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Protest Anti-Israeli Bias at the Jerusalem US Consulate

Since the publication of An American in Israel in Friday’s Jerusalem Post, I’ve been inundated by people anxious to know whom to contact to protest the anti-Semitic an anti-Israel behavior of the US Consulate in Jerusalem.

This is what I suggest:

  1. Forward a copy of my article to friends and mailing list and your Facebook page. You can find sharing buttons at the bottom of the article.
    Forward a copy to both US Senators and Congressmen expressing your outrage, and demanding a change in the Jerusalem Consulate that reflects American values, not pro-Palestinian bias.
    You can find US senator contact information here. For House members, click here.
  2. You can also call the Jerusalem Consulate at  (international dialing code) 972 2 622 7250. Keep in mind that Israel time is 7 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (for example, if it’s noon in Boston, it’s 7PM in Israel).
    Say you wish to register a complaint about the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel bias at the Consulate, which is supposed to serve all American citizens in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Ask why are there no Consular cultural activities in West Jerusalem for Jewish Americans? Why is there no Hebrew Facebook page? Ask for justice for Eliana Aaron.
  3. John Kerry is the new Secretary of State. Contact him at the State Department:
    Phone: (202) 647-4000
    Fax: (202) 647-2283
    Address: 2201 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20520
    You can also send a letter to Deputy Assistant Secretary Jim D. Pettit, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizens Services at the same address.

Let’s work together to make the American Consulate in Jerusalem a true outpost of American values of equality, fair play, and religious tolerance, not State Department Israel-haters.

Thanks for your help. It’s invaluable, as always.

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5 comments on “Protest Anti-Israeli Bias at the Jerusalem US Consulate”

  1. DaveA

    I am very sad and deeply disappointed to report that as I click these lines, my protests to and demand for action by my Congressman, Senators and the State Dept. have not been answered. It appears that no one wants to touch this “hot potato.”

    Maybe someone else will fare better?

  2. Ester

    Dear Naomi, I am a Canadian RN who made aliyah in 1963.I worked at Haddassah Hospital and Kupat Cholim as a public health nurse when I first arrived. When my family came, I was employed part-time at an American facility. I was appalled at the Anti-Semitic remarks that fell upon my ears. At the time, I asked myself, “What am I doing here? I came to serve my people.” I left my native country to avoid being a second-class citizen. This took place long before the Obama era. It is well known, that in Roosevelt times, the State Department was Anti-Semitic.The ship “Enterprise” was refused entry and most of its passengers died in Nazi Europe. Despite US Jewry enjoying a golden era, Anti-Semitism still thrives. When Eliana finishes her doctorate, if she knows Hebrew, she could easily find her place in Academia or in a School of Nursing.What a waste of energy to try to be re-instated in her old job.In any case, she would be over qualified!

  3. Media Eye UK

    The USA still maintains a building in Rechov Agron in the centre of Jerusalem and it uses designated parking areas which are closed off to Jews as well as parking their numerous vehicles in the adjacent side streets near the YMCA. But the consulate building is now in Arnona – a purpose built large complex – so why are they still operating from the old consulate building secured by uniformed Arab guards – one guess.

    It is a major US spy station on all communications that take place in Jerusalem in its vicinity – what is there? – none other than the PM’s official residence!!!!!!!!

  4. yaacov daniel

    outrageous, our government in bed with anti-jewish, anti-americans!

  5. Carolyn

    This is outrageous, Naomi. Why hasn’t this been made public before , especially, when there were more friendly Administrations in power? There is oversight of the State Department in the House and Senate . Each, or both,
    can do an investigation, and use leverage to change it. There are far too many American corporations in Israel to deny the importance of Israel to our National Interest. Find out the chairman of each. Possibly, one, or two, of these CEO’s , or significant holders of stock, can be enlisted to help. Frankly, I am surprised by Jim Cunningham, who was a true friend for a long time. Something is, and has been, very wrong with this situation. Who is in back of this strategy and the tactics used against Eliana Aaron? He/she, they, should all be prosecuted and given the appropriate punishment. That must be determined along with any monies that may be behind it and the entire situation. It needs a thorough housecleaning. Isn’t there one investigative reporter who can unearth the situation?
    What is happening with other countries’ embassies and consulates? Israel has got to recognize its own importance to the US and the EU countries as well as those in the East. Maybe, if the internal wrangling can
    be brought under control, and they work together before it is too late, much more can be accomplished in regards to the US , etc.. Israel needs a strategy and co-ordinated campaigns that don’t promote aberrant behavior but what is positive , creative, productive, and important to Western Civilization.
    Israeli leaders must understand they first have to protect and secure their own citizens, who are Jews.
    Reading your piece, is similar to a redux of the viciously anti-Semitic British Administration serving under the Mandate.
    I don’t know, how much good it will be to contact Kerry, in truth.

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