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Sharing the Blame

What I find most upsetting about the last month and a half is how little people talk about history.

The disastrous war with Lebanon was a long time in the making, with roots that go back many years. The decision to unilaterally run out of Lebanon in the middle of the night and to allow Hezbollah to endlessly arm itself on our borders. The disastrous unilateral disengagement that convinced our enemies we were morons prime for the taking. The budget cuts and politicization that have weakened the IDF. All these things did not happen yesterday, and so a political party that was elected yesterday cannot be held solely responsible.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I said before the elections that Kadima was a bunch of losers that had gathered together
in one place, and I was unfortunately correct. I am of the firm belief that Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz, and Mr. Halutz should have the decency to resign over their incompetence. No question. But that doesn’t mean that the individuals and organizations responsible, including Ehud Barak, Shaul Mofaz, Peace Now, Women in Black, Four Mothers, Shimon Peres, and Yossi Beilin—should sit back and get an exemption.

When I see smug peace-nowers like Mr. Oppenheimer on television attacking the head of the reservists protest movement, I want to shout at him: What right do you have to open your mouth and say anything to soldiers who fought in Lebanon to save your skin? Haven’t you and your kind done enough damage with your policies and your insane vision that has put our reservists on the front lines while you continue your diet of cake and Frappacino in Tel Aviv cafés, safe from rockets and mortars? Where is the responsibility of the entire “peace” movement for all that has happened here, starting with the brainwashing of the Israeli people to take in Yasir Arafat. To give up land that is now being used as basis for the war of annihilation against us? For policies that have proved an unmitigated disaster? They just go on and on, sharing their “wisdom” giving us their opinions, as if nothing has happened, priming us to get the next bunch of soldiers killed.

Yes, Mr. Olmert should resign, along with Mr. Peretz and Mr. Halutz. And people like Mr. Oppenheimer and Mr. Peres and Mr. Beilin should not be interviewed on television or have their words printed in newspapers. They should have the decency to shut up and take responsibility for the incredible damage they have already done to this country.

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