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Muslim Refugees Are Not Holocaust Victims

I can’t believe I actually have to write this article. But I’ve been asked to by intelligent Jews who can’t seem to get through to their brain-washed brethren glued to the NY Slimes and CNN. So I’ll say it slowly. Our President’s temporary entry ban of all non-U.S. citizens from terror sponsoring and infected countries (countries chosen, by the way, by Barack Hussein Obama and contained in a law passed by Congress) is nothing like what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust.

First of all, do you know what the Holocaust was? I didn’t think so. Read a few books like The Destruction of European Jews, or The War Against the Jews. The Holocaust was the systematic rounding and annihilation of every Jew in Nazi occupied Europe. Where in the world is any government rounding up and annihilating Muslims? Syria? No, that’s a civil war, Muslims killing Muslims. Even in Iran, the world’s largest jihadi sponsor and a Nazi incarnate isn’t rounding up and systematically murdering anyone, even Christians and Jews (although Jews can’t walk out in the rain for fear of contaminating the water that flows into their rivers and water supply. At least, that was once the law.) Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan? Yemen? Nope, not there either.

So, before you degrade Jewish history by making an obscene comparison of these mostly economic migrants to our systematically hunted and murdered Jews, please ask yourself the following questions:

Are any of the people in these countries experiencing systematic extermination because of their Muslim religious beliefs or ethnicity?

Unlike the Jews of Europe, do they have many options of where to go, including wealthy Muslim countries who are their neighbors?

Are these people in any way comparable to the educated, cultured, innocent Jews hunted during the Holocaust, who proved to be a tremendous asset to any country willing to take them in? Or do they share a religion that includes a philosophy and laws which make them a danger to others who do not share their beliefs, which include killing those who don’t agree with their religious beliefs. Murdering women who they feel don’t follow their codes of “honor.” Killing gays. jihad, or holy war, against all those who aren’t in agreement with them?

The San Bernardino terrorists

Are there reasonable objections to allowing unvetted immigrants who may hold such beliefs – even those with previously granted visas and green cards – to cross borders of the U.S.?

Do you feel that present U.S. immigration vetting processes are adequate, and if so, how do you explain the San Bernardino killers; Somali immigrant Mustafa Mohamed, 30, who slashed and injured six people at a retirement home in Alexandria, Virginia; Muslim gunman Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, 24 who shot Jewish Paul Schrum in a hate crime; Muslim Pakistani Naveed Afzal Haq who shot six women, killing one, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building in Seattle, Washington; Muslim gunman Nidal Malik Hassan, an Army psychiatrist, who fatally shot 13 people and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas; the Boston bombing Tsarnaev brothers, who slit the throats of three Jews before going on a bombing rampage that killed and injured dozens; Jordanian Muslim Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 57, who gunned down Iranian medical student, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, a friend of his daughter and a Christian convert who widely denounced Islam; Yusuf Ibrahim, 28, shot two Coptic Christians to death and beheaded them in Buena Vista, New Jersey; Kuwaiti- born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, who killed four U.S. Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, Florida, the son of Afghani immigrants, an ISIS sympathizer and foot soldier, who killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Florida? Shall I go on?

Since 9/11 the U.S. has taken in 1.62 million Muslim immigrants – and this doesn’t include those entering on non-immigrant visas. At the current rate, this number will double again by 2030, and triple by 2050. A 2007 Pew survey found that 26% of young Muslims in America support suicide bombing in pursuit of jihad. Are you aware of the explosion of radical Islamic mosques that litter the U.S., funded by terror-linked organizations? Are you aware that radical Islam views Jews as less than “monkeys and pigs” and justifies the killing of Jewish people?

Yes, we are all sensitive to the plight of refugees fleeing war. But does that mean we can open America’s doors to everyone claiming to be a Syrian refugee when that country is flooded by ISIS and Al Qaida operatives who would like nothing better than to relocate and carry on in the U.S. now that they are finished destroying that country? What is wrong with the idea of better vetting to make sure the real refugees are let in, including the Christians who are truly the only ones comparable to Holocaust victims because of the systematic ethnic cleansing taking place throughout the Middle East? Our President specifically said he would favor such people and that his ban does not include them.

All those throwing around their emotional Holocaust comparisons please think about my questions. And while you are in the thinking mood, tell me this: Do you also advocate opening the borders of the Jewish State to unvetted hordes from Syria who before they were victims, were advocating wholesale “death to the Jews?” Do you think that’s a good idea too? And if not, why is it a good idea for America?

President Trump is doing exactly what needs to be done.  Please think before you mouth CNN soundbites. If you are American Jews who participate in a synagogue, send your children to Jewish schools or community centers, shop in Jewish stores and eat in Jewish restaurants, he is making you and your families safer, unless you have a death wish.

Take it from me, an Israeli who was sitting in the Park Hotel during Passover and almost got blown up by an Oslo Accord jihadi who our government let in because it wanted to paint doves and feel good, and get good publicity among people who hate us. If you are an American Jew, please don’t jump on the CNN bandwagon.  These people our Leftists liberals want so much to let in, they are coming for you.

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37 comments on “Muslim Refugees Are Not Holocaust Victims”


    The West’s resistance to absorbing refugees was not informed by the actions of Jews themselves, but rather pre-existing isolationist policies developed as a consequence of WWI.

  2. Donna

    I must say that I am disappointed in your post. I have read your books to have a window into a world that I know nothing about since I am not Jewish. I am puzzled by your use of President Obama’s middle name. That usually speaks to hostility, othering and disrespect. My father is a Muslim as are many other Black Americans. People who subscribe to your broad brush view of Muslims are probably the people who are committing the many hate crimes that have occurred against Muslims. I will not be reading your books again.

  3. The Jewish Republican

    When my folks came into this country,America, they lived in what we would nowadays consider blighted neighborhoods. What they did in these neighborhoods was to police their comrades and people visiting the neighborhood, preventing crime and vandalism and making sure that they and their families could live peacefully. What they felt was a bit of pride in their surroundings and managed to keep the unstable elements out. This is not because of prejudice, it was because of the need to teach their children right and wrong. What we fail to understand is why the Muslims are allowing these disruptive elements into their neighborhoods and not taking a stand for a better living environment. This is why now they are fleeing from their countries, they have allowed this situation to get out of hand. If you keep allowing unsavory influences into your neighborhood and allow then to take root, are you not condoning and encouraging their behavior? This seems to me that these people who were leaving their own land because they allowed hoodlums to take over, will be the same people destined to have this event take place again in their new homes. America should welcome immigrants as long as they want to be contributors, not hostiles. It is absurd to think that what is happening in Syria is anything near the horrors of the holocaust. Yes, it is terrible. However, I think that this is a situation that they might have brought upon themselves.

  4. keren Ahava

    If the ban was a “Muslim Ban” then all 51 Muslim Caliphates would have been on the list.

    Why the 7 that were chosen? Because ISIS gangsters have infiltrated those countries…NO thanks to Obama who was bombing most of them of on the list and encouraged and armed the rebels backed by ISIS…..No thanks to Obama who took down Khadafi and left a hole for ISIS to gain a strong hold in Libya….and spread their vengeance.

    When a group of people put energy into killing one another as the tribal groups of Muslims have for over a millennium, (since the 7th century) You can not undo the rage and hate between all the factions….Shia, Sunni, Persian VS Arabian….. And they fight to be king of the mountain…. One thing they all agree, is hating anyone that is not Muslim.

    Muslim converts in the US and around the world do not get what the Koran is about…Its written in Arabic and it is considered heresy to study it in another language…Since only 20% of Muslims speak Arabic, they are learning from the Imams the vengeful side of Islam.

    Mohammed was a warrior, a bloody war he waged across the middle east, Europe and North Africa.
    Even if you are converted and you chose to ignore the passages you don’t like, That doesn’t mean the people growing up in Caliphates agree with a stand like yours….

    It’s complicated, and I’m not willing to risk my safety or my children’s.
    If I handed you a jar with 100 pieces of candy and told you 3 of the pieces are laced in poison, would you still eat the candy??

      • Dorian

        Good, solid wisdom Keren, thanks for your comment.

        I wish more folk like yourself would be able to view that world using the same, honest wisdom and perspective.

        Thanks again.

  5. Lonnie

    Naomi shared a little truth:
    “I can’t believe I actually have to write this article. But I’ve been asked to…”

    (Usually she deletes or plays with the release of my comments)
    Trump did not ban Pakistan, as Bush did not invade Pakistan, the continuing source and fallback of the Taliban, did not go after Bin Laden in Pakistan, did not punish Pakistan for harboring Bin Laden, but did go into Iraq, falsely claiming that it had some unspecified super weapon, effectively handing over control of Iraq to Iran, which everyone knew was building a nuclear bomb, for the explicit purpose to bring the next Holocaust and go down in history.

    And Naomi supported both?
    Very interesting.

  6. Dan

    I can’t wait until the Border Patrol institutes a religious test, just as the founding fathers had clearly planned…

  7. Arie90435

    Perhaps the reason people are calling it a #MuslimBan is because the self same countries expelled all the Jews (that had lived there prior to the advent of Islam) and have decimated the Christian population. I think Americans may have a different perspective because they have not really experienced what life is like in countries with a sizable Muslim minority (see Israel, France, etc.)

  8. The Jewish Republican

    I think that many American Jews have so anesthetized themselves into believing what has been fed to them by the ‘righteous” liberal establishment, that they are unable to see what really is the truth. There are fanatical Islamist’s out there. Yes, they happen to be in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya etc. Why make it easy for them to attack us where we are week? C’mon, get a little more realistic before you hand over the keys to our country to people who really hate all of us. If enough of them were so fed up with the ISIS nonsense, why do they allow ISIS to prosper in their own countries. Sometimes you have to stand up to the bully.

  9. Ben

    your fame doesn’t make you right, smarter or know it all. in my opinion you are very wrong. thank you for letting us know who you really are.
    I promise not to read your books again.

    • Dorian Glass

      Oh, that’s great Ben!

      Throw mud all over the place, with not an iota of anything intelligent to rationalise or back-up your vitriol!

      Gosh, now THATs real maturity and intelligence!

      I have no problem with anyone differing in opinion from anyone else–it’s how we learn, together. But, to be as out of control and as immature as you are, just to cause a ruckus or show up one’s internal baggage, well, I have no further words.

      It’s not people like you who are going to fix America, I do need to mention.

  10. Ed Schneid

    An argument can be made for both sides, what’s lacking is ‘ decency ‘. Like “have you know decency?” Yes I am well versed in Jewish history and the suffering of our people. There is good and evil on all sides, give it a break, be decent for God’s sake.

    • Loretta Lynch

      So why did Obama designate these countries as sponsors of terror and ban Iraqis from traveling to the US? Are you criticizing Obama? Because if you are, you must be a racist.

      • Leah

        Obama didn’t ban all the people from those countries. That’s where the difference lies.

          • Dan

            You are creating a strawman argument that is easy to take down. No one is comparing this EO to the Holocaust, they are comparing the singling out of an entire group of people based on religion. Further, Obama’s policies simply increased vetting and slowed the process, it wasn’t a simple ban. And, that vetting is still in place. Even further, most of the “terrorists” that you cite above in your article are either (i) US born (so this EO would have no effect), or (ii) from countries that are not affected by the ban. You are simply spreading fear, which you should know is dangerous. Please read outside of your bubble, and educate yourself before using your position as an author to spread hatred and vitriol.

  11. Hannah

    This is ridiculous.
    I’m going to forget about the rhetoric and focus on the ways in which the truth has been distorted-
    You say that people are comparing what is going on in Syria and our not taking refugees to the Holocaust. This isn’t exactly so. They are comparing our actions here to the actions of the US BEFORE the Holocaust- in the 1930s, when immigration quotas were extremely low and boats like the St Louis were turned away from American shores. The two types of suffering can’t really be compared considering their differences- systematic but not yet extremely deadly religious persecution on the one hand and being in the middle of a deadly civil war/extremist takeover on the other- but the argument isn’t really that the Holocaust itself is being replicated and we’re standing by.
    The sentence “Are there reasonable objections to allowing unvetted immigrants who may hold such beliefs – even those with previously granted visas and green cards – to cross borders of the U.S.?” is incredibly misleading. The vetting process for green cards and visas is INCREDIBLY exhaustive. There are no unvetted immigrants getting green cards. One can argue that vetting could be better- but the government put a LOT of time and effort into vetting everyone they bring into the country, resulting in a year-plus-long process for potential refugees. That sentence was disingenuous and downright wrong.
    As mentioned by Rachel Lazarus, it is similarly disingenuous to call all Jewish immigrants helpful and cultured and all Muslim immigrants terrorist and problematic. While I find much of what she says about Orthodox Jews problematic- especially given your history of manipulating the stories of women in those communities in your own works- she is right in the essentials, that it is really unfair to make such generalizations.
    It is also inaccurate to say that there were no compelling potential reasons not to let Jews in to the US (I personally believe they were very insufficient, and in practice they were often coverups for antisemitism, but nonetheless). Before the war they were very worried about Communist infiltration, and closer to the war they were worried about German infiltration- as was Britain, which, while they did take in Jewish refugees, kept many of them in internment camps out of fear that some of them were German spies.

    • Dorian Glass

      Hi Hanna,

      You know, I’m really trying to understand the core “headline” of what you’re trying to say, apart from your clear intent to discredit Naomi with a smattering of various examples, some of which are simply meaningless in their myopic delivery. Why, actually, are you doing this? What are you trying to achieve here?

      Clearly you wrote your reply in a very emotional state. Not good at all. Juxtapose this with Naomi’s very stable, very well-structured article. Mature perspective–magic word that … “perspective.”

      I don’t wish to prolong this, but I would like to simply suggest that before you ram out knee-jerk replies into cyberspace, especially around such critical topics, that you take some time to “see the bigger picture” of a situation, first.

      Your “listing” of “spats” hurled at Naomi is, seriously, not going to achieve anything constructive. Especially at this time in America’s history. Careful, rational thinkers are needed to fix America. Your note does not class as anything near that requirement.

      Apologies for the frankness, but, hey, some things simply need to be said.

  12. Dorian Glass

    Thanks for this superb insight, reality, intelligence and perspective Naomi.

    I fear greatly, though, that the mainstream media (Fox excluded) have already done irreparable damage to peoples minds, psyches, beliefs, the two worst being the one’s you mentioned: CNN / NYT.

    Thus, for mainstream to understand your impeccable and critical article, their frame of reference would need to be vastly different.

    That, to me, is the problem. Total lack of general insight, and, yes, lack of common sense. Greatly disturbing, even amongst highly educated people.

    There’s much work to be done here, many hard decisions to be made. Thankfully, Trump has the balls to do this.

  13. Anna Butler

    I am Jewish and my grandparents met in a work camp in Russia. Its not about it being like the Holocaust. Its about singling out a group of persons because people like them MIGHT be bad people. Anytime you group an entire people and make them pay for sins or percieved sins, its a problem.

    • Gabi

      I definitely agree with your comment here Anna. It is about turning our back as a nation against a group of people who are in grave danger- because of our own fears and biases about who they are.

      Naomi, I love your books- and will most likely be reading more. However, while I appreciate the views and insights into Orthodox Judaism (especially in Brooklyn, NY where I live) your books provide, I am disappointed to see many of the views you espouse on your site. Your books are so open-minded, complex, and view issues and disagreements from all angles. As a Jewish New Yorker whose father is from Israel (with most of my family still living there), I was hoping to find another voice who looks and sees issues from all sides. I am disappointed it seems this is not the case.

  14. Sarah (Elbaum) Goldenberg

    I came to the United States as a Refugee in 1948. (Some local Jewish ladies, who came to the US before the war, considered themselves “Yankees, but pronounced me a “Ref-re-gee”, a green-horn) The reason that my parents and I did not arrive any earlier is that we had to wait from 1945 to 1948 to be granted the visa to the US. We had spent several years in the Shanghai Ghetto but we had to be questioned and vetted and analysed before we were granted this visa. (I must admit that the Shanghai Ghetto was not in any way close to the German run Ghettoes of Europe – The Japanese were not known for their humanity and kindness, but it was not a “summer camp either.)
    My parents were subjected to humiliating questions – “Did any of your close relatives suffer from venereal diseases?” “Have you or your relatives ever been members of the Communist Party?” (How should we know – they were killed by the Nazis” – was not the correct answer they would accept.)
    Nobody says that Arabs or Muslims should be excluded from the US – However, there must be a vetting process so that the numbers of potential murderers and and jihadis should at least be under scrutiny. Many of these murderers and jihadis already in the US are the sons and daughters of persons who came to the US from these countries.
    Ayan Hirsan Ali has been pursued from one country to another by such persons because she dared to expose this! Read her books. Islam preaches revenge, and patience ! We can only hope that the “genie can be put back in the bottle!”

  15. Rostislav

    I do agree with each your word, dear Mrs. Ragen, but I suspect that any efforts to prove something to leftists (except justifying their own ever-holy position, of course) are no more fruitful than, say, the efforts to prove to some nut that he is not Napoleon. You may read him the best historians’ volumes, to show portraits by the great old artists, to underline dates on modern calendars – just to hear the same “But I AM Napoleon!” again. Here in Australia our Leftists are widely quoting these days not only the nutty Holocaust comparisons but also wild parallels of the present-day Muslims’ invasion with the plight of the Vietnamese boat-peoples, who preferred horrors of stormy seas to the Communists’ slavery. Well, it’s only natural for the authors of great wisdoms like “Our strength is in diversity” or “Islam is the religion of peace”: Napoleons are always Napoleons, be they in Bedlams, Parliaments or media… Respectfully – Rostislav.

  16. RRK

    I meant to add since 2001 how many acts of terrorism has been conducted by anyone from one of the 7 countries in the US on the ban list and How many Syrian refugees have committed acts of terrorism on American soil.

  17. Rachel Lazarus

    I have the greatest respect for Ms. Ragen as an author but I have to disagree with some of the points in this story. First off, the minute an author starts name calling we should be suspect of their points– calling a newspaper the “New York Slime” just cheapens the arguments. Second, the US government- by law- does not track immigration by religion, so it’s impossible to say how many Muslims have immigrated post 9/11. The 1.6 million number comes from a Conservative website and not from any official agency tasked with keeping such data. Next, Ms. Ragen cites a pew report, saying that 26% of young Muslims in American support suicide bombing. Well- not exactly. The report found that in American Muslims under 30, 13% said it could be justified in rare occasions, and 2% said it could be justified in many occasions. 86% said it was never justified. Zack Beauchamp, citing the Cato Institute report, writes: “Virtually all the deaths from immigrant attacks (98.6 percent) came from one event: 9/11. Other than that, fatal immigrant-linked terrorist attacks in the US were vanishingly rare. The average likelihood of an American being killed in a terrorist attack in which an immigrant participated in any given year is one in 3.6 million —even including the 9/11 deaths.” In fact, an American is more likely to die falling out of bed than from a Muslim terror attack– and no one is banning beds.

    And, Ms. Ragen, yes. These immigrants are, in many cases, “comparable to the educated, cultured, innocent Jews hunted during the Holocaust.” They are scientists, doctors, students, mothers and children, poets, artists, all of whom are persecuted by radical Islam. And they are being targeted because they don’t subscribe to radical Islam, or because they are Shia instead of Sunni, or because they reject ISIS. To suggest they are all a bunch of backward savages, which you do, is no better than when they say the same about Jews.

    I find it interesting that you lump all Muslims into a group with the extremist ones, when your books are so clearly about women escaping from the rigidity, abuse, and degredation of Ultra-Orthodox communities. Should all Jews be lumped in with the ones you describe who study all day while forcing their wives to work; who beat them or refuse to have sex; how about the cult in Devil in Jerusalem? Should all Jews be lumped in with the real group it was based on?

    Another thing- let’s talk about the law, which you say was signed by Obama and Congress. (And while you are correct that his middle name is Hussein, using it in this context is merely to continue the false impression that having a Muslim name makes someone less American) The law they created established certain countries as zones of conflict, and looked at limiting refugees from those areas, but there was no ban on immigration, no shutdown of refugees from any one country (let alone a war torn one)

    Finally, security experts say this ban will not stop terrorism, and will likely have two effects– first, it will marginalize Muslims and make them more susceptible to radicalization (much as rural America, who felt marginalized during the Obama years, became radicalized); and second, it will make people on the ground in the countries where our troops are fighting more reluctant to assist our troops, since they will be targeted and not have the option of fleeing to the US. It won’t make us safer.

    In fact, if you want to talk about the safety of Jews, let’s look at the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes (at the hands of White Christians) since Pres. Trump’s election. The ADL, SPLC, and FBI have all documented a sharp rise in nationalist, anti-semitic (and anti-LGBT, anti-woman, and anti-black/brown) attacks. Ms. Ragen, we are not safer under Pres. Trump.

    • Diana Freyberger

      I would think the point of using Barack Obama’s middle name Hussein, in writing that his administration identified the countries from which immigration is banned, is to underscore the point that they were not selected due to anti-Muslim bias. No one has ever accused BO of bias against Muslims; he is the son of a Muslim, grew up in a Muslim country, and has never exhibited any antipathy toward Muslims. And it’s cute that you call rural America “radicalized” for continuing to believe the same things that America has always believed instead of embracing the fundamental transformation of society preferred by some. It would be more rational to associate the term with the fundamental transformationists.

  18. dj

    Those who will learn, will know. Thanks for trying to spell out the issues. It’s so amazing to have a President who is willing to see and act on the very real dangers.

  19. Ed Schneid

    We are as Jews are better then that… fight fire with fire, not the victims…

  20. martin

    The “useful idiots” are now protesting en mass..I’ll bet there are plenty of Jews in that crowd.

  21. Ed Schneid

    In his remarks on The Holocaust Memorial Day he or the people around him scrubbed all references to the people who were the targets. The political climate now is what it was then. We’ve learned nothing.

  22. Claire Berke

    yes Naomi I fully agree with you. I was born in Cairo and had to leave when Colonel Nasser stole my father’s factory, savings at the bank and everything else in the safe deposit box. I always hear moslem men in the street saying that all american women are prostitutes. I was ten years old and thought”what all of them” is this possible?

    Please remind readers that it is written in the Koran that a moslem man cannot be a friend to an infidel because one day he may have to kill him. He has to be just friendly. I cannot tell you the aggravation I had as a n eight years old girl walking to school. My mother had decided that I should not take the school bus. When I told ther that they were pinching me hard on the thighs and saying”Jewess daughter of a dog” she answered fend for yourself. DEbrouille toi! I never forgave her for this as I was pinched ten-15 times a day and insulted by tall bearded men. I could not do anything about it,crossing the street or walking around parked cars did not help there was always another bearded grown man.

  23. sarah Goodman

    Thank you Naomi. You explain it so well. The people who need to hear this may be some who don’t want to read your comments. Certainly the Jewish immigrants who came to the US had no murderous intentions. Big big difference.

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