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Swedish Complicity in Islamic Terror

With Swedish girls being regularly raped by Muslims who are taking over her country, and the Swedish government doing its best to hide the fact, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is hard at work … condemning Israel.

If it had only been the fact that Sweden recognized a non-existent Palestinian State, I would say: “Enough.”

If it had only been Wallström’s outrageous statement that it was Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians that was responsible for the radicalization of “peaceful” Muslims, I would shout: “Enough!”

But now she’s gone one step further. Ignoring the Palestinian murder rampage that has taken the lives of our men, women and children, Ms. Wallström is now calling for an “investigation of the extrajudicial killings” of Palestinians. Yes, she means the unsuccessful murderers seeking martyrdom that Israelis dispatch having no other choice. Now is the time to write this piece of Eurotrash and tell her what you think of her.

This is the website where you can send Ms. Wallström a message. There needs to be an “investigation” of Swedish complicity in Muslim crimes.

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2 comments on “Swedish Complicity in Islamic Terror”

  1. Williamnith

    Really informative post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

  2. Daniela Lowinger

    What would the reaction of Sweeden if israeli feminists would ask for an investigation of the lack of protection the police and the government of Sweeden is giving to their feminine population against the “poor regugees” Margot is so eager to receive?

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