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Israel’s New National Library

Like many projects in the new Jewish state, “the National Library had modest beginnings, but a soaring vision,” said Lord Rothschild, head of Yad Hanadiv, a charitable foundation in Israel that has contributed untold millions to further the country’s academic, cultural and physical well being, at an inauguration ceremony held Sunday night, March 27, 2011.

The $200 million dollar project will encompass a brand new building across from the Knesset and Israel Museum, and the gargantuan digitization of thousands of books, which will then be made available to scholars all over the world. The present, unique collection includes rare manuscripts handwritten by Maimonides, as well as rare maps, photographs, and Jewish literature from all over the world.

The project is slated for completion in 2016. It is hoped that the library’s expansion will open its collection to ten million online visitors a year. “We are guarding here the magnificent treasures from the birth of our nation and of all of humanity,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu, adding that expanding the accessibility of the library’s materials through new technology would not only allow the country to protect its traditions but to also share them with the world at large.

From the Jerusalem Post

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3 comments on “Israel’s New National Library”

  1. General Aladeen

    I am proud of the fact that according to the United Nations, that despicable Zionist tool organization, the pathetic country of Spain has translated more books last year than the entire Arab world has translated in the last thousand years. Only weak-kneed infidels need libraries.

  2. Carol Eberwein

    I want to say I am proud of my people.Of my country.
    I want to say I am proud to be a Jew.To be Israeli.


  3. havivah

    i have a sefer from my maternal grandfather printed in Poland
    which is Purim Torah in it is a Haggadah Leil Hashikurim and Selichot L’Purim I was told it is a collector item but i would b happy to donate it to the library if they would b interested in such a sefer
    My zayde put new binding on it but it is in fragile condition
    however it may be a treasure undiscovered kol tuv

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