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Tea and Sympathy for Terror by the BBC

It was eye-opening for me as an Israeli to listen to BBC World report on the terrorism in a Moscow theatre in which 30 Muslim terrorists strapped with explosives threatened the lives of almost a thousand innocent theatre-goers. While the world “terrorist” was used once or twice at the beginning of the siege, when the hostages were saved, the BBC called the terrorists “separatists” and then “hostage-takers.”

They said that “it wasn’t clear how the hostages were killed” prior to the Russian army’s action and that “perhaps they had confronted the separatists, a dangerous thing to do.” I see, it was the hostages own fault for trying to escape.

They described the pictures of the dead “separatists” as “too gruesome” to air — and said that the theatre had been wired with explosives which, had they been detonated, would have resulted in “even more casualties, “comparing what the soldiers did to what the terrorists tried to do, making it appear as if there was some balance here. Ninety killed in being rescued, as opposed to eight hundred potential victims at the hands of the terrorists. And that’s “even more.”

BBC news then went on to give us a bit of history, showing sympathetic pictures of terrorists in Chechnya training, calling the Soviet army “heavy handed” and describing the Chechens as a guerrilla force.

In fact, if I had just come from a visit from Mars, I might actually be angry at the Russians for not giving into the demands of the “separatists.” Not once did they mention that this were Muslims. Not once did they mention that they’d murdered innocent people. Not once.

The twenty-year old girl whose dead body was dragged from the theatre, killed by “hostage-takers” and “separatists” even before they made any demands, conveniently forgotten.

What is it going to take to get BBC to stop siding with terrorists? IRA “separatists” to blow up their building in London? What? Don’t they understand that this constant propaganda which bends over backwards to “understand” those who commit inhuman crimes against humanity, encourages such crimes. Don’t they understand that no one is safe as long as this kind of sympathetic spin is put on monsters?

Everybody has a beef, BBC. But as long as you say anything goes to accomplish your agenda, the wails of mourning coming from the innocent will continue to shake the world, rising up from Bali, Australia, New York, Kashmir, Moscow, Tel Aviv, the Philippines. Everyone, everyone, is a potential target.

Even Londoners. BBC, you should hang your heads in shame on the unemployment lines.

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