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More Senseless Slaughter

According to numerous news reports, President Obama denounced the murder of four Israelis by a Hamas gunman as “senseless slaughter” and said the attacks won’t “undermine these talks.”

Dear Mr. Temporarily-Because of-a-Mass-American-Insanity President (not to mention 78% of the American Jewish community who thought that abandoning Israel in their vote would somehow help them. Has it, 78% of American Jews? Are you happier now, richer, more secure?)

I beg to differ. As an Israeli, I believe that the murder of Israelis in cold blood at close range by Palestinian terrorists absolutely undermines the “peace process.” It shows that there is a hard-core of Palestinians, perhaps the majority, (after all, in elections the “Palestinian people” overwhelmingly elected Hamas to lead them in Gaza) are participants in or supporters of the mass murder of Jews.

They are no different in their philosophy and their actions then the Nazis.

And, believe or not, and despite the 78%, some Jews have actually wised up since then. When someone tells us that they “want peace” or that “Arbeit Macht Frei” we tend to question it a bit, and ask to see actions, instead of empty words. So, yes, Mr.Temporary President of the temporarily insane American voting public and the 78%, I’d say the murder of Yitzchak and Talia Imas, who were buried in the ancient Mt. of Olives cemetery opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, seriously “undermines the peace process.” Just ask their six orphans aged 2 to 24: Daniel (married with a six-month-old son), Ruth, Ariel, Hodaya, Ruhama and Oz-David. Talia was in her ninth month of pregnancy.

Ask Maimon Even-Chaim and his eight year-old daughter, whose wife and mother – Kokhava Even-Chaim, 37, who taught in Efrat, was riddled with bullets. Ask Maimon how he felt when as a Zaka volunteer he arrived on the scene and found Kokhava was one of the victims. Ask the new bride of Avishai Shindler, 24, who buried her young husband so soon after the wedding.

Ask the people of Beit Chaggai, the victims’ home, how they feel that because of pressure from the State Department and Mr. Temporarily President, the weak-livered Israeli leadership took away checkpoints on road 60. Ask them how they feel about tomorrow when more “good will gestures” will be demanded, resulting in more Jewish blood.

In light of the big Jewish graveyard that is Europe, I’d say Mr. President (albeit temporarily), you haven’t gotten this one right. This absolutely undermines your efforts to help the Palestinians fill Israel’s graveyards.

Hopefully, Mr. Netanyahu, who represents us, understands that. We’ll see.

As for me, I’m one Israeli who never wants to hear the word “peace” again as long as I live. Because in the Orwellian world we live in, peace means war, and death, and the slaughter of innocents. Every Jew murdered by terrorists in Israel since the Oslo Accords is a “victim of peace.” Just ask Shimon Peres.

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2 comments on “More Senseless Slaughter”

  1. Rabbi Fleishig

    The reaction of the mainstream media and their poodle politicians after every Islamic terrorist atrocity is the same: “How can we protect our poor Muslim community who are being unjustly accused by the ignorant masses for abetting terrorism?” So Muslims are always the victims, and our hearts should always be with them. As for the real victims, well, they’re only Jews and they’ve brought it all on themselves by refusing to commit collective suicide and rid us all of the burden of their existence.
    And they say the West went through an “Enlightenment.”

  2. adina carmi

    I culdn’t agree with you more .
    I read your articles and think to myself that we are blessed with a woman with a heart , a soul and a BRAIN .
    Thank you for just being who you are .

    Sincerly Adina Carmi

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