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Gaza War Diary: 13 FEBRUARY 2024

The heroic rescue of Israeli hostages by Israeli forces in Rafah was a big, big problem for the Arab media. For hours, they just couldn’t find the right slant to make Israelis look bad and themselves victorious. Finally, Palestinian journalist Ahmed Darousha came up with this: “The prisoners that the occupation claims to have freed were not imprisoned by Hamas but were held by a family in a civilian apartment building. There was no exchange of fire as the occupation army claimed.”

That’s the best they could come up with! That Hamas “resistance” fighters weren’t there, so of course the soldiers could intimidate the poor civilians in their innocent little apartment. If you look at the area, it was blown apart. Such pathetic liars.

While Israeli forces continue to advance uninterrupted towards Rafah, demanding the evacuation of those occupying Nasser Hospital, who are refusing to move with the claim they are afraid of Israeli gunfire, great waves of Gazans continue to leave Rafah in droves. I understand the biggest question among Gazans now is: “Where will we go?” Should have thought of that while you were giving out candies and celebrating October 7.

What has us worried though, is that Israel has sent a representative to yet another “ceasefire and hostage release” negotiation. While certain Israelis among the hostage families apparently told the Israeli representative “not to come back without a deal,” for the rest of us, this is our greatest fear. Making a deal with the U.S., Qatar, and Egypt to save Hamas? Who are you kidding? This is not in our best interest by a long shot.

As far as Qatar is concerned, the Iranian foreign minister just arrived there, where he met with Ismail Haniyeh, chairman of the political bureau of Hamas. I think that says everything about the reliability of the Qatar “negotiator.”

What I find even more ludicrous is King Abdullah telling Biden: “We cannot bear an Israeli military operation in Rafah. It will cause a catastrophe. We need a permanent and complete ceasefire. “ Gee, if I remember correctly, in the 1970’s Abdullah’s father King Hussein killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and exiled the rest, including the PLO which threatened them. It was called “Black September.”

It’s especially ridiculous for Abdullah to back a two-state solution, since Jordan is the “two-state solution,” created when the original mandate for the Jewish homeland was partitioned into Jewish and Arab states. Such short memories.

Nasrallah, leader of the Hezbollah, had another one of his talks today:

“It is very important to do everything possible so that Israel does not win and that it comes out of this war defeated and discouraged. … This is important for all countries in the region. A deterred and weakened Israel is something that can be dealt with… Israel is a dangerous power for the entire region.”

He also said if Israel backs off from going into Rafah, Hezbollah will stop firing in the north. But “As Israel expands the fire, we will also expand the fire. Israel will have to prepare shelter for 2 million residents of northern Israel.”

Hey Nasrallah, I live in the north, and we all have shelters. So shut up, you aren’t scaring anyone, but you are revealing you are all shaking in your boots. This time, not a word about “wiping Israel off the map,” as per his usual. Kind of lowered his expectations considering the beating his forces are getting from us in Lebanon. Now you understand how very important it is for Israel to go into Rafah and emerge victorious.

I heard a podcast today by a military analyst who said the following: Hamas wasn’t supposed to attack Israel alone on October 7. There was an attack in the planning for Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and all the Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria, as well as West Bank terror groups and Israeli Arabs to attack all at once. Hamas jumped the gun and decided to go it alone because of the fear Israel was approaching a deal with Saudi Arabia.

Just try to envision such a scenario… God works in mysterious ways. We are grateful.

Two Jewish holidays are coming up, both commemorating Jewish victories over genocidal antisemites. The first is Purim, on which all the Jews were destined to die in a Holocaust arranged by Haman, the Persian king’s advisor. In the end, Jewish Queen Esther got the king to change his mind, and Haman was hung. Every holiday we bake “Haman’s ears cookies”. This year, they are being called “Sinwar’s ears cookies.”

After that comes Passover, where Jews enslaved in Egypt also had their babies murdered by Pharoah’s decree, were saved and liberated, while Pharoah and his people suffered ten plagues, each of them increasing in strength until finally every first-born died.

I guess the Gazans have faced many plagues in trying to annihilate the Jewish people in the State of Israel. But if they don’t let our people go soon, the worst plagues of all are still to come.

Hear that, Sinwar? We are baking your ears, and soon you and your minions will drown in the “flood” you rashly dashed into full of hubris and hate.

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12 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 13 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. Leah Rabi Reply

    I love you Naomi… you’re fabulous expressive and right on the money… never stop being who you are

  2. Daniela Lowinger Reply

    As always, you get to express our thoughts and feelings. Thank you! Am Israel Chay

  3. Sylvia Knoop Reply

    I really wonder why all the Moslims aren not trying to help their brothers and let them all in their countries…
    Also I do not understand why nobody is trying to ask Hamas to stop using civilians and children as human shields so they can keep on doing their DARK EVIL bidding…
    Am Israel Chai !

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      Religion does not guarantee loyalty towards fellow worshipers. Jews are an aberration, in part because of their small numbers and discrimination. Case in point, most of the migrants coming across the border are Catholic, however as I understand it many Irish and Italian-American Catholics do not like them, despite them bring from the same religion. Also, many Muslim-majority countries are silent on the actual genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China.

  4. David Bornstein Reply

    The negotiator Israel sent should be for the “surrender and hostage release” negotiations. Failure puts it straight back onto Hamas in the eyes of the world.

  5. Laurie Reply

    I’ve just been watching UK TV and it appears the UK is considering taking X number of children from Gaza to be treated in UK hospitals. The health service in the UK is dire….months and months to see a family doctor and forget hospital care. I can’t imagine they will be welcome in Israeli hospitals now. And these will be the “children” who we see toting guns, flinging rocks etc? But people cry to see injured “children”….Hamas’ PR is excellent. People don’t learn history…even history from 4 months ago.

  6. Faine Beckerman Reply

    These idiots cannot get out of their own way. Let their idiocy continue to run free in their reporting and on the battlefield.

  7. Faine Paula Beckerman Reply

    I look forward to your diary each day to get a real feeling as to what is going on. Thank you

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  9. David Bornstein Reply

    It must be asked, why after all this time, are Nasrallah and Haniyeh still polluting the planet?
    Yes Nasrallah lives like the vile rat he is down some hole somewhere, but at some point over the last 20 years he must have been exposed even if briefly. Haniyeh is flying around the place. Both excellent targets for small suicide drones. No real risk to the operators of those drones. Inhuman genocidal filth removed from the planet. Or, does Israel see value in keeping them contributing to global warming?

  10. Ellen Calderon Reply

    WOW you’re really angry, well good for you, we’re waiting to see what happens in Rafar, good luck idf

  11. Ryan Keogh Reply

    “The prisoners that the occupation claims to have freed were not imprisoned by Hamas but were held by a family in a civilian apartment building.” Is this really supposed to make the Palestinians? That the hostages were being imprisoned not by Hamas, but by a regular family of Palestinian civilians? It makes it seem so innocent, as if regular families would hold hostages in their house. I know it is fake, but printing this, in spite what the author may think does not make the Israelis look bad, but in fact it contradicts the previous narrative of many news outlets that the Palestinian civilians are innocent and have absolutely nothing to do with Hamas. Instead, it shows that they are active and willing participants in their crimes.

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