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Gaza War Diary: 8 JANUARY 2024

According to Reuters, Israel has stepped up its bombing of truckloads of weapons and anti-aircraft equipment from Iran coming through Syria to resupply terror groups. According to pro-Iranian groups in Syria, Israel has changed the rules of engagement since October 7. No longer do they fire warning shots, but are bombing to kill.


Hezbollah continues to rain deadly attacks down on our North, with an anti-tank missile in a direct hit against a private home in Shtula in Western Galilee. An Israeli was lightly wounded. Netanyahu has visited troops up North telling soldiers that Hezbollah has forgotten the lessons of past wars with Israel and will live to regret it. We are all, frankly, holding our breath waiting for the incident that will break this deadly minuet of fire and counter-fire and finally burst into the crucial all-out war that will rid us of this constant, unbearable threat on our Northern border. It’s going to come, sooner or later. And even though I live up North, I would welcome it. Hezbollah has to die. Nasrallah has no right to be in Lebanon at all, let alone use it as a base to threaten Israel and kill and wound our people.

In the meantime, Gazans are testifying to IDF unit 504 that Hamas terrorists are killing Gazans trying to get food from UNWRA, and routinely raiding UNWRA warehouses with food and supplies meant for civilians and selling them. A fully ready tent from Qatar is going for 500 Euros, from the UAE 700 Euros, prices completely out of sight for the average family in Gaza. Their alternative is a DIY project, but that also isn’t free. They need 20 beams for the average tent which go for 7.5 Euros each, and 10 Euros per square meter for the nylon covering, of which they need 24 square meters.

Why doesn’t the European community open its mouth about this situation? Why is it allowing Hamas to steal everything and use it to buy more time and more weapons? One Gazan, responding to a phone call from the IDF about the need to leave his house because it would be bombed, says he’s not leaving because Hamas will come in, break down the walls, and shoot from inside, whereupon the IDF will destroy it.

Hamas, which made Gazans homeless, is doing nothing to help, and couldn’t care less. They are the biggest oppressors of all of the Palestinians, and anyone who supports them is supporting their taking food and shelter from Palestinians in Gaza. So march along, you useful idiots, singing your pro-Hamas slogans!

Yesterday, hackers took over Beirut Airport’s electronic information billboards displaying the following message: “Rafik Hariri airport is not the airport of Hezbollah and Iran. Hassan Nasrallah – you will not get support if Lebanon plunges into war [against Israel]. You will bear responsibility and consequences.

“Hezbollah, we will not fight for you. You destroyed our port [explosion of 2020] and now you want to destroy our airport with your weapons smuggling.”

Apparently, no one knows who’s behind this, but Hezbollah officials were quite upset, enough to hold a news conference and to say they are starting an investigation.

Ahead of another visit from Secretary Blinken, who has been pressuring Israel to “avoid civilian casualties,” Defense Minister Gallant announced that Israel would be shifting from the “intense maneuvering phase” of the war to more targeted attacks.

We are not happy about this. Pressure groups of reservists and families of the fallen have already sent letters and set up tents of protest outside government offices to demand an all-out war until victory, as Netanyahu has repeatedly promised.

Minutes ago, sirens sounded in Central Israel. How is this “new deployment” that Biden is pressuring us into going to work, exactly? Why is he more interested in protecting Hamas than Israelis?

In the meantime, there are numerous reports of fierce fighting in Southern Gaza where the IDF has surrounded a school filled with terrorists from the clan that rules the area. Tunnel entrances were found near the school, and inside training material and photos of youngsters being taught to use weapons to kill Israelis.

On the other hand, recent videos published today on the internet, show half-naked shackled Hamas prisoners on an IDF truck screaming they want to live in peace with Israel. That their children are starving. “We were living in peace in our houses. I swear that we were waiting for you! That for 17 years we have been oppressed by Hamas. We never chose them [Hamas]… May God avenge you against Hamas!” they shout.

Such liars! They’ll say anything to get our sympathy. First of all, they did choose Hamas, and I guarantee they were handing out candy and celebrating when our people were murdered and brought into Gaza as kidnap victims. They will probably shout the same things against Israel if Hamas comes back in power (God forbid!). They are not a worthy enemy. They are dirt. I just wonder where they are being taken and if we are going to have to feed them. They all look very, very well fed.

Now I’d like to talk about my day. The weather in Israel at the moment is magnificent. The sun is shining in an almost cloudless sky. “Let’s go somewhere,” my husband suggested. So we got into the car and took a ten minute drive to the beautiful botanic garden Ramat Hanadiv. You can’t imagine how lovely it is there, with new plantings going into the manicured gardens for the spring, and roses of all colors in bloom, their scent intoxicating. Afterwards, we drove another five minutes to the Tishbi Winery, which has a lovely restaurant and its own bakery.

When I sat down, I couldn’t help noticing the table directly across from us where a young, religious couple sat talking to each other. I couldn’t stop myself sneaking glances at them. He was just the age of all our soldiers now fighting in Gaza. I wondered if he had been released home, like my grandson, or was simply on leave? He was wearing civilian clothes. And most of all, I noticed the way he looked at his young wife, his eyes filled with so much happiness and wonder, as if he was watching a small miracle unfold in front of his eyes. I wondered how long she had been alone, waiting for him to come home, and thought how happy she must be with him now. She too looked happy, but also serious.

When they got up to leave, I saw that she was pregnant, probably near term. And as he followed her out, I saw him pick up his gun which had probably been under the table. He still had his weapon, which meant he was going back.

I said a silent prayer for them both and for their unborn child, hoping it would be born in a free and safe Israel where both parents would be together always.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 8 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Mary Lou Sinkey

    As I read your first paragraph and most of your blog, I said GOOD like you did and nodded in agreement. In America, these anti-Semitic thugs have no brains – and no souls. I pray America, my country, stops the Palestinian too-oft demonstrations. I yell at the TV “shoot to kill.” I pray daily for Israel and Jews worldwide. And I thank you for your daily diary entries. I would like to suggest to Biden and his colleagues that they send anti-Semitic demonstrators to Gaza. Let’s see how many raise their flag were they sent.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    I know Hezbollah needs to go, but couldn’t a war in Lebanon start WW3? At least if that happens, Israel has about 200 “hand grenades” to deal with it.

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