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My New YouTube Channel

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to share this link to my YouTube video (my first!) answering some readers’ questions about my latest book, An Unorthodox Match. I hope you’ll check it out!

It’s at

If you enjoy the video, I would be grateful if you click the Subscribe button and the notification bell.

Thanks to all of you, and enjoy!

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1 comments on “My New YouTube Channel”

  1. Christine

    You had people like me signing in to your articles on your website.
    That was good. We, who signed in, love your articles, your opinions,
    and we thought we had a fellow campaigner. I thought, that I wouldn’t
    be fighting alone in the future, having you by my side. I’m not so sure
    anymore, right now. Why don’t I get normal mails from you? So I would
    be able to answer you, find people, and connect you to people, who
    would fight with you in your battle?
    Your battle = our battle!!! What do you expect of us, Naomi, of people
    who wish to fight with you, (and sorry, we are in Europe!!!) We have
    the same problems here … Please, Naomi, accept: we are serious.
    We want to change the actual policies! Why won’t you and your
    co-fighters connect with us?! We need help finding people who
    are able to influence the policies as much in Europe as in the Us!!!
    Please, Naomi: we need your advice, and your help connecting
    with people in Europe and around the world.

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