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This Is What You Are Really Telling Us

By supporting Hamas, you are supporting the use of Palestinians as human shields, the use of Palestinian children to dig terror tunnels in which 160 have died, and the summary execution of Palestinians by Hamas thugs whenever they open their mouths to protest the use of their homes, school, mosques, or hospitals as weapons caches and missile launching sites.

I’m not sure the people who need to hear this will ever hear it, but I want my conscience to be clear that I said it to them.

Dear Human Rights Activist, Leftist Liberal, Crying-for-the-poor-children, Israel-hating, Hamas-forgiving, marcher, celebrity, news anchor, journalist, writer, media star, politician, head of state. We have seen you
marching along the streets of Europe, America, and the Middle East with your signs and kafias and Palestinian flags. We have heard you screaming to whoever will listen that Jews and Israelis are murderers, war criminals, and baby killers.

You think you are telling us who we are. But actually, you are telling us who you are.

You are telling us that you are ignorant.

That you don’t understand that Hamas is a terror organization that took over a territory that Israel removed all its settlers from a decade ago and with good will turned over to the Palestinians, and that in return the Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas, a terror organization, to rule them, and that Hamas has been logging bombs at Israeli civilians trying to kill them ever since.

You are telling us you don’t really care about Palestinians or their children.

Because by supporting Hamas, you are supporting the use of Palestinians as human shields, the use of Palestinian children to dig terror tunnels in which 160 have died, and the summary execution of Palestinians by Hamas thugs whenever they open their mouths to protest the use of their homes, school, mosques, or hospitals as weapons caches and missile launching sites.

You are telling us that you are in favor of genocide.

Anyone who does not support Israel in this just war against Hamas, who is a genocidal terrorist organization that clearly says in their charter they want to destroy all Jews, is in fact in favor of genocide. You are telling us that you not only agree with the idea, but the practice, as Hamas is now attempting (without much success, thank God) by bombing Israelis and attempting mass murders and kidnappings through countless underground
tunnels created only for that purpose. You are telling us you don’t think Israelis have a right to live and defend their children by fighting back.

You are telling us you want us dead.

You are telling us that you hate Jews, not just Israelis.

Because otherwise, why would you march along, support, and agree with people who beat up Jews, shoot Jewish children, destroy synagogues, and smash Jewish businesses all over the world, just like the Nazis?

You are telling us that you are a racist and a hater.

Just one more of those evil, ignorant, bigoted, small-minded people who hate people they have never met because of their race and religion.

You are telling us you are ill-informed, uneducated and/or too stupid or too lazy to read history books.

Because by taking up the stance of the Nazis without even understanding in whose footsteps you are following, you are revealing you don’t know where those footsteps led, and the millions and millions of people like ourselves who died because of it.

But most of all, you are showing God who you are and the evil that is in your heart.

For that I pity you. Because we Jews believe that God is compassionate and forgiving. But we also believe that if people repeat the same evils as their forefathers, then God’s compassion ends for them, and the time for punishment begins.

You are not the first ignorant, bigoted, racist, hateful people to stand against the Jews. But you just might be the last. By joining your voice and your body with those who hate justice, who love violence, and who follow in the footsteps of the Jew-haters throughout history, you are singling yourself out for the punishment that befalls all
such people in history sooner or later. Check your history books on that one. Every people who hated Jews eventually became extinct. The Jews survived.

Looking forward to your next march, your next petition, and your next newscast to see who you are. We already know what you are.

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23 comments on “This Is What You Are Really Telling Us”

  1. michael fenenbock

    Our people are blessed to have the magnificent Naomi Ragen in our midst. May your voice be heard everywhere.

  2. Dalya Horowitz

    Ms. Ragen:

    What a great piece you wrote. It is so correct and complete. We all stand together and we will not let the lies win. Thank you so much!!

  3. Roz Schurr

    Received your article from a friend. So happy to read your column. Continue the fight.

  4. David

    And you are telling you are so afraid that dehumanization has become acceptable.

  5. Warren T. Young

    South African Jew but 100% stand with Israel. Most of us do. UM YISRAEL CHAI!!That’s a relief…


  6. George Moskowitz

    Emes … We are all being backed into the corner…. Facing undiluted Evil with daily threats of destruction from our so-called democratic friends …only our G-d will continue to protect us and avenge us and our people – Am Echod….soon.

    Your words are well spoken – and offer a potent antidote to the poisons of our pseudo intellectuals.

    Thank you.

    Yehuda Zev

  7. Warren T. Young

    Naomi It’s reassuring to hear that someone is speaking out against those who are constantly trying to create a spirit of contention and unjustified hate against the Jews. Hasn’t this old world had enough war and strife yet to finally make us want to sit down, shake hands and turn our bloody weapons into plow-shares???

    Warren Young

  8. Beverly Green Smullen

    What Maurice is referring to – or whom specifically he is referring to – is a small group of South African Jews, who have called themselves “South Africans of Jewish origin”, and publicly decried what Israel is doing, basically supporting the Palestinians. They have been dubbed “the South African Jewish Anti-Semites”.

  9. Robyn Elzufon

    Brilliant, stunning and so right on!
    You inspire me to say what I feel!!

  10. Judy

    Love your posts, and love the conversations they generate…

    You are the voice of the naked truth.

    Todah Rabah!

  11. Warren T. Young

    I AGREE whole heartedly with Naomi’s writings and pray that someday soon the muslim community will wake up and realize their philosophy of HATE is not of God.

    Hate comes from that other guy, the DEVIL!!!

    Warren Young

  12. Warren T. Young

    I’m not sure I understand. On the contrary, I am not one of those your letter described. I am pro Israel And I support them FULLY!



  13. Michael Beckman

    Bless you Naomi. I can’t say it any better than the three previous repliers. Whenever I receive a Naomi Ragen newsletter I cannot wait to open it up and read it. Your last few newsletters have been the greatest of the great. I echo Larry above in saying you are putting on paper so eloquently what I am feeling. Unlike Larry I am a Jew and I am so proud of Israel and so proud of you Naomi.

    I stand with Israel! God Bless!

    • julie brown

      And now I am following The Political Commentator and you, Mike. (btw, not sure I get Maurice’s comment below … sarcasm or typo?)

        • Warren T. Young

          Poor Maurice. To be clearly understood, it might be better to say less and speak what he means.

          Or is he too far removed…

          Warren Young

  14. Larry LaMay

    Dear Naomi,
    I just recently discovered your writings and after reading several of your recent posts I immediately signed up for your newsletter. I am amazed at your ability to so articulately say exactly what I feel. I am not a Jew, but I have great love and admiration for the Jewish People and especially for those living under constant threat in Israel. I have lived in Europe and the Middle East and I know first hand the Muslim philosophy regarding Jews. I am so sorry, that even today in 2014, you and your people are so persecuted and I am ashamed that we Americans elected a Muslim sympathizer (twice) to lead our country. And I firmly believe that having a person in the White House that cozies up with terrorists, and shuns Israel is one of the main reasons that the terrorists feel emboldened to do what they are doing right now. I pray that you, your fellow Isreali’s and your government remain strong and committed long enough to survive this. I only hope that we can elect someone next time that will repair the damaged relationship between our countries and together we can eliminate these filthy dogs whose current goal in life is to annihilate the Jews. But, we should all remember that this is only their first goal, from there, their stated mission is to annihilate all non-muslims.
    Best wishes and stay safe,
    Larry LaMay

  15. Maurice Shawzin

    Naomi Dear……….. Your brilliance and extraordinary writings are incredible, succinct and magnificently articulated.
    Please visit South Africa to tell the Anti-Semitic JEWS what garbage they are______________________

    All Best and Kind wishes,

    Maurice Shawzin

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