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A Reply to “Herman the German”

Dear Friends,

The same kind of American Jews who dropped off my list in droves when I begged them not to vote for Barack Hussein Obama, are now out in full force. They don’t believe that, as an American who lives in Israel (and pays taxes both in the US and Israel), I have a right to vote. And those who believe I do, think that my opinions are “a disgrace.”

They are warning me no one will buy my books. Or invite me to speak.  Yes, the thought police and the American Jewish liberal J-Street traitors are out there in full force with their support for the newly FBI investigated Hillary, and her Saudi Arabian closest “second daughter” Huma, who while married to the pervert Anthony Weiner, lied, obstructed justice and endangered you and me with hundreds of thousands of sensitive e-mails on her perverted husband’s computer, yeah the same one he used to sext underage girls.

I’m trying my best not to lose my temper. I’m trying to be polite. But this is what I have to say to “Herman the German” (you know who you are) who complained that I was “abusing my privilege” in using my right to vote for Donald Trump while living in Israel.

Dear Herman,

I think that being a Jew is an incredible privilege, and that you, who probably put Obama into office and allowed him to sign off on a plan to help Iran create nuclear weapons to destroy the next six million Jews, have violated that privilege. In fact, I would say that any Jew who voted for Obama and is now going to vote for HILLARY – who even the FBI is investigating despite an Obama-run Department of Justice – should have his head examined and his right to vote along with it.

Herman, you have no allegiance either to your people, your present country of residence, or the Jewish homeland that we created for people like you, who do nothing to deserve it. U.S. law allows dual citizenship and allows dual citizens all over the world to vote in U.S. elections. Do you wish to go against US law and create your own Democratic-run Fascist state? I suppose so. So yes, vote for Hillary and thank your lucky stars that I, AND MANY OTHER JEWS, ESPECIALLY THOSE like me who are living in Israel and support the Jewish state with our work, our money, our lives and and our kids’ lives, so you’ll have a place to run to when the Democrats’ corrupt Muslim immigrant invasion plan puts you on the run.

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28 comments on “A Reply to “Herman the German””

  1. Duby Rehhaut

    I side with 1000%. Yes one thousand per cent.
    Don’t worry about the other self hating Jews.
    They would have goNE to the gas chambers just like my grand parents did along with my whole family. My mother an Auschwitz survivor as was my father.
    I was born in a refugee camp in Germany in 1947 and we my mother father and I arrived in Israel in 1948 right into the war of independence.
    I was in 3 Israeli wars, 1967, 1973 and Lebanon 1982-3.
    I have dual citizenship .
    I did not vote for Obama and did not vote for Hilary.
    I voted for Trump and proud of it.
    All those Jews of America that are Obamians or Hilerians are blind and I feel sorry for them.
    Enjoy Trump’s America and choke on it.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Duby–Your comments are excellent. I agree with you 100%. I am a Jew who, like Naomi Ragen, has supported Donald Trump for the past year. I also find it so discouraging that Jews have opposed Trump with such vitriol.

      I have studied Jewish history, and it is amazing how often through the centuries that Jews have supported those who would destroy them! Here we go again–the Obama gangsters have been extremely unfriendly to Israel–yet Jews support Obama. Trump strongly supports Israel–yet Jews oppose Trump. Now the democrats are considering anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Keith Ellison for head of the DNC, and the Anti-Defamation League has nothing but good to say about him! Will the Jewish self-destruction never end?

      We thank Naomi for her courageous comments, and we thank you, Duby as well, for your courageous comments.

  2. henry meisel

    I support Naomi fully
    I am survivor of the Holocaust and the Shanghai Ghetto
    then volunteered for the Idf or Hagannah as it was called
    almost a year working for the Israeli Air force
    came to the US Jan 53 (after waiting 6 years for my quota)…all this before I was 25………
    yes today is my birthday G-d Bless 86 years and still going strong
    do lectures on the survival of the Shanghai Ghetto during Japan occupation
    they actually saved us from the Germans who wanted to eliminate us even there
    thanks to FDR and his Democrat administration


    Did Obama send his legions to Israel to defeat Bibi?

    I am ashamed of being a JEW.

    The Jews in America are as bad as the blacks. Vote blindly for Democrats because they are promised help.

    • Duby Rehhaut

      Herman I am with you. Don’t be ashamed for being a Jew. Let those black sheep be ashamed, those losers stupid hollier than thou be ashamed which of course are too stupid to realize it.

  4. Robert

    The KKK just came out in support of Trump! How anyone especially Jews vote for him is amazing!

    • Rabbi Fleshing

      I understand that the odious Lena Dunham and Beyonce have come out in favor of Hillary. How any civilized person can support the same candidate these foul-mouthed vapid purveyors of drug addiction and immorality support is amazing!

  5. Elizabeth Levitt

    I hope that if Hillary Clinton is elected that she will be prosecuted and will either be impeached or resign from the presidency. It is such a terrible time for those of us who vote because we are afraid of Donald Trump and think Hillary is a horrible horrible person. I understand how you feel but I am so afraid of Donald Trump and I think Hillary will never stay in the presidency that is my only hope if she wins.

    • Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

      Elizabeth Levitt – if G-d forbid Clinton wins there is no guarantee she will be prosecuted. The DOJ will be her appoinments – or the continuation of Obama. And if she is in the White House she will control vacant Supreme Court appointment.

    • Duby Rehhaut

      So what if they came for his support? ??
      He can not be responsible for every Frick/Prick that supports him.
      Would you rather support that corrupt woman, Monica Lewinsky, oops, I meant Hillary Lewinsky, oops, I meant Hilary Clinton.

  6. Rivka Rochel

    Naomi, I am shocked and ashamed of your language. I think you’re better than that. I agree with Cousin Eddie, you’re starting to sound like a Trump supporter full of hate. I am not a fan of Hillary. I also find Trump to be a despicable character. And yes you’re right Obama catered too much to the Muslim world and it resulted in the Iran fiasco.

    What happened to rational discussion? Why are we putting down each other over our different perspectives. As Jews, this is the worst election ever. Every citizen has a right to vote including expatriates. I know you’re a loyal Israeli and American citizen. The American Jews who do not vote for Trump are also loyal American citizens. A lot of us love Israel.

    To say that “any Jew who voted for Obama and is now going to vote for HILLARY – who even the FBI is investigating despite an Obama-run Department of Justice – should have his head examined and his right to vote along with it,” is not reflective of the rational and open minded Naomi I got to know through your writings.

    You’re better than the language that you used. By all means you have every right to vote for Trump just as the rest of Americans have every right to not vote for Trump.

    I hope that we can heal as a nation as this election has brought out the worst in us.

    As Jews we are a light onto the nation and should conduct ourselves accordingly.

    A reminder to everyone Hashem runs the world, not our political leaders. Hashem will always have Israel’s back. He has sustained us for centuries while other civilizations have perished.

    I wish you the best and may Moshiach come soon so that we can see true peace in this world.


    • henry meisel

      just another misguided US Jew that knows nothing about Jewish history and especially the Holocaust…………shame on you

    • Lawrence Wald

      Rivka: You say:

      >”By all means you have every right to vote for Trump just as the rest of Americans have every right to not vote for Trump.”<

      What an idiotic statement! Your statement would indicate that all Americans except Naomi will be voting for Hillary Rotten Clinton, the criminal. I've got news for you–45-50% of American voters will be voting for Donald Trump, and that will include many Jews! Those who vote for HRC will be guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal! Praise for Naomi and shame on you, Rivka!!

    • Duby Rehhaut

      Rivka, Rivkaleh, wake up. There is no Moshiach coming any time soon no matter how hard you pray. Face it.
      I have been waiting now for 2000 years and nothing.
      In the mean time the “Rotzchim”, murdered all my family in Auschwitz.
      I was a soldier in the IDF during Six day war, Yom Kippur and Lebanon, my brothers in arm died around me and NO MOSHIACH! !
      Think about it Rivkaleh.
      Let Naomi speak her mind freely. It is a free country.
      I wish you will get to see the Moshiach in your life time.

  7. Rostislav

    As usual, the weird leftist crowd has not a single argument, except purely personal attacks, and I think it’s the best proof of Mrs. Ragen being right about her choice for the U.S. President.

  8. Dandahan

    When the Internet is reduced to personal one on one insult exchanges no one is a winner. A blogger may avoid lowering the tone of a thread by ignoring such rubbish. Publishing and promoting Trump for President and stating valid arguments against Clinton and pay to play etc is an expression of a democratic right. Freedom of speech and original thought expressions are healthy political practices.
    Internet exchanges often debase and reduce reasonable discourse to the lowest level.Trump may make it to the White House and half his rhetoric would be a great policy achievement if converted over time.. All politicians lie and mix rhetoric and realistic policy decision making to suit their purposes.

  9. Audra

    Keep writing the truth! This Christian American is thankful for your voice.

  10. Fern Kurland

    Dear Naomi, I am so sorry that you are being bashed by these irresponsible people. Is “Herman the German” even Jewish???? I have great respect for you, and for your writings. I am a big fan of yours and read every book you write. I respect your opinions and believe in you. Hillary is evil, but truly no-one wants to even read her horrible history, which drives me nuts! I spoke to an FBI Secret Service Agent, whom I have known for many years. I told him of the books I have read written by Secret Service Agents about Hillary. He told me that whatever I have read, she is worse, and the situation is very bad. This FBI Agent is trustworthy, and I trust his input.
    This election has driven people apart. I refer to Cheryl Jacobs Lewin’s remarks and say amen. Yasher koach Naomi, and thank you.

    • henry meisel

      well said………..I agree
      all you people should also read the book Armageddon by Dick Morris to get to know the real Hillary as he knows her

  11. Jennifer B

    Dear Naomi, I support you and your right to vote with your dual citizenship and your very thoughtful and heart felt entries on your blog. I only wish I could express myself as elequently as you do!

  12. Hermann Schmettlapp

    Oh do go ahead and lose your temper. Why not. At your stage in life, who are you trying to impress by not actualizing your true self?

    Perhaps the act will give rise to a new found self-awareness of the imbalance of emotion over logic in your non-book writings as a self-styled political maven.

    To wit, neither my original assertion on your blog, yesterday, nor responses to your and others’ replies contain any pro-/anti-Candidate X/Y advocacy. You attributed such content for your purposes.

    This is your blog, so you certainly have the right to misrepresent others’ meaning here. As the originator of the challenge — that you are morally abusing a legally available privilege of dual-nationality — it is mine to highlight the self-serving conceit.

    For the record, yours was a cheap, emotional, and politically partisan response to a non-political criticism of your conduct.

    You should be fish or fowl. And you should attend to such improved moral hygiene to better yourself and all Jews. Feeding those who would seize upon your proud duplicity, as example of the kind of unfaithfulness typical of all American Jews, is dangerous for the Jews where you call home and the Jews in America. You should personally interview Steve Bannon on the topic of the Israel Lobby, American Jews being more loyal to Israel than the USA, Jews control of the Congress, etc. if you have any question.

    I do not suggest, nor would, that you not vote for Trump and silently imply that you should support Clinton, next week.

    I suggest that you not vote in America at all. And add that if you will not refrain from voting in the United States because you vote in Israel and owe primary allegiance to the great State of Israel, then at least you should have the grace to not vote so to allow younger voters’ desires for leadership to prevail. You and your elders will neither suffer nor enjoy the true and long-lived consequences of national elections. Leave the choice to those who will have the pleasure or pain from the nation’s decision.

    I close as I opened, yesterday: Butt Out.

    • Sol Appleman

      Apparently you miss Naomi’s point entirely. Yes, she lives in Israel as a proud Jew. But she is also a proud American – her country of origin. She is proud that Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East, surrounded by 22 Muslim countries who are hell-bent on her destruction. She is proud of the long list of philosophies that bind our countries together. The USA and Israel have so much in common. She, I and many other Americans are ashamed of what has happened in America during the last 8 years. The community organizer-in-chief has turned our beloved country into a laughingstock throughout the world. Countries no longer respect us. Tyrants do not fear us. What was once the greatest military in the world has been reduced to humiliation by Russia, Iran, Korea and others. So I think you should excuse her if she chooses not to vote for someone who is interested in herself more than she’s interested in the welfare and future of the United States. Someone who was and is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation – not only for her reckless mishandling of classified emails, which certainly could put our security at risk, but also for her dubious Clinton Foundation, which allegedly spends 90%of what it collects on “administrative” costs. Let that sink in for a minute. A presidential candidate has been under investigation by the FBI for more than a year. Something like that has not happened before in United States history. And you question Naomi Ragen’s sincerity in her motives for supporting a candidate who may be far from perfect, but is infinitly more suited and far more qualified than Clinton to be president. The interests of Israel are aligned with the interests of the United States, probably more than any other country in the world. So my suggestion to you is that YOU should butt out. Mind your own business. You go ahead and vote for someone who will turn the US into a third world country. You vote for someone who will continue to build up our national debt. You vote for someone who is under criminal investigation. But leave the country to someone who cares about it.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Hermann or whoever you are–

      I checked you out. There is no such person as Hermann Schmettlapp. So who are you? What is your real name? Who do you work for?Are you really an anti-Semitic German? Are you a troll? Be a man, Hermann–tell us who you are and your real intentions to disrupt this website! Tell us why you are attacking Naomi Ragen.

  13. Cousin Eddie

    Naomi I’m ashamed of the language you’re using I think you’re better than that. You’re starting to sound like a Trump supporter full of hate.

    • Naomi Ragen

      Dear Cousin Eddy,
      Too bad you haven’t been in touch for 45 years and are now finding that being my relative is a good platform for your political views. I’m not proud to have relatives that undermine the Jewish state, which is what a vote for OBAMA and a vote for HILLARY IS. All Jews are members of the same family and many of you haven’t lifted a finger to help Israel for decades. Where was your shock and dismay when OBAMA sent destroyers to shoot down Israeli planes if they dared attack IRAN’S NUCLEAR FACILITIES? Now you have an opinion? Now you are shocked and dismayed at MY language? No, sorry you don’t get to do that, cousin or not. You have to take responsibility and stop this ‘let’s make nice it’s only politics’ when you are endangering my life and the lives of my children with your actions. I take your vote for OBAMA and your vote for HILLARY personally. Israel will prosper whatever Jews in America do to undermine her. But we are no longer on the same side.

  14. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    Dear Naomi – you are correct in everything you wrote about Obama and Hillary. You have many fans. We have family members who we no longer speak to because of Obama and Hillary. No matter the proof of the evil Obama has done (Iran, Affordable Care Act – an oxymoron, pressure on Israel and more) and the evil Clinton has done (Clinton cash, pay for play, Benghazi and more) their supporters refuse to see the truth – even when it is staring them in the face.

    • henry meisel

      sad that we still have so many misguided ignorant Jews as always their own worst enemies……welcoming another Holocaust

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