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Today, Sunday, the eve of Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen, falls upon an Israeli people already in mourning for the last six months. Our latest fallen include five soldiers, most of them nineteen years of age, who died defending our country from Gazan barbarians in Rafah. They say the heart expands to encompass love. I know that the same is true of sadness.

Still, there is joy in the idea that our country is independent and has decided, despite criminal pressure from the United States, Europe, Canada, and Great Britain, to continue the war in Gaza until victory. There is joy that the fate of the land of Israel has fallen into the hands of such a magnificent generation, children and grandchildren blessed with strength and faith and courage.

Never have the Jewish people had more to be grateful for than the young people of our own time, who have shown themselves to be a generation of heroes, flying back from long planned and deserved treks to all parts of the world after completing their IDF mandatory service, to join their reservist units and save the lives of their brothers and sisters; who left behind wives, husbands, children, their studies, their girlfriends, and boyfriends, to put on their backpacks and holster their weapons, going into the maelstrom selflessly and fearlessly.

They are there now, doing what must be done to preserve our country from being overrun and destroyed by the degenerate terrorists who are the children and grandchildren of their beastly forebears, responsible for their education and their despicable, hate-filled worldview. Our children –  brought up to love life – against their children, brought up to love death. May a just and compassionate G-d give to each what they are seeking.

Thank you, dear children, for saving the Jewish people in their hour of need; for proving that the Jewish people are blessed with their youth, unlike so many other countries in the world.

One has only to look at the Eurovision, a silly song contest, which Israelis have embraced this year like never before as popularity poll for the Jewish State, doggedly determined to compete and to win despite cat-calls and demonstrations and the hatred of a suddenly 1940’s Europe. Israel’s lovely singer Eden Golan got the second highest number of popular votes, coming in fifth place overall, which delighted Israelis. Take a look at her, then look at the Irish singer, who made openly anti-Israel comments, a Satanist named Bamble Thug!

Ireland, you antisemites, that is your youth, what your culture is producing. No wonder you hate Israel for showing you up. I pity you.

While the war in Rafah has begun in earnest with reportedly 300,000 Gazans fleeing to areas designated for them by the IDF according to leaflets dropped on the civilian population, civilian casualties have been lower than usual.

Israel has so far in this war killed in excess of 30,000 armed Hamas terrorists, and injured twice that number. But there are still battalions of Hamas fighters left, some of them anxious to retake areas once under Israeli control, expanding the war to all of Gaza, not just Rafah. Rocket fire to Israel continues, a rocket landing in a playground in Ashkelon causing considerable damage, but with no loss of human life. As we fight in the South, Hezbollah ferociously attacks our Northern communities , which have been evacuated for months.

As even Joe Biden recently admitted, “a ceasefire is now in the hands of Hamas.” But, as should be clear to all of us by now, Hamas doesn’t want the dying to end. They love death, ours and their own. Don’t you know? They’ve said it often enough. Believe them.

While Israel’s economy reflects the difficulties of the massive defense expenditures, there is reason for optimism in high tech. This year saw Israeli start-ups sold for profits of over 7 billion dollars. Avi Chason, CEO of Startup Nation Central, an NGO that matches Israeli start-ups with investors, is optimistic: “We could have expected a collapse, with the difficulty of reaching Israel, and fifteen percent of the workforce at war. But that didn’t happen. The downturn in investments is similar to what the rest of the world is experiencing.”

When the war is over, our people will go on inventing. Because we are the country blessed with such talented, educated and inventive people. Our people. All the hatred in the world can’t change that.

From Abu Ali Express: “The Gaza Strip is a ‘closed bathtub,’ especially with the IDF sitting on the Rafah crossing. The number of terrorists is finite and every terrorist killed does not return. So too the means of warfare and the terrorist infrastructure. All infrastructure that the IDF destroys in the Gaza Strip subtracts from Hamas’ capacity. Hamas does not have the ability to produce weapons or additional terrorist infrastructure. It has no supplies from the outside. The same is true of the military operatives – there is no training now and no training for new operatives. Israel needs to continue to destroy terrorist infrastructures and eliminate terrorists. The achievements are not lost even if the terrorists move inside the ‘closed bath’ area.

“You need patience. He who has patience wins. He who wants everything quickly plays into the hands of his enemy who has the most patience.”

We have patience. We will mourn our dead; learn our lessons; rejoice in the magnificent generation we have raised that is handing us our country back through their strength, their faith, their sweat and tears.

May the war end soon. May our soldiers and hostages return. And may the lovers of death – Hamas and its adherents all over the world – be erased from the face of the earth.

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 12 MAY 2024”

  1. Sara Reply

    “May the war end soon. May our soldiers and hostages return. And may the lovers of death – Hamas and its adherents all over the world – be erased from the face of the earth.”
    AMEN Naomi.
    Wonderful performance By Eden. Such talent.

  2. Eva Lande Reply

    A “silly song contest”, maybe. But I say Hurray for Eden Golan! The Swedish people voted for her.
    Joy and relief.
    Eva in Mi.

  3. KD Reply

    In the press today, it is being reported that David Cameron (the British Foreign Secretary) has said that not supplying Israel with weapons would strengthen Hamas, and would make the release of hostages less likely. “I don’t think it would be the right approach,” he reportedly said.

    Here is the article.

    First point: If David Cameron can figure that out, you’d better believe Uncle Joe Biden and his advisors in the White House are aware of this too. So we know that Uncle Joe and his comrades know exactly what they’re doing to Israel, and they understand what the consequences of their actions will be.

    Second point: For all you Biden supporters out there, who keep criticizing Donald Trump and insist, even now, on supporting Uncle Joe Biden:

    David Cameron (of all people) can’t stomach what Uncle Joe Biden is doing to Israel
    you know that what Biden is doing is utterly evil
    anyone who votes for him again is going to share his fate and burn in hell

      • KD Reply

        What is not being reported in the legacy media is that Uncle Joe’s actions will affect everyone involved in this war, not just the Israelis.

        Consider Neville Chamberlain’s actions in 1939, in the run up to the second world war. The Germans wanted to build a road to East Prussia, and the German people who were living in Danzig wanted to fly a German flag over the city. Negotiations between the two nations were under way. Note that the British government had already made it known to the Germans that they had no objections to the Germans trying to resolve these issues (and why would they?)

        Then Neville Chamberlain gave a verbal guarantee to Poland on March 31st 1939. The intent may have been to influence how the Germans would act towards Poland. However, Chamberlain’s guarantee also affected how the Poles acted towards Germany!

        The Germans had been cultivating their relationship with the Polish leaders for several years.11 Hitler had told Lipski prior to the signing of the non-aggression pact in January 1934 that he saw Poland as an important bulwark against the spread of Communism, and when he met with Beck in January 1938, he assured him that his primary mission was the long-term fight against Communism. The Polish leaders had been invited on several occasions to join the Anti-Comintern Pact, which Germany and Japan had signed in November 1936.12 Although the Germans wanted to right the wrongs of the Versailles Treaty, at least from the German perspective, the records show that they had offered to guarantee the Polish borders, make sure that the Poles had access to the sea, and protect Polish economic interests in the port of Danzig. They had also offered to extend the non-aggression pact between the two countries for at least 10 years.

        Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (p. 12). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

        The British government had made it known that they would have no objections if a German flag ended up flying over Danzig. Edward Wood,13 who had become Viscount Halifax after his father died in January 1934,14 travelled to Berchtesgaden to meet with Hitler on 19th November 1937.15 Halifax said later that “he had encountered friendliness and a desire for good relations.”16 Halifax explained the British position to the Nazis: “On the English side it was not necessarily thought that the status quo must be maintained under all circumstances. It was recognised that one might have to contemplate an adjustment to new conditions, a correction of former mistakes and the recognition of changed circumstances when such need arose.” Regarding any “possible alterations in the European order which might be destined to come about with the passage of time,” Halifax specifically mentioned Danzig, Austria and Czechoslovakia. “England was interested to see that any alterations should come through the course of peaceful evolution and that methods should be avoided which might cause far-reaching disturbances,” he told Hitler. The British government were portrayed as rational people who the Nazis could work with. “Changes should only take place upon the basis of reasonable agreements reasonably reached,” Halifax stated. “If on both sides there was agreement that the world was not static, one should try to put the recognition of this fact into practice so that the energies at the disposal of mankind should be directed in mutual confidence to a common objective.”17

        In February 1938, Hitler had also been visited by Sir Neville Henderson, the British Ambassador in Berlin, who told him that the British government was not unsympathetic towards Germany’s desire to alter the political landscape in Eastern Europe.18 The military historian Basil Liddell Hart has pointed out that these visits from prominent British figures could only have given Hitler the impression that there would be no objections from the British government if he kept on trying to get a road to East Prussia built, or if he kept pressing the Poles on the issue of Danzig.19

        Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (pp. 12-13). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

        At a Cabinet meeting held on 19th April 1939, it was acknowledged that when Chamberlain performed a volte-face and issued a guarantee to Poland, this had made a negotiated settlement to these issues less likely: If the Polish Government were prepared to treat with Germany for a settlement of the Danzig question, it might be well if they could cut the ground from under the feet of the German Government by showing their disposition to negotiate. . . . At a later stage in the Meeting, the Foreign Secretary reported that he had now received a telegram from Berlin in regard to relations between Germany and Poland. In effect, the upshot of the report was that Herr Hitler was now dealing with these negotiations himself, but that not much progress was being made. This was attributed to the fact that the Poles were adopting a more intractable attitude since they had obtained our guarantee.20

        Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (p. 13). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

        The key phrase: “This was attributed to the fact that the Poles were adopting a more intractable attitude since they had obtained our guarantee.”

        Let’s think about this as it applies to Biden’s recent actions towards Israel. The intention may be to affect what Israel is doing, but the actions of the United States will inevitably end up having an affect on the other side as well. They are going to “adopt a more intractable attitude” as a result.

        Is this helpful? Is this the best course of action for the United States government to adopt?

        Let’s look at what happened as a result of Chamberlain’s guarantee.

        On 31st March, Hitler had been on his way to Wilhelmshaven to attend the launch of the Tirpitz, which was Germany’s second largest battleship. When he heard about the British guarantee, he flew into a rage,21 and when he gave a speech at the launching ceremony the following day, he warned that Germany would not stand by and allow Poland to become a satellite state of the British.22 On 3rd April, as Chamberlain’s guarantee was being debated in the House of Commons, Hitler issued a directive to the German armed forces tasking them to prepare for an invasion of Poland, codenamed “Case White,” that would begin no later than 1st September 1939.23 When Chamberlain issued his guarantee, his intention may have been to prevent the Germans from advancing into Eastern Europe, but his actions only made that more likely to happen. The Polish leaders were now less inclined to negotiate a solution to the Danzig problem, and Hitler was more likely to use military means to force the issue.24

        Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (pp. 13-14). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

        This was all foreseeable. How do we know – because the man who gave the guarantee foresaw it.

        At a Cabinet meeting on 20th March, Chamberlain had discussed the possibility of trying to interfere with Germany’s Drang nach Osten (drive to the east) by entering into some form of agreement with other countries. “If the little States were all to become parties to the arrangement entered into,” he warned the Cabinet, “they would be tempted to adopt a very rigid line about minor matters, and this might precipitate the very situation we wished to avoid.”22 Chamberlain never spoke a truer word.

        Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (p. 7). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

        Have we learnt nothing from history?

        • KD Reply

          Just out of interest to Naomi’s readers: In my book, I make the argument that if Chamberlain had not given his verbal guarantee to Poland, then the Poles would have had to make a choice between the Russians and the Germans. (A tough spot to be in, to be sure.) If the Poles had done what the Finns and the Romanians ended up doing, and they had chosen to fight against the Soviet Union, then the Germans might have been able to launch Operation Barbarossa from Poland’s eastern border. (Instead of halfway across Poland.) In which case, could they have taken Moscow before winter arrived in 1941?

          When I was doing my research, I read a lot of other books on the second world war – at one point I counted 172 books on my bookshelf. I also spent a lot of time reading through the archives – German, British and American.

          And out of all of that – only one person ever spoke about what I had written in my book.

          I remember it because one day, I was listening to a fictional/historical book about the second world war on Audible – just relaxing and enjoying a book, instead of reading through all that material because I had to.

          It was memorable because I had just come down the west side of Sgor Mor in the Cairngorms, and was walking back to the Linn of Dee, listening to an audio book through my headphones, enjoying the scenery, when out of the blue, I heard someone talking about my own theory about the war.

          And do you know who that writer was? The only person I have ever come across who agreed with me?

          It was Herman Wouk.

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