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Siding with the Enemy

The most horrendous aspect of the expulsion of Jews from their homes (commonly known in politically correct terms as “the disengagement”) is the growing evidence of how many Israelis completely side with their enemies. Years of brainwashing from the BBC, CNN, and The New York Times (and almost every other media source) that have painted Israeli Jews living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as some species of subhuman, who can justifiably and morally be shot at, blown up, orphaned and widowed have done a remarkable job.

Whatever one believes about the necessity of uprooting thousands of Jews from Gush Katif and Samaria, where they have built homes, businesses, raised children and buried their dead for over 30 years, the reality of blowing up synagogues (recently suggested by the IDF) and handing over Jewish homes to members of terrorist organizations responsible for lobbing bombs at homes and school buses, killing and injuring dozens–surely is not a cause for either celebration or glee.

Unfortunately, that is often the case nevertheless. In letters to the editor published on YNet in response to the online news service’s article about yesterday’s 80,000 strong demonstration against the expulsion, we find comments like: “Get out of there already. Go find yourself someplace else!” “Bring in 200,000 troops to Gaza, close the place up and throw away the key” “Settlers, we are not afraid of your threats. Nothing will help you. Start counting the days until you are thrown out.”

It has often been repeated, and with some justification, that what Yasir Arafat and his merry band of murderers couldn’t accomplish with four years of daily killings, i.e. the complete demoralization of Israeli society, Mr. Sharon’s government is now accomplishing with its own hands. In a leaflet handed out at the demonstration, protesters wrote: “…If the army succeeds in expelling Jews from their homes, it will become polluted. Our sons will no longer volunteer for elite units or to become officers. They will avoid reserve duty.” My own son, a new recruit, is going to have his training shortened in order to prepare him for participation in the expulsion, along with every other new recruit. I can just imagine what these things are going to do to the morale of the next generation of Israeli soldiers.

I have been clear about my opposition to this step that the government of Israel is now zealously pursuing. My reason is simple: it has no possibility for bringing us closer to peace — quite the opposite. If I were a Palestinian terrorist, or even just an ordinary Palestinian, wouldn’t watching the Israelis “unilaterally” throw Jews out of their homes and blow up their synagogues, simply whet my appetite, giving fuel to my hopes that what had seemed a complete failure, the intifada, was in truth an enormous success? Wouldn’t it encourage me to think that another four years of blowing up buses, killing small children and their pregnant mothers would be a great tactic for accomplishing more of the same? And if I were an Israeli soldier, listening to the Left and the Right, wouldn’t it hurt my morale, disturb my training, and perhaps, weaken my resolve?

It would behoove Israelis to remember that whatever side of the political spectrum they find themselves, their enemies don’t make such fine distinctions, and like it or not, siding with the enemy either by demoralizing our soldiers or wishing “settlers” all the worse equally endangers our lives, our families and everything we all hold dear.

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