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My New Book – The Enemy Beside Me

Dear Friends,
I am so excited to tell you that my book is finally, officially published as of September 12.
It wasn’t an easy book to write; it has so much information that had to be painstakingly

Some of it broke my heart. But in the end, I felt it was such an important story, a story that has been buried and forgotten with the help of our enemies.  It’s time to  tell the truth, and refresh everyone’s memory!  I am looking forward to starting an online discussion group for The Enemy Beside Me.  

To order The Enemy Beside Me from Amazon, please click here.

Please read this book  and join the conversation.

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8 comments on “My New Book – The Enemy Beside Me”

  1. Martha Wood

    I live in Kansas City, MO in USA. I read about this book coming out and ordered it from my local library. Interesting, that when it came, it was just a couple days before the 10-7-2023 terrorist attacks in Israel. I was watching current terrorism while reading the 1941 details of the Jews being attack in Lithuania. My heart was/is breaking for the evil against the Jewish people. Thank you, Naomi, for telling this story so clearly. Thank you for the beautiful novel characters that surround the historical facts. We are praying for you and for all Israel in this painful evil season.

  2. Gail Saks

    Read your book during Chag. It was both enlightening and horrifying. As much as I thought I knew about the Holocaust it was an aspect I was unaware of
    Thank you for once again entertaining and educating your readers at the same time.
    Keep writing

  3. Amy

    I converted to Judaism 20 years ago. This book made the Holocaust real to me in a way that even knowing and hearing survivor testimonies did not. There are things that made the Lithuania Holocaust different – these events now haunt me in a completely different way. I was not certain of which events were fact or fiction, and the Yad Vashem and US Holocaust Museum archives tell me that all of the events mentioned are real. This book is some of the most important historical fiction that I could ever imagine. It’s a very challenging book and yet I stayed up til midnight to finish it.

  4. Marcia

    I was privileged to be selected to read a prepublication copy of your book several weeks ago. It was a remarkable work both important and compelling. I attended high school in NYC ( as an honor student ) and then went to Brooklyn College and always thought my education was first rate. Sadly, I had no idea of the Jewish genocide perpetrated by Lithuanians. The version of history I was taught was sanitized. Your incredible talent coupled with impeccable research made for a powerhouse of a read that broke my heart. Thank you !

  5. Robert Rosenberg

    I look forward to reading your Novel. My Grandfather left Salakas, Lithuania in 1914 for the United States. His four siblings, my great-grandparents, and countless other family members were all murdered by the Lithuanian collaborators in 1941. Lithuania’s continued denial of its role in these tragic events must be told. Hopefully, your Novel will help in this effort.

  6. Vicky Cohen

    Hi I was given an advanced copy. What an amazing book. So detailed and thought provoking I’ve always learned about the Gaon from Vilna and I really never knew he was from Lithuania. I was appalled at all the things that were done to the Jews in Lithuania. Your descriptions I would assume were from real data you obtained from Yad VaShem. I can’t imagine anyone having an imagination like that.
    I also liked how you touched upon a subject that is probably very universal to women of a certain age. How sometimes they feel invisible and insecure with themselves etc. It definitely hit a nerve.
    Bravo on a job well done!
    All your books are amazing. Thank you.

  7. Jette Hyldgard

    I normalt buy your books when er are in Israel but now I can buy it in Denmark. I afsked for it. Looking forward to read it. I have all your books.

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