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The elimination of Hezbollah’s most senior officer to date, Sami Talab Abdullah, as well as senior Hezbollah operative Ali Salim Zufan, has seen many Hezbollah rockets attacking northern Israel, with Israeli residents ten kilometers from the border ordered to stay in shelters until further notice, and Hezbollah threatening to destroy Haifa. Israel has had much success in the last few days attacking Hezbollah forces, and a Hezbollah rocket aimed at Israel fired from Hermel (in northern Lebanon) apparently hit a building in Aakkar in Lebanon, causing devastation. So far, no one in Israel has been injured by Hezbollah rocket fire, which has caused some fires in northern Israel.

Samir Geagea, the head of the Lebanese Forces (Christian) party, who sees himself as a candidate for president, told Al-Akhbar newspaper that Hezbollah will lose in the upcoming confrontation with Israel. Therefore, it will return weaker to the negotiations on the identity of the president.

As I write this in Zichron Yaakov, which is twenty minutes from Haifa, I hear the rumble of jet engines overhead…

And what about that UN ceasefire that Hamas claims to have accepted? Not so simple, as you would expect.

From Israel Today:
“Rather than a hostage release followed by gradual withdrawals of Israeli forces, Hamas wants the IDF to fully withdraw, and then it’ll talk about releasing hostages.”

In your dreams! Naturally, Hamas insists on a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, while Israel agrees to withdraw only from urban areas, while maintaining a presence in Gaza and the ability to operate anywhere in the enclave when needed. Furthermore, Hamas demands a permanent ceasefire, while Israel is talking about a temporary truce, and remains determined to destroy Hamas as a military threat. Israel stresses that it will not end the war in Gaza until all the hostages are returned and the coastal enclave no longer poses a threat to the citizens of the Jewish state.

The UN outline, as presented by US President Joe Biden, is somewhat vague on these points. Let’s face it, Biden’s whole proposal is a smokescreen that hides the obvious. Hamas is clinging to power and Israel is determined to eliminate them. No proposal is going to be acceptable for them both when their goals are so opposite.

Blinken seems shocked by this turn of events “Hamas should have accepted the deal. Instead, they waited two weeks, and then introduced changes, some of which cannot be achieved.” Yah think? Who are the Americans kidding?

Al Jazeerah has been caught with its pants down, having edited a rant by a doctor in Gaza calling for the overthrow of Hamas and labeling the Palestinians cowards. Instead, Al Jazeerah turned it into an anti-Israel “massacre” rant. Unfortunately for the network, others recorded the full video and publicized it…. liars.

Dear Westerners, do you really want to help the poor Palestinians? Then the best thing you can do is wean them from the jihadi death cults they have been taught to worship since infancy. You can best do that by destroying their leadership. Yahya Sinwar has recently been quoted in the WSJ in a message to Hamas leaders in Doha, saying that civilian losses in national-liberation conflicts in places such as Algeria, where hundreds of thousands of people died fighting for independence from France, were “necessary sacrifices.”

In an April 11 letter to Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh after three of Haniyeh’s adult sons were killed by an Israeli airstrike, Sinwar told him that their deaths and those of other Palestinians would “infuse life into the veins of this nation, prompting it to rise to its glory and honor.”

Why do they put Israeli hostages in a crowded marketplace? Because if Israel liberates them, hundreds must die. It’s a win-win situation for Sinwar. Worldwide condemnation for Israel, and a rallying of the masses for Sinwar’s deranged, hateful agenda.

So far, it’s working just fine for Sinwar. CNN reports he actually thinks he’s winning this war! Not so much for the Gazans, who live in a destroyed country and would have no food, no medical care, and no chance of survival if their enemy, the one they have vowed to destroy, Israel , wasn’t providing them with all three by bringing in food, operating eleven medical centers, and not bombing Israeli-created civilian “safe zones.”

Their leaders want them to die. When are people with intelligence going to internalize that simple fact? Sinwar is ready to sacrifice all two million in Gaza if it gives him the “glory” and political clout he wants. If Israel dropped an atom bomb on the whole Gaza went up in smoke, he would be the happiest camper in the world.

Helping us in Israel to destroy this crazed fanatic would be a better contribution to peace than the tons of candy bars now being brought in on the immensely expensive floating pier Biden spent so much taxpayer money to create. Don’t you agree?

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3 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 12 JUNE 2024”

  1. Liz Rome Reply

    Everything Biden touches turns to dross. As Obama once said Biden F***s up every foreign policy.
    He has created chaos and revved up hatred here. This enables the uneducated “pro Palestinian protesters”. That he dares to tell Netanyahu how to run Israel is obnoxious, arrogant and very dumb. On top of all that, he’s a habitual, congenital liar. His claim that the one-sided cease fire he put out last week was Netanyahu’s plan should be completely disregarded.
    The majority of Americans now know that Hamas are barbaric animals that must be destroyed.

  2. Brenda Reply

    The Americans should have been the strong ally from the moment 7 Oct. happened. But we have a knucklehead as President, who has knee capped Israel numerous times and continues to meet with Tehran in Oman, to appease the enemies. Not one time in his speech at Normandy, did he even mention the Holocaust !! I would not trust him to walk my dog. The textbooks, cartoons, camps of young Gazans must be revamped going forward. HAMAS gave an interview to Huffington Post reporter. In that, they said they don’t use civilians for cover as they ARE the civilians. They denied their acts of sexual sadism entirely..never happened. I refuse to watch CNN as they are the Western version of Al Jezeera. I know the IDF took out only the threats in the daring, but well planned rescue. FOX reported CNN reported the rescue as a ” release” !!! Send every terrorist to meet their virgins. My tears are for Israel ONLY. The North is going to have to be pummeled for Israel to survive. War is hell and Biden and his millions of unknowns welcomed into this country should show just what that whole administration is about. Destroying America and Israel. They want those Ardb votes and do nothing while people torment Jews in this country, wave terror flags, rejoice over the massacres of 7 Oct. and could care less about hostages. Pray they are all fired in November. I was worried for you, Naomi, when I missed your Diary yesterday. Looked up all Jewish Holidays from very good site in St Louis. I am considering converting to Judaism as the more I learn, the more i understand.,but unsure I could do without serious tutelage. Radicalized Muslims be damned! Be watchful, Naomi. Sincerely, Brenda M.

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