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My New Book, The Sisters Weiss

I am very happy to share this good  news with you:  My ninth novel, The Sisters Weiss, will be published on October 15!  You can learn more about it here.

Also, I have a US book tour coming up in mid-October and early November. I’ll be lecturing in eleven US cities: New York (at the 92nd Street Y), Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Boca Raton, Birmingham AL and Atlanta. You can see my schedule here.

I’ll have details for you in the near future, G-d willing.  Hope to run into many of my  e-mail list members and give you all a fond, personal hello.

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12 comments on “My New Book, The Sisters Weiss”

  1. Char Stricklin

    I also thought the book was very good. For the most part, I find your writing excellent, however, I tend to find many excellent authors and their proof readers are making grammatical errors with the verbs lie and lay. Since I see this so much, I decided a few years ago to contact, if possible. The two I found in your book, The Sisters Weiss, are on page 214 – 11th line down and should be, “Why didn’t you lie down…”. meaning to recline. On page 303, 11th line down, also, should be “I saw it lying here…”, also reclining. Lay has to have an object.
    Indulge me; just hoping to make something good better.

  2. Phyllis B. Levine

    I can “ditto” some of the remarks I read about “The Sisters Weiss.” It was a fascinating book and even better than a couple of the others I’ve read by you. I also heard you speak (two times) in Atlanta and enjoyed them both. You’ve won me over as a fan for life! Keep them coming!

  3. Jeffrey Zarit

    Just finished your book on The Sisters Weiss. Enjoyed it, and learned about how Orthdox women have been and are treated like second citizens. I have mostly given up on my Jewish Heritage as I live in an area with few jews nearby and the only ones that seem to be friendly are the orthodox who only want to convert me to their way of living, which I have no use for. Will look for your other books.

    • Jeffrey Zarit

      You told me to read the book, This is my god by wouk. There is no such title in my library and I cannot find an author by the name
      of wouk. The only one I know of is Herman Wouk and this not the type of book he wrote. Please elaborate. I have looked at your other books, but the theme is the same in all of them. Two are enough for me. I enjoyed Tom Clancy’s final book much more. Am waiting to get WONDERS OF WONDERS a book on the musical Fiddler on the roof. I now read about 60-100 books a year. Cheers. jeff

  4. Ro L.

    Dear Naomi,
    Just finished The Sisters Weiss.. Started it right after our Friday night dinner and continued through Saturday breaking for Shabbat lunch:) So sad that women in our very own back yards are suffering. Living in Brooklyn I am thankful to have best of both worlds. Similar to Michelle.. (Loved to read that she ended up in Flatbush Yeshiva- a school I am proud to be a part of) .. Religion is beautiful .. The difference is that one has to own it. It can’t own you…and that’s what I felt Rivkah discovered for herself and indirectly taught her Aunt Rose!! Thank you… You truly are an amazing author !!

  5. Dee Levine

    I just finished reading Sisters Weiss and I couldn’t put it down! Magnificent, Fantastic and Awesome. I read it in 2 is that good. Thank you!!

  6. Blossom (Yablon) Welfeld

    Dear Naomi- Looking forward to seeing you at the 92nd Y. Just read your book”Chains around the grass” for the 2nd time. I actually remember when you started HILI and were in my class for Hebrew. See you then. Shanna Tova!

  7. Helen Kracoff

    Dear Naomi,
    Looking forward to seeing you in Boca Raton.
    Delighted to hear about your new novel…
    Best wishes always….Helen

  8. Deborah Goodman

    So excited to read your new novel! Just ordered it on Kindle. Thank you.

  9. Ellen Calderon

    I met you years ago and the Y in New York (on the elevator) when you were on a book tour then. I am living in Florida now and am looking forward to seeing you in Boca.

  10. Vera Joffe

    Dear Naomi: I am so pleased that you have a new novel coming up, and I can’t wait to read it. I also would like to find out your dates in N.Y. and in Boca Raton. Looking forward to meeting you in the Fall. Vera Joffe, Ph.D. (

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