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My First “Baby” – Chains Around the Grass

Like your first baby, an author’s first book has a very special place in their heart and in the hearts of those who read it.  In it, all the inarticulate yearnings of the creative spirit find voice for the first time and the subject matter is often the most deeply felt and important material that an author will ever express.

My first book was called Chains Around the Grass.  The most autobiographical of all my novels, it is the bitter-sweet story of a childhood in the shadow of tragedy, as well as the brutal reality of the immigrants’ yearning for an American Dream which is part fantasy and part untouchable reality.  Critics called it: “writing charged with searing, emotional truth …which unravels a tale of childhood, betrayal and the unending resilience of family love.”

It’s been out of print for a while, but it is now available on Kindle.

To see it, and the cover (a real photo of me and my brothers from the year my dear father passed away), click here.

I hope you will read it and enjoy it and write me a note about your feelings. As I said, this one’s my baby.

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4 comments on “My First “Baby” – Chains Around the Grass”

  1. Theodore Jacobsen

    Hello again,

    FYI: I accessed you on my Kindle and bought all of the books listed and pre-ordered your new one.

    BTW: The Amazon editors did not describe ‘Chains Around the Grass’ as your first book; rather, ‘Jephete’s Daughter’ was described as your ‘baby’. Would you elucidate?
    Ted Jacobsen
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  2. Theodore Jacobsen


    Thank you for this post re your first book, which I intend to order on my Kindle and perhaps get a hard copy from Chapters-Indigo [in Canada].

    Keep on truckin’. I thoroughly enjoy your work and your philosophical approach.

    Ted Jacobsen
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  3. Ellen Calderon

    I loved your book as all your others but this one especially because my three oldest granddaughters went and the little ones are still going to the same Yeshiva you did in Far Rockaway. Those same 3 big girls are now living in Israel and one is in the Israeli Army. The best to you and your family.

  4. Jodie Jensen

    It is interesting that you mentioned Chains Around the Grass at this time. I just finished Sotah and wanted to download Chains Around the Grass butI couldn’t find it on Nook. With luck, I was able to locate a copy in my local library. I am looking forward to reading your first book over the course of the next few weeks.

    As always, your books provide moments of reflection and offer comfort to your readers.

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