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The Lev Tahor Cult Exposed (Again)

Some of you might have heard about the cult pretending to be devout Jews called “Lev Tahor,” wanted all over the world for child abuse and forcing underage girls into marriages with much older men.

The prestigious magazine Foreign Policy  has published an eye-opening article about the cult that reads like my latest novel, Devil in Jerusalem, which is also about a dangerous cult pretending to be super-devout Jews.

You can read the article here (no subscription required).

Those seeking holiness, beware!

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1 comments on “The Lev Tahor Cult Exposed (Again)”

  1. Kayne West

    This cult is a rehash of a million others just like it: propeller-head crazy religious beliefs, rejection by “normal” people taken as proof of persecution and therefore of the rightness of the cause and most importantly, an all-powerful all-knowing psychopath leader who controls every aspect of his followers’ lives – especially their sexual lives – and very likely helps himself to the most appetizing morsels himself. Where is the money coming from? Probably from the cult’s worldwide network of useful idiots, who believe their donations will open the gates to Heaven for them. We’ve seen all of this before and alas will see it again and again, until the human race wises up, which will never happen. So sad.

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