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My Newest Book – An Unorthodox Match

I’m happy to let you know I have a new book coming out this September. It’s called An Unorthodox Match.  By the way, it’s already out in Hebrew, as צמאה לך נפשי.

I already have lectures set up in Florida, Atlanta, Dallas, and California between October 17-November 10.  I have a few days in New York, New Jersey on November 11-13 where I can fit in a few more lectures. 

Please let me know if your  synagogue, community center, or organisation is interested. But hurry.

UPDATE: My tour is now completely booked, so unfortunately I won’t be able to accept any more invitations this time.

An Unorthodox Match is the first book that takes on the whole subject of newly observant Jews and how they are treated by the religious community. It’s about California girl Lola, who has her life all set up: business degree, handsome fiancé, fast track career, when suddenly, without warning,  everything tragically implodes. After years fruitlessly searching for love, marriage, and children, she decides to take the radical step of seeking spirituality and meaning far outside the parameters of  modern life in the insular, ultra-Orthodox enclave of Boro Park, Brooklyn.

There, fate brings her to the dysfunctional home of newly-widowed Jacob, whose life is also in turmoil, and whose small children are aching for the kindness of a of a womanly touch.

While her mother direly predicts she is ruining her life, enslaving herself to a community that is a misogynistic religious cult, Lola’s heart tells her something far more complicated. But it is the shocking and unexpected messages of her new community itself which will finally force her into a deeper understanding of the real choices she now faces, and which will ultimately decide her fate.

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12 comments on “My Newest Book – An Unorthodox Match”

  1. Victor

    Is it not interesting, that Leftists are not satisfied in disagreeing with your politics they want to punish you. Truthfully, I don’t think that was a sale you would have made anyway.

    • Naomi Ragen

      I appreciated your stating what many Jews in America feel, I am sure. I am confused.
      A lifetime of advocacy for Israel, for the Jewish people, for women’s rights, and I am now on your hate list because I support an American president who moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and who is pro-Israel, and who cancelled the catastrophic Iran deal which would have had atom bombs hanging over Israel’s head? Please explain.
      Many thanks,
      Naomi Ragen (and this goes for Rachel Brenner as well and all those who are planning to boycott me)

      • dianne varon

        Excellent reply to Paula. Thank G-D we have people like you who recognize what is happening and is willing to speak out. These people puzzle me since their thinking is one of the reasons so many were killed in the holocaust. My girlfriends uncle was one of those. He was an attorney in the government and when his brother begged him to leave he refused saying I work in the government don’t you think I would know if bad things were happening. Sadly this man went to the gas chamber. di

  2. jean mallin

    When will you be in Florida and where? Love your books and appreciate your efforts for women.

  3. Rachel brenner

    Since you decided to delve into US politics and Don the Con our 10;000 liars president I will not read or buy your books

    • Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

      Then I will buy 2 Rachel Brenner. You are sadly clueless.

      • Sarie Taljaard

        Your loss Rachel Brenner, I will also buy two.?

  4. Elaine Erdos

    So excited – can’t wait for your next book! I love them! Thank you so much!

  5. dianne varon

    when and exactly where will you be in Calif.

  6. Fern Kurland

    I cannot wait for September. I love all your books, but I am especially looking forward to this one. Yasher Koach.

  7. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    Naomi – I am so happy you have a new book coming out. I have all of your books.(A stop in Chicago not on your list?)

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