semitism are busy with “progressive” political agitation against the White House. I know because a year ago I sent them an email begging them to take down vile, Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying websites, like those on He never bothered to respond.
Maybe it has to do with Mr. Zuckerberg at Facebook who publishes ISIS propaganda and worse, and which boasts “words matter” and which nevertheless hosts anti-Semitic vitriol that would make Hitler smile.

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45 comments on “The Delusion Has to Stop”

  1. Bev

    Dear Naomi
    I awoke earlier this year to the reality you speak of when I learned of the book SON OF HAMAS. It turned me 180° in terms of knowledge and the way I view the world. After that I discovered DVD entitled THE GREEN PRINCE, which further cemented what I had awoken to. To me, you are right on the mark. The world becomes a much more difficult place in which to live when one’s eyes are opened to rank, prevailing evil…
    I speak, now, to Western friends of mine and I know some think me a nutter. It is hard to know what to do with what I now know… I also very carefully choose to whom I speak ( = self-censorship, of which Robert Spencer speaks so articulately and – dare I say it ? – ‘prophetically’). I wish you courage and strength as you journey (along) the rest of your timespan on this earth (…we are the same age). My deep condolences to all caught up in the horror of Pittsburgh, USA. There are no words…

  2. Steven Klein

    I am likewise unimpressed with the efforts of the Anti Defamation League.

    But seriously, what could Jonathan Greenblatt do to “take down vile, Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying websites”?

    No plan comes to my mind, but perhaps you have an idea you can share.

  3. gil burgess

    Everyone likes to point to a specific groups as being current day “nazis” – the muslims, hamas, left wing antisemites, alt-right extremists. But isn’t “nazi-ism” a mindset? a disease which any vulnerable soul can catch? Hate can afflict any human regardless of color, ethnicity, or religious adherence. Ironically, souls who have experienced grave injustice are often vulnerable and can become receptacles of callous, hateful, resentful thinking. Like a disease, nazi-ism spreads. And Jews are not immune.

  4. Arnold Leibowitz, MD

    Outstanding and unfortunately true. My family and I are pro Jewish, pro Israel conservative Jews who support our president. Regardless of his personality, he has been great for the country and outstanding for ISRAEL. You mention the ADL, but other Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders including our progressive Rabinate agree. What happened?

  5. Dori Aberson

    My response is from my heart. I hope you are wrong but I am certainly listening.
    Thank you
    Dori Aberson;

    • Bev

      Naomi is not wrong Dori.
      I used to be a bleeding heart leftist.
      They are not aware of what is happening. It does not bode well for the world.
      The West will ‘civilise’ itself out of existence not long from now. The UN is greatly misguided in terms of their deluded view of M.E. countries. Also, do a bit of research on the contents of the ‘holy book’ of the dominant religion of the Middle Eastern countries.
      You may like to follow the contents of the website JIHAD WATCH as well… If one sees the reality around us, it makes for profoundly disturbing truth…

      I have only recently become aware… which brings its own difficulties. It is so much easier/less painful to be ignorant.

  6. Fweingold

    Unfortunately we Jews are our worst enemy. We can’t see the forest for the trees. I hope we wake up before it’s too late. But please stop blaming Trump and move on.

    • John

      Not all liberal Jews embrace class/race war hysteria. However, those who do are seduced by an ideology that preys on well-meaning people. It’s an indulgence that erases all guilt for being relatively wealthy and having white skin. Many have lost their religion in such a brutal world so they found a new one that makes false promises of heaven on Earth. Those who have lived under communism were lucky to have been inoculated against such nonsense. Don’t blame good people who have been seduced by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Help them see that a state of war with liberal conservatives only helps nazis, islamists, communists and anarchists.

  7. John

    It definitely has to do with extremist rightwing antisemitism. However, to link that bigotry to Trump’s rightwing leanings is as ignorant as linking Stalin’s leftwing purges to FDR’s leftwing leanings. But the conformist bullying of partisan politics is so simple-minded. In some ways our society is amazingly shallow.


    Excellent analysis and I will add only one small issue. Too many of America’s Jews have lost their Jewishness and are easily led by these progressive groups. Sad and disheartening. I see no changes in sight.

  9. Warreb Young

    To say I understand is incomprehensible. One day these tragic events will end once and for the remainder of time.God’s promises will be manifested. God bless you Naomi – we support you!!!
    Warren Young

  10. Dalya Horowitz

    Because I thought this column was so relevant and important, I sent it to friends and relatives of mine, asking for feedback. How interesting the replies were. The people leaning right were unanimous in their support of you and the column. The people leaning left varied from “take me off your politics mailings” to “this woman is a bigot”. The interaction I sought, discussions among people who disagree, cannot happen. The left does not want to listen to anything that spoils their mindset and beliefs, even if they know they’re false. I don’t think it’s hopeless, but our latest approach is to ban any political discussion from social occasions. It is definitely more pleasant, but I fear for where we’re headed with a slew of American Jews who can’t figure out where their bread is buttered.

  11. Larry Shapiro

    Naomi, the President has been attacking the Caravan to stir up his base for the Mid Terms. The shooter went on social media to accuse Jews of supporting the Caravan who he said included people who were coming in to America to kill Americans. Yes very unbalanced, but absolutely frightened by the President’s words. In that sense Trump is absolutely responsible for stirring up hatred against Hispanic refugees. Is the President so obtuse to think that some armed maniac would take his words seriously.

    • Victor C

      Sorry, the caravan that is enroute are not “refugees” but economic migrants wanting a better way of life. I understand and sympathize, but they are trying to force their way into this country ahead of others who are abiding by the rules. If they were true refugees they would have accepted Mexico’s offer of asylum. We are currently accepting over a million legal immigrants a year.

      • gil burgess

        The caravan contains criminals, rapists, ISIS terrorists, drug pushers and oh, maybe a few good people seeking a better life for their children! In any case, they all get stopped at the border and have to fill out an application for asylum. Obama turned away/deported more immigrants than any president previous. This caravan/immigrant issue is an attempt to get republican votes by stoking fear. Too bad it worked – domestic extremist Bowers could take no more!

        • John

          When arguing about terrorism leftists complain that conservatives provoke Islamist extremism. And yet leftists do the same to the far right.

          Islamists and Nazis are our common enemies. Bower hates Trump. Trump hates Bower, but you can’t see a common enemy. Your partisan blood lust blinds you.

          • gil burgess

            Tee migrants are coming! Send the army. Stop those strollers and sippy cups! Even if Trump does not hate Jews, he is creating an atmosphere of conspiracy minded thinking which feeds this idea of “enemy of the people”. Who is the enemy? Trump is calling out immigrants, NFL kneelers, media, globalists, etc but it always goes back to the Jews. Many Jews love Trump policies like the embassy move. But there is a price for these bargains. We have traded for values that have always sustained the Jewish people – welcoming the stranger, dignity for all, equality under the law, respect for dissent, love of truth. These are the things the world is losing under Trump.

          • John

            Strawman arguments do not justify blaming a pro-Jewish person for an anti-Semitic attack against Jews in Pittsburgh.

  12. Trevor Stein

    Sorry Naomi, you’re tone deaf. Instead of having the grace to call out the real perpetrators, you’re engaging in whataboutism. I’m sure you were praying that the gunman was from the left. The reality of what Trump and Trumpism is doing to American values is minimalized and dismissed by you. The regressive left and other racist activists (Sarsour, Farrakhan et al) are haters. And they deserve the scorn heaped on them. By all decent people. But your inability or unwillingness to call out Trump, the NRA and many on the right who are fueling anti-semitism (look at the current NRA ad focusing only on Jews), diminishes your voice. Fully 74% of all terrorist attacks in the USA in the past 18 years were perpetrated by white nationalists, 24% by Muslims and 2% by leftist crazies. Just look at the fascist anti-Semitic waves assuming power or gaining momentum in Brazil and parts of Europe (and the USA) and you may learn that the real threat facing us are not Muslims or liberals, but radical nationalists. Have the courage to contemplate the world outside your ideological bubble. It’s time for you to revisit your tired rhetoric about Oslo and Obama. And come to terms with the world as it is and that it no longer fits into your neat characterization of who the real threats to Jews and decency are.

    • Rochelle Abramson

      Just know that there were at least 63 million of us who voted for our President to do exactly what he’s doing. No point arguing facts with you, you’re addicted to kool-aid. I couldn’t disagree with you more. The ad hominem attacks impugning that we who see the world 180 degrees opposite to you are threats to “decency” ? The vitriol and destroy-Trump-by-any-means began on the left, refusing to accept the results of the election. We are deplorables and phobes of all sorts, remember? Trump differs from predecessors by fighting back, and that is what you can’t stand, and we, his supporters have finally found a President who stands up for us. That you think Islam is less of a threat is what I find delusional. Ever heard of honor killing? How about female genital mutilation? Or chopping off heads of Coptic Christians? The murderers of Jews in France are from the “religion of peace”, not “white nationalists”. If you don’t think the religion which doesn’t disavow that which is in it’s holy book is a threat to western civilization, I don’t see a way to “unify”: our world views are irrevocably opposed.

      • Marsha

        Excellent response, Rochelle.This guy is part of the problem. And everyone like him.

        • Trevor Stein

          How so? For disagreeing in a rational reasonable way? In your America, anyone who disagrees with you/Naomi/Trump must be a self-hating Jew. How sad and small you and people like you are. Btw, I’m visiting Israel and having dinner with my dati, Likud family. We understand something that you never will. We respect each other despite our differences. Remember one thing. Had America had Trumps immigration policies in place from the late 1800s to 1935, most Jews would never have been allowed in. How many more of our parents and grandparents died. Think about that before you malign refugees.

          • John

            There is nothing rational about smearing Trump as responsible for violence against Jews when he is so pro Jewish. It’s Orwellian…

  13. elliot lauterstein

    Obama or Obozo as i like to call
    him , is going around campaigning for anti-semites all around the country. The entire demcratic party with few exceptions is extremely hostile to Israel . Keith Elllison who is one of the worst anti semites in the country is very high up in the Democratic party. Every Jew ish person should rebuff the Democratic party for their own good and the survival of the Jewish people

  14. cyan kyor

    Naomi – Before the shooting, a new message was posted to Robert Bowers account: “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” Trump has recently been referring to the Honduran refugees traveling northward as “invaders”. Do you see a connection? The president must choose words carefully so as not to incite violence. Bowers believed that HIAS, a Jewish group which helps refugees, was enabling the terrible “invaders”. PS. I hope you don’t consider this to be “hate mail”.

    • John

      Bowers hates Trump, but thanks for your strawman argument. Now go fish…





  16. Susan H Somerville

    Dear Naomi,
    Thanks for your clarity of thought.
    Thanks for the effort you put into fighting this ugly historical sickness – blame and hate the Jews.
    Thanks for repeatedly reminding people of the dangers inherant in their keeping their heads in the sand.
    Thank you for your realistic stance. If I am doing the same thing, it is not so lonely knowing that there are friends like you saying what is so conscionable.
    Most wholeheartedly,

  17. erin kearns

    Naomi – I get some of your points. But, you’d be better served not to publish fake news. The Obama-Farrakhan photo is old, debunked news. Obama has openly denounced Farakhan – you only need google to find live video interviews of this fact. Are you unaware of this? As a representative of Jewish people, can you get your points across in a more dignified manner? The Trump-like name calling makes your arguments less persuasive. As I teacher, I am against being armed in the class room. I believe America can find a better way. Hopefully, someday, Israel will too.

    • Rochelle Abramson

      I am sad that you are a teacher of vulnerable impressionable young minds full of mush, ready to absorb your hatred of my President who you obviously loathe. You are a willing consumer and promulgator of fake news spouted by the leftist MSM who has sought to destroy, yes, literally, DJT each and every day for over two years now. Hopefully Israel will continue to ignore the likes of you who would no doubt have attended the protest against Trump going to Pittsburgh today. You’d be better served commenting on sites catering to the useful idiots.

      • Trevor Stein

        Rochelle, I read Erin’s comment. And then your reaction. The contrast was huge. She made a point of disagreement in a thoughtful non-confrontational way. You responded with hateful rhetoric. The tone of your response is why we’re in trouble. She showed no hatred for “your president”. I’m so sorry that you cannot see how much your tone harms reasonable debate.

  18. Dalya Horowitz

    You are right on. This is exactly the truth and why so many delusional American Jews cannot see it is beyond me. Like most Jews, we used to be liberal democrats, but when reality set in, about 10 years ago and we realized that the dems we elected were anything but friendly and supportive of us and Israel, we changed our thinking completely.

    Thank you for a very poignant and important column.

  19. Joel Laker

    Hey Naomi,

    I thought you banished me. It is terrible what happened to you that Pesach years ago.
    No one should be targeted for death. The Pittsburgh tragedy tells us Jews are hated by many and hate speech has become the norm. We are in a divided world and the Jewish community is no different, divided. I can’t say I know what the Divine Plan is for all of us Mortals but the way things are unfolding before our very eyes it doesn’t look so promising. The Chief Rabbi of Israel’s statement about the Pittsburgh tragedy was that “the place of the tragedy was not considered a Synagogue because the congregants were non orthodox”. It’s bad enough having Antisemitism but his comment leaves me stunned and I’m not alone. we are divided. You and I are divided in our thinking but we should be able to respect one another not withstanding our difference in views.

  20. Maureen Anderson

    I am in Canada and I am 75, I have argued for years that the Hitler movement is now Hamas and Muslims, Palestinians, I have begged people in government and Jews in general to read Hitlers book as horrible as it is in order to understand just what Hamas, PalestiniansMuslims are following it to a tee. If you look back to the 30s you will see how he took people with mental problems, treated them royalty and then sent them in as sleepers, there have been and are sleepers in every country that backs Israel.He took a drug invented in Germany, sold over the counter and gave it free to his military, this drug made them fearless and took away empathy, GUESS WHAT. It was Crystal Meth, what drug is being widely used in western countries and friendly country to Jews, you got it.
    People have got to remember the easiest and best way to control a country is from within. The Nazi movement never stopped just lay low for new generations to take up the fight.
    We say never again,and feel safe that we remember, we’ll i am afraid it never stopped, just changed names and people.

  21. Sue Deutsch

    Certainly leftist antisemitism, in the guise of “only” being anti-Israel, is a big problem. But so is right wing antisemitism. All kinds must be condemned. And American political leaders, again on all sides, must stop encouraging anger and violence.

  22. Victor C

    Outstanding article, reality is hard to face, when your eyes and ears are closed.

  23. dvota waysman

    An excellent summing up of the situation. I have been lucky enough to survive 2 terror attacks – one when the wired refrigerator blew up in Kikar Zion; and another when terrorists were firing across the road in Hamelech George Street – and that saint the late David Applebaum went out in the middle of the firing to treat the wounded on the road. Until now I never believed the Holocaust could come again, but with what is happening in Europe, and scum like Corbyn in UK, anything is a possibility. Keep telling it like it is! Kind regards, Dvora Waysman

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