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Magerman Edition of the Koren Tanach

I recently wrote about how certain publishing houses change the wording of their Bible translations to fit in with their religious beliefs, not trusting the intelligence of their readers.

In response, Koren Publishers sent me a copy of their new Bible translation, the Magerman Edition of the Koren Tanach.

I congratulate all involved. It’s a beautiful, lucid translation, and such a pleasure to read that it’s actually started me learning Tanach again, getting reacquainted with the stories of the Prophet Samuel, and David and Saul, and the anarchy that reigned at the time of the Judges. It’s truly a work of art, with commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Zachs ז״ל, and indexed with a historical timeline.

The Magerman Edition of the Koren Tanach deserves a place in every literate household where the Bible is cherished. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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