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The release of Muhammad Abu Salmiya, director of al Shifa hospital, continues to make waves in Israel. MK Leiberman said “He’s not a doctor. He’s Dr. Mengele.”

But I’ve been educating myself as to what really happened here, and it’s not pretty. The number of Nukba terrorists captured responsible for the October 7 atrocities has overwhelmed Israel’s jails. The army set up a facility on an army base called Sde Teiman to hold the overflow. Of course, CNN, and other terrorist sympathizers have been crying over the terrible conditions there and elsewhere. And make no mistake, they are terrible, with each prisoner estimated to have two square meters of living space.

The army is responsible for this special facility, which it would like to phase out because the IDF isn’t responsible for jails, which the Minister of Internal Security is supposed to deal with. And guess who that is? MK Ben Gvir, not known for his open-hearted sympathy for Hamas terrorists. He is also a bit of an idiot. Ben Gvir has been adamantly opposed to taking responsibility for dealing with conditions in Sde Teiman or improving them for Hamas terrorists held elsewhere. “If they (the Hamas terrorists) aren’t comfortable, let them not come into our country and rape and murder,” he has been quoted as saying.

The head of the Shabak, Ronan Barr, in response to the uproar at the release of Salmiya said: “For approximately a year, the General Security Service has been warning in every possible forum, both in writing and orally, about the incarceration crisis and the need to increase the number of detention places, given the need to arrest terrorists in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip. The incarceration crisis leads to the daily cancellation of arrests of suspects involved in terrorist activities, directly harming state security.”

Ben Gvir says Barr is concerned that international bodies will once again start issuing arrest orders for Israelis (himself?) for human rights violations in relation to prison conditions. In early June, a hearing was held on the issue of conditions in Sde Teiman in Israel’s Supreme Court at the behest of left-wing NGOs, following biased and alarmist articles on the subject in media outlets like CNN. State attorney Aner Helman told the court that 700 inmates had been moved to the Ofer military facility in Samaria, with another 500 set to be transferred in the weeks to come. Avi Segal, an attorney representing the Israeli legal organization Shurat HaDin, which had asked to join the hearing, said “the Court should be worried about setting up a hearing, and even asking for a response to petitions, based on newspaper rumors.”

No objective outside bodies have been inside the facilities. But let me say this: I am certain the conditions are as horrific as the prisoners deserve.

Ben Gvir says the controversial release of the director of al Shifa was Barr’s way of “poking him in the eye.” The Shabak argues that only prisoners unlikely to pose a threat to public safety were chosen to be released. It’s not an argument Israelis are willing to embrace.

Ben Gvir has suggested the following: “If it’s too crowded, let’s institute the death penalty.” Many, myself included, agree with that. But whatever the need for revenge and the desire to punish, the IDF needs a place to put these murderers until they face justice. It’s time to deal with the problem practically, not rhetorically.

Rescued Israeli hostage Noa Argamani spoke movingly at her mother Liora’s funeral today, saying she was grateful to have been by her side as she succumbed to a lengthy battle with brain cancer. “I stand here and it’s still hard for me to accept. Against all odds I was privileged to be with you in your last moments, to talk to you, laugh with you, and hear you. Thank you for being strong and holding on so I could see you one last time,” Argamani said.

All of Israel stood beside Noa, also grateful.

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 2 JULY 2024”

  1. Phillip Erickson Reply

    I am old enough to remember the rule of war that if you were out of uniform and acted as a soldier, you were shot when captured. Israel should apply this rule. Carry a weapon out of uniform and be shot on the spot.

    As for the after war phase. Simple, allow no reconstruction in Gaza and attack anything that looks threatening. An open air prison, as has been alleged in the past by the left wing. Give them what they asked for.

  2. Carrin Reply

    I agree withal you are saying
    but just drop a bomb on them and get it over.

    • Phillip Erickson Reply


      The simplicity of your answer is deep (brings to mind Hiroshima and Nagasaki – which the good old USA thought was OK – and look how the Japs have developed).

      No one would hate Jews and Israel more if Israel followed your advice

      Phillip Erickson

  3. Sanford Reply

    Thank you for giving us daily updates from your diary. This gives us a balance from what we hear in the United States from CNN and MSNBC who supposedly are “neutral” in their coverage. And our hearts here go out to the hostages and their families. And to the soldiers of the IDF for defending Israel no matter what the rest of the world says. Again, thank you Naomi.

    • Phillip Erickson Reply


      I am not internet savvy; but have a few friends who I encourage to visit Naomi’s blog. I am an Australian.

      Please email your friends and ask them to visit and comment on Naomi’s blog so as to increase her traffic.

      I too am distressed at the loss Israel and its children are suffering.

  4. golda Reply

    all terrorists should get a bullet to the brain rather than be let go.
    for what? to take more hostages the next go around???
    start flooding the media with photos of the horrors of Oct 7 and don’t be shy.
    flash them onto the side of buildings world wide, in public and religious schools all over the world.
    don’t waste good hard earned shekels to build better facilities for prisoners.
    they are heaven compared to the squalor they are use to.
    put them out in the desert to fry.

    • Phillip Erickson Reply


      You are right. I wonder why the Jews (who according to the anti-Semites control the World media) are so stupid that they cannot use the media to get their message out.

      Maybe 20 million Jews have less power, or are not as savvy, as we are led to believe. Maybe they do not even control the World!

      Phillip Erickson

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