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Yesterday I wrote you about the idiotic Rabbis Law that is being pushed through by Aryeh Deri’s Shas party, which will triple the number of paid government-appointed rabbis in the country, and amounts to a haredi party slush fund of jobs for their voters. I’m glad to tell you my expressed outrage at this is widely shared. Addressing the Knesset Committee on Law, which is attempting to pass the law, an incandescently furious Tomer Glam, mayor of Ashkelon, told the Committee: “I’ve been sitting here for an hour listening to you discuss this idiotic law. We lost 30 people in Ashkelon on October 7! But instead of discussing how to help our city, you’re talking about the need for more rabbis! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Cancel this law. It’s going to bring down the coalition!”

Hear, hear!

Today, before blowing up a tunnel in Gaza, the commander said the following: “Two amazing friends more precious than gold died in trying to complete this operation: Eitan Koplowitz, 28 and reservist Eilon Weis, 49. We dedicate this to them!” After the count-down, an explosion was heard. May their memories be blessed.

All the while we were sweltering in our homes, I kept thinking about how hot it must be for our soldiers in Gaza in their uniforms with all that heavy equipment on their backs. Today, a hundred portable air conditioners and ice machines were brought into Gaza, paid for by friends of Israel in the United States, creating areas where our soldiers can rest in between their operations and cool off. Great idea!

Sirens after 72 hours of quiet in Northern Israel just as US envoy Amos Hochstein reaches Beirut. It’s thought the ceasefire had something to do with the Islamic holiday of The Feast of the Sacrifice, which honors our Jewish forefather Abraham who takes his obedience to God to the utmost extreme in showing his willingness to sacrifice his longed for only son, Isaac. Instead, the test actually becomes God’s way of teaching Abraham – and all mankind – that human sacrifice is abhorrent to Him. So after sacrificing animals left and right to honor God’s decree, the Muslims are back to sacrificing their children and murdering Israelis as soon as the holiday is over.

Hochstein’s mission is a hopeless one; even Biden knows that: Hezbollah, like Hamas, cannot be negotiated with. They are terror organizations after all. Hochstein, who says negotiations might take up to a year, knows Israel can’t agree to wait that long to return thousands of its displaced citizens back home. But he seems to be fulfilling Biden’s mandate to get Israel to hold off, at least until after the US elections, so Biden can win favor with Muslim voters.

Israel is ready for such a war. An Israeli spokesman told Saudi news outlet Al Hadath: “The ability of Hezbollah is not the same as it was before October 7. Israel’s elimination of its high ranking officers has sown confusion and destruction in its ranks.” He also said that the IDF has been able to push Hezbollah back eight kilometers from Israel’s borders, protecting the Galilee from the kind of murderous invasion suffered in the south.

Despite its envoys and constant pressure on Israel, the US government seems to have zero influence on these terror organizations. You wouldn’t think so, would you, given Biden has been funding Iran to the tune of billions of dollars. But US influence seems to be in inverse proportions to the kindness in which they treat terror-sponsor Iran. Maybe contempt has something to do with it?

Benny Gantz seems to think that it’s possible for residents of Northern Israel to return home by September 1. On the other hand, the Mayor of Kiryat Shemona said in an interview this afternoon: “Whoever thinks it’s just a matter of signing an agreement (with Hezbollah) and then calling us to return home – I unequivocally inform you that is not the case. Our residents are not a herd of sheep. This is not a question of if there will be a war, but when…” And, as Israel Today points out, “after the events of Oct. 7, the residents of northern Israel will not live near a border where a bloodthirsty jihadist army sits in wait.”

Since Hezbollah has again stressed that it will not comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and withdraw its forces to north of the Litani River, the return of our Northern citizens seems unlikely without a war. Hezbollah needs to retreat willingly or under fire. That’s their choice. There is no third way, dear Mr. Biden Envoy.

As a tax-paying American citizen (yes, yes, you can live in Israel as a citizen and still pay US taxes) I’m pretty upset that the $300 million taxpayer funded pier built by the US Army off the Gaza coast has again been removed and towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod because of rough seas. CENTCOM has been quoted as saying that during its limited time of operation, 7.7 million pounds (3.5 million kilos) of aid were delivered via the pier (or less than one day’s worth of aid coming in from Israel.) Even worse, the Pentagon recently admitted that almost none of the aid had reached Gaza civilians, most of it serving to resupply Hamas.

The need for nicotine trumps all other needs of the “poor” Gazans. Watermelons hollowed out and filled with nicotine were smuggled in through the Kerem Shalom crossing. At Gazan prices, each watermelon is worth 15,000 shekel. Those inspectors need to be more careful.

Abu Ali Express, quoting Gazan sources, reports that Abd el Aziz Baraka, a member of the Aisha Association for the Protection of Women and Children (an NGO apparently with foreign funding), who is an English teacher by profession, was kidnapped by Hamas operatives to one of the schools in Khan Yunis, where he was beaten to death. All this because he publicized photos of himself in the area after coming to visit with family members in Bani Suheila for the holiday. His relatives are calling him a martyr, a term not usually used for victims of crime.

Hamas, if you needed more proof, are scum.

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4 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 18 JUNE 2024”

  1. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    Naomi, Thank you for your solid reporting, as always. Re: Hezbollah and Bidens’s team of clueless people, Hochstein has been in Beirut since 7 Oct. It was another useless attempt to negotiate (appease) the enemies of Israel. When I see protests for Hostage return with big signs stating BIDEN PLEASE HELP US!, I am reminded how far we have fallen on the world
    stage and how sad the hostage families think Biden or his Administration actually cares. They do not. He removed every single sanction ( I believe) against Iran and Trump’s border policies..,for ONE reason. Trump put them on to help.protect Americans AND Israel. Yesterday you said you felt safer in Tel Aviv than in Brooklyn. You likely are…for awhile. Yesterday in MD, a mother of 5 was raped and murdered by an illegal wanted for murder in El Salvador. Today, in NYC Park, daylight, a 13 yr old was raped while her schoolmate was tied up, by another illegal. On and on it goes, this President could care less. Just look at how pro-terror is working here. Guaranteed if even a small group gathered to rage about Muslims, the DOJ would quickly arrest them. His Secret Service was robbed at gunpoint Sat.while Biden was at the Clooney,Obama $$$ shindig. He was guided off stage by Barrak, but the last week at G7, Juneteenth Celebration and in LA, he literally looked like a cardboard cutout, until someone helps him move. You once said this was not the place for American Politics, but I think now people should know how dangerous the whole to America and Israel. I watch news from Tel Aviv, who talk about these issues daily. I hope the issues with Haredi Rabbis is tackled more objectively. I’ve read estimates that in 20 years, they will comprise half the population, while contributing as little as possible. Even in civilian jobs in service. Everyday in every way, I try to make my small contribution. I try to say something kind about the daily photos I receive from Alexey Pusner-Sarnos Memorial. A parent responded to me recently and I saw what appeared to be an Israeli name, so I translated it. The words were ” ohh, my boy
    With broken heart and crying emojis”, so I know people do read them. That one troubled me so deeply, I couldn’t sleep much for 2 days. Nothing by how many sleepless nights those survivors are doomed to experience. ( My only child Vanessa, died and something done to her in death beyond words, so I feel great sorrow for the victims and those who love them). Warm Regards, Brenda M.

    • Karen Reply

      Brenda, I agree with what you say about the Biden administration. They do not care, they care only about what keeps them in power. I am so sorry to hear about your Daughter, Vanessa. My heart aches for your loss and your pain.

  2. Sylvia Reply

    What’s the problem? If Gaza wants cigarettes, give them cigarettes. Four packs a day for everybody !

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