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Peace, Peace, but There is No Peace

I have been watching the news from all over the world. Millions of people demonstrating in favor of allowing Saddam Hussein more time to develop his weapons of mass destruction. And of course, CNN, in its European edition, is leading the “rah rah” anti-Americanism. Hundreds of thousands in Sydney. A million in New York City. In Rome. In Great Britain. And anyway, CNN tells us, the scars from the Twin Towers are already “ beginning to heal.”

Oh, really?

And I wonder, where were all of these millions demonstrating for “human rights” when Jewish children were blown up on buses in Jerusalem?

Where were they when the Twin Towers fell?

Where were they when the USS Cole was attacked?

Where they when the nightclub in Bali was bombed?

And where will they be when Saddam unleashes his poisons, renews his attempts to create a nuclear bomb? Where?

Here in Israel, where we have more reason to fear for our personal safety from a U.S. attack on Saddam, I saw ten people with bedraggled signs that said: “Peace Now.” Because we in Israel understand that Saddam’s poisons, his missiles with mustard gas, and anthrax are either going to be destroyed in Iraq now, or they are going to land in Tel Aviv anon.

I personally wish Godspeed to President Bush for taking the lead in this most just war. Do not be deterred by the nay-sayers. They were there sixty years ago cheering for peace with Hitler. They got millions killed, and their own cities destroyed. They’ve learned nothing, and they understand nothing.

The Muslims started this war. The Muslims and their truly moronic Western supporters are trying to prevent the West from protecting itself, because they long to see Saddam finish Israel off. And then come after the U.S. and Western Europe.

And anyone who thinks Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden weren’t in complete cooperation, is, in my humble opinion, an idiot.

Those two have already made great progress in finishing off the freedoms we in the West took for granted only a short while ago. Ask anyone who has tried to take a flight from one American city to another. Anyone attempting to land in Heathrow. Or visit Jerusalem.

If America, and what is left of the freedom-loving peoples of the world, don’t stand firm now, the world as we know it is over for good as things go from bad to worse. Now it’s your airports. As an Israeli, I can tell you, your supermarkets, movie theatres, and wedding halls are next. Don’t let it happen.

War is a horrible, hateful thing. But allowing yourself to be defeated without fighting back is even worse.

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