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My New Book and Lecture Tour

Dear Friends,
You are all cordially invited to join me for a book reception at 10:30 AM on Sunday on 8 November 2015 at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun at 125 E 85th Street in Manhattan. The event will take place under the auspices of the highly respected synagogue as well as the Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals, headed by my dear friend and mentor, Rabbi Marc Angel.

I will be speaking about my new novel (my tenth!) The Devil In Jerusalem, which will be published this coming Tuesday, 13 October. Please come!

For a full list of the lectures on my 2015 lecture tour, please click here. I will be in Florida, St. Louis, New Jersey, Atlanta, as well in New York City.

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1 comments on “My New Book and Lecture Tour”

  1. Debbie Greenberg

    I am almost finished reading The Devil in Jerusalem. It is an extremely powerful book. I just noticed two mistakes within one page – page 259-260 (the beginning of chapter 29). Daniella’s name is mentioned twice, instead of Bina’s name. Pretty significant. Otherwise, the book is very moving.

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