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Mr. Powell’s Haste

Well, President Bush made his speech.  And he actually said that terrorism is intolerable (hurray!). However, Mr. Powell talked later about how they wanted to set up a Palestinian State as “swiftly as possible” for the Palestinian people.

What’s wrong with this scenario?  The Palestinian people themselves. In a recent survey by an Islamic think tank, 60% of Palestinians said they are in favor of suicide bombings. Over 60% support Hamas and Fatah terror organizations.

There is no way we are going to see “free elections” among these people “swiftly” produce a viable, peaceful state.

After World War II, the Allies understood that to rehabilitate the German people, they needed to be de-Nazified. They understood that years of Hitler youth group poison, and a warped educational system needed to be undone.  Until then, the German nation had heavy restrictions laid down concerning re-armament. The process of rehabilitating the Germans included the active creation of democratic institutions and a viable economy, with the help of fellow democracies.

Mr. Powell, the Palestinian people need to be re-educated. They needed to give up the suicide-homocide Muslim fanatic cult indoctrination. This is going to take years and years. We need to take all their educational institutions and reform the curriculum. Perhaps the UN relief agencies can put some guidelines on their generosity?  No more money until we see some results?

In the meantime, we should ask our Senators and Congressmen to make it clear that until a deprogramming campaign is underway to re-educate the Arabs calling themselves Palestinians, and until the years show that it has achieved results, there can be no question of a Palestinian State with its own police and armed forces.  Into such hands, you do not put weapons.

Mr. Powell’s haste is sickening and dangerous.

Not with my life, Mr. Powell.  Not with the lives of my children.

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