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Let Me Answer Your Questions

Friends, I’m preparing another YouTube video for my channel and would like to give all of you, my friends and readers, the opportunity to ask me anything, anything at all, you want to about my books (old, new and in progress), the writing life, my positions on political and social issues and living in Israel.

Please send me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Every blessing, Naomi

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5 comments on “Let Me Answer Your Questions”

  1. Bonnie Brodinsky

    I thoroughly enjoyed your new book An Unorthodox Match. Any chance it might be made into a TV show
    or movie. Have recommended the book to many friends. Thanks

  2. AJ

    What should I be aware of or concerned about if I’m considering making Alia.


    Dear Naomi
    I would like to know which of your novels have been translated in French .thanks
    Sylvie HURSTEL

  4. Joey

    Naomi I know you’re books are intended for a orthodox or basically conservative Jewish audience as a gentle do you have any tips from what I should walk away from your books with I reaf4 or 5.I have an intrinsic desire to learn more about the orthodoxy and am studying biblical Hebrew now.weird for a Catholic boy Jesuit educated you from y

  5. Daniel S Cohen

    Hi Naomi,
    I’m concerned about the prospective leaders in Israel should Bibi need to step down, or if he is defeated in next month’s election. He appears to me to be the only one with the respect of the other nations. I particularly don’t trust Gantz because he seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth.

    Who in your opinion could be a viable replacement for Bibi, who could actually be a viable, or better yet, a strong leader for Israel?

    Thank you!

    Dan Cohen

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