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Joe Biden’s presentation of his own, personal ceasefire proposal (which is, shock, shock, identical to our genocidal enemy Hamas’ plan and one Israel has rejected time and again) must set a new record for international chutzpah. Putting it forth on Friday, after religious Jews in Israel would be unable to react because of the Sabbath, wasn’t an oversight, but probably a well thought out strategy probably devised by the same PR firm that convinced Biden to present himself as fighting for the plan against Hamas’ refusal, instead of the complete opposite: fighting with Israel to approve a genocidal capitulation and surrender; something that would make every single soldier’s life lost on the battlefield completely meaningless.

This is Joe Biden’s vision: Israel will take all its troops out of Gaza, leaving Hamas in charge and ready for its next October 7. Gazans, many of whom participated in the slaughter, will go back home like nothing happened. And the ones in Israeli jails? Oh, thousands of Hamas Nazis will be released including convicted rapists and murderers, signing the death warrant for thousands of Jews, if the Shalit deal is any measure.

And for all this, we will get only 33 hostages or dead hostage bodies over the first six weeks with negotiations for a “second stage” without a time frame, for the remaining 100 hostages or their bodies for which thousands more Hamas murders will be released. The temporary ceasefire will become permanent, until the next war.

Tell me, does this sound like a plan that will allow Israel to live in, or national suicide?

Michael Douglas, the actor, is in Israel, and he visited Be’eri, site of the worst Hamas atrocities. He said: “I don’t know how you get over the desire for revenge.”

Yes, Mr; Douglas, very astute. And I wonder if any self-respecting democratic nation should get over such a desire? One wonders, too, if the Nazis had presented a similar cease fire plan to Roosevelt and Churchill, one that released Nazi murderers en masse, and left Hitler and the Nazi Party firmly in control in Berlin, would that have been appreciated and lauded as a breakthrough?

Biden’s plan is indecent, a betrayal, and not the work of any friend.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be Israelis who want any hostage deal at any price screaming in our streets for Netanyahu to accept, and thanking Biden for his “help.” To these I will paraphrase the great orator Demosthenes, by way of Douglas Murray’s column in The Free Press:

First, people of Israel, you must fix this firmly in your minds, that Hamas is at war with us and has broken the peace. Many would like to pretend otherwise, to appease or look away, or hope for the best. And continuing the fight will mean great expense and much toil and worry. But what you must bear in mind is that this is a life-and-death struggle, and the men who have sold themselves to false illusions must be abhorred… for it is impossible to quell the foes without, until you have dealt with those within your gates.

In the middle of the Israeli “genocide,” the IDF yesterday established a maternity care center at a field hospital in central Gaza, delivering equipment, including generators and incubators.

I don’t know why we bother. According to this video, Gazan mothers don’t care if their children live or die, and are actually hoping they’ll become martyrs for the cause. Think I’m heartlessly exaggerating? Listen carefully to the words of this Palestinian woman who says: “We don’t value life. We love death. When one of yours dies, it shakes up your whole world. For us it is natural, normal.” For her son, recuperating from injuries in a hospital, she prays he gets well enough to die as a martyr.

The West has no idea what we in Israel are dealing with and what is coming their way soon. The new Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah is busy decimating Israel’s North. On the Golan and around the Sea of Galilee, heavy Hezbollah rocket fire caused many wildfires. And school children in the North can be seen running off their school buses to bomb shelters as sirens go off.

Sirens have gone off in Acre, Nahariyah, etc. etc. My hairdresser lives in Nahariya, but I guess my hair is going to have to grow longer until I can visit her there. All of us are fed up and waiting for a decisive victory that will allow us to resume normal life.

A shaky, temporary ceasefire that fills the hearts of murderers and lovers of death with hope won’t do it, Mr. Biden. If we release a single Hamas murderer from our jails, it will only begin the countdown to the next hostage taking, murder and rape festival. Don’t you get that?

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17 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 2 JUNE 2024”

  1. C. Tooredman Schick Reply

    I’m just an American Jew and ashamed of this Biden administration. Please know I read and share your column all the time.

  2. Sara Reply

    Hamas Joe… stupid appears to be the new smart? I too was shocked when I read this “deal”. What the heck! Release of all these rapist murderers?? So they can repeat Oct 7th over and over? So Joe can look like some sort of hero “Oh I ended the war! Aren’t I great! Now elect me dammit!!”
    He seems to be more and more desperate. And yes! Obama Jew-hater’s puppet!
    I take one deep breath and express the deepest gratitude for your column Naomi. Only here do I find some semblance of sanity and solace.

  3. Brenda Reply

    The entire power driven Biden Administration has always shown their true colors, but I cannot understand why anyone in America remains so stuck on stupid. I’m.not perfect, but I saw the real Oppressors, Segregationistd and Liars decades ago, known under the title of Progressive Democrats. They have AGAIN tried to politically and literally, destroy President Trump and his family. Months ago at the first mention of Bidens true bias and destructive intent, there were your followers who said, ‘ oh no, I can’t be your friend now, Naomi” .Multiple people said they had to unfollow you. Now that his complete hatred and cluelessness and back door plans are on full display, Many trusted Jews in the past, have jumped ship. John Fetterman has remained loyal. Trump did many right things in 4 years including a steadfast backing of Israel, moving U.S. Embassy, a team to work on Abraham Accords. and zero money to UNWRA his last two years. It seems that killing the Gazans with kindness by Israel, is self destructive. Israel is clearly grieving as a Country and I sympathize greatly. My best friend actually said to me this week,, “oh good, nothing about Gaza today”( in my conversation) She has no idea how hurtful that was. She loves Mark Levin and was very upset Oct.7,8 etc.but I believe if I don’t mention daily, she can handle. I think it’s all hard, but I think of how tragically hard for the People of Israel. I try to say a kind word about every photo, most every day, of victims photos. I think it’s the least I can do. Alexey will be doing this project for years. Remember when the news leaked Biden, Blinken, State Dept. gave 6.8 billion for 5 American-Iranians? We had a policy of never paying money for hostages until then. . Now it’s gotten far worse, with 100s of billions to Iran and telling EU. Not to sanction them for refusing to comply even a little with the Intern’l Atomic Agency AND Bidens State Dept saying loss of any life was tragic when referring to the Butcher of Tehran!!. On the one good note, I have received 2 of your books I ordered. In the first pages of The Covenant, as the aroma of damp fig leaves and his sleeping wife, the satisfaction of the Dr..grateful for his blessings, I felt as if I could smell and see the scene like a peeping Tom. You possess an enviable strength and honesty Naomi. I was fascinated with your autobiography after clicking on new tag Google attached, seeing I could read it. I recommend it to all of your followers. Till next time… Sincerely, Brenda

  4. Linda Biderman Reply

    I think Biden knows exactly what he is doing and he is just so corrupt and without conscience that he feels okay with it all so that he can win another 4 years as President. Let me see how many people are going to stoop to his level. I pray that there are more good people with a conscience than people who have no conscience. Let’s hope! Naomi thank you once again!

    • Yaffa Hamilton Reply

      I live in Nahariya…we are going about our business as I took exception to your comment that you will not be visiting your hairdresser who lives in Nahariya at the moment…please rethink…if we don’t go anywhere because of the war we Will end up in a state of paralysis,which our enemies want us to be .

  5. Stu Tarlowe Reply

    Well, you’re starting to catch on. And Biden’s agenda is merely a continuation (and ramping up) of Obama’s agenda, which is working toward the destruction of Israel just as surely as Hamas is. But if you want your comments to NOT ring hollow, why don’t you declare, in no uncertain terms, that you never voted for Obama or Biden? Can you do that?? Because some of us saw this coming years ago, but had to put up with our fellow American Jews praising these paskudnyaks and putting them into power, and setting all these wheels in motion.

    • Karen Reply

      Not sure who you’re talking to here, Stu, but I can certainly say that I’ve never voted for Obama or Biden nor ever will. I about lost my mind when Obama won.

  6. Karen Reply

    I was utterly heartbroken when I woke to this news. I try to talk about it with friends and family in the US but nobody seems to care, or wants to hear it. More like “it’s too painful.. it stresses me out…” really?! Wait till it happens here then I’ll remind them that they didn’t want to hear my warnings or care enough about the Israelis to listen for 1 minute. I feel like the only place I can hear voices of reason, “be” with people with the same broken hearts who feel the anger at this evil administration and the world who are turning on Israel is here. Thank you Naomi for bringing us all together.

  7. Liz Rome Reply

    I went to Douglas Murray’s column and reviewed Demosthenes speech. From 300 BC Demosthenes is absolutely correct. I worked in a Holocaust Education Center for 14 years. Our exit panel was the Santayana quote: “Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it”. Both quotes are vital to remember today. Israel must DEFEAT Hamas …no sneaky, politically motivated “ceasefires”. The I pray that Trump is elected so he can reinstate and expand the Abraham Accords.

  8. Sid Reply

    Spot on on all counts!
    Have our “Chief Rabbis” not the guts to reprimand Biden for deliberately choosing to make a statement so that Israel should have to respond on שבת. Where are all the leading Rabbonim in the USA – they appear to be silent on this issue.
    We note how silent the International Press and Press Agencies are over Hezbollah attacks in the North!!!

    Biden wants a second Holocaust for the Arabs/Islamists to overrun Israel

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Yes –Biden is brain dead…a puppet being manipulated by Obama–**an even bigger anti-Semite. Blinken goes along with all this hatred. He should hide in shame.

      • Stu Tarlowe Reply

        Yup, Blinken, Garland, Mayorkas, all (ostensible) Jews, and yet working to advance the agenda that leads, inexorably, to the demise of Israel, the U.S., and even Western Civilization as we’ve known it. And don’t get me started on Schumer, Schiff, Nadless Nadler et al. All these Jews working for Obama/Biden are kapos, just as surely as Hitler had kapos in his inner circle (just as surely as Obama had Rahm Emanuel in his inner circle). They are like “The 13” (the number came from the address of their HQ; they actually numbered in the hundreds and marched in shiny boots and snappy uniforms), Jews who aided the Nazis and spied on the Jewish underground in the Warsaw Ghetto. But how much worse are these traitors than all the Jewish Liberals who have always (and still!) voted for and supported the Democrat Party?

  9. golda Reply

    Mr. Douglas is correct.
    I go one step further. I will hate muslims, arabs as the disgusting neanderthals they are ,forever.
    I will not support , aid or assist them, their children ,forever.
    I will pray to G-d for their collective death, forever.
    And I will be at peace with my decision.
    Israel should castrate any of them that they capture., or kill them so that there is no negotiations
    for trade.
    G-d help this ugly world we are leaving our children.

  10. Gloria Valentine Reply

    You are absolutely right on, Naomi.
    “There are none so blind as those who will not see”
    And when it comes to Israel much of the world is blind

  11. Ellen Reply

    I could not believe what I read after Shabbat. President Biden is a fool.

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