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The following , issued by the Moslem religious leaders of Italy, its true scholars of Islam, is an amazing document which clearly shows the immoral desecration of the true Moslem faith by the present Palestinian leadership.

We are encouraged, and warmed, by the knowledge that the true followers of Islam’s sacred teachings do not condone the wanton murder of innocent civilians – men, women and children. We are touched by the courage of these good men to stand up to the evils falsely perpetrated in the name of the Moslem faith. I hope men and women of good will everywhere will understand the mockery Yasirr Arafat and his band of savages have made of the faith into which they were born.

I hope that Western journalists, enamored and respectful of suicide bombers and their parents, who talk of holy wars, and sacred sacrifices will read this and stop spouting their nonsense. I hope that Moslems will return to the true faith, and join the Jewish people in seeking to do the will of our G-d, whose paths are the paths of peacefulness.

Associazione Musulmani ItalianiVia G. Barracco 12-6, 00162 Roma,

ItaliaSito Web :
by the Majlis al-Ulema (Council of Scholars) of the Italian Muslim Association

As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuH

(May peace, Allah’s mercy and His blessings be upon you)

Allah (God) will bless the nations and true leaders who condemn, in clear uncompromising terms, those parents, teachers, and murderous criminals, who raise children on a poisoned diet of apostasy, hatred and violence.

These so-called Muslims send our children to die in acts of fitnah (sedition), while they direct the suicidal sacrifice and slaughter of these children from safe command posts, far from the battle.

In defense of a wicked regime, innocent ignorant children are sent to be killed in criminal actions. This regime even dares to declare that Islam approves of these criminal acts, and compares them to jihad fi sabili-Llah (actions for the sake of Allah).

There are courageous Ulema of Ahlu-s-Sunnah (Sunni scholars) in Jerusalem, risking their lives and the lives of their children by declaring that sedition against the State of Israel, shooting, stabbing and throwing stones at Israelis are acts of fitnah (sedition) and are, therefore, haram (forbidden), deserving Allah’s (God’s) punishment.

W-Allahi (We testify by Allah’s name), one noble Sunni ‘alim (scholar) we know, a Sheikh in al-Quds (Jerusalem) who sits on the Advisory Board of the Islam-Israel Fellowship of the Root & Branch Association, prays and fasts for the peace of al-Quds (Jerusalem). He is ready to speak the truth against those who declare anti-Israeli fitnah permissible and dare to compare it to jihad (an act for the sake of God).

His son was invited by ten and eleven year old schoolmates to go and throw stones at Israelis. When his son declared, “doing so is haram (forbidden)”, the son was harassed by the other boys. A spiritual brother in Italy of this Sheikh was harassed for saying that one who dies as a suicide bomber risks dying the death of jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic pagans).

Since we here in Italy and the free nations are not in the situation of our brothers in the “Muslim” lands of darkness and dictatorship, since no one until now prevents us to speak, we must condemn in absolutely clear and uncompromising voices the people of fitnah (sedition). We must identify by name the criminals who spread Jew-hatred (“anti-semitism”) and “anti-Zionism”) among Muslims. Know, and may Allah (God) prevent you and us from being counted among al-mufsidun (mischief makers), that Allah (God) prescribed to His servants al-islah (prosperity and peace), and forbade them al-fasad (making mischief).

In the noble Shari’ah (religious law) of Islam (The Faith), as long as a government is established, and as long as this government does not prevent Muslims from abiding by their Din (religion) and to recite the five salawat (prayers) in jama’at (communally), obeying the ruler is wajib (required), except when the ruler compels Muslims to commit haram (forbidden acts). Only in that case is disobeying the government’s order wajib (required). However, rebelling against the government is even in this case haram (forbidden), while committing acts of rebellion against the government is the sin of fitnah (sedition), which is worse than murder.

A day is coming when Iman (faith/belief) will be close to disappearing from the earth. On that day calling that which is haram (prohibited) halal (permitted) and visa versa will be common. On that day those who do so will earn a reputation as learned ulema (scholars). On that day only forty men in the whole Ummah (community) will abide by the limits of Allah (God) and will be saved from heresy.

Since that day is now clearly approaching, we must educate Muslims to avoid fitnah (sedition), and cease every act of rebellion against the government established in the territory where they live, be it the State of Israel or any other state in the world that does not prevent Muslims from raising their salawat (prayers) in their masajid (mosques).

Believing that acts of rebellion, such as throwing stones and Molotov cocktails or shooting at the Israeli army, police or civilian population are permissible according to Islamic Shari’ah (Law) is even more dangerous than committing such acts while convinced that they are haram (forbidden).

The one who confuses fitnah (sedition) with jihad (an act for the sake of God) is excused if he does so out of ignorance, but the one who is learned is really risking making batil (nullified) his Islam (Faith).

Rasul-Ullah, sall-Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (the Prophet Muhammed), said: “There will be a huge fitnah (sedition) within my Community. There will not remain one Arab house where fitnah (sedition) will not enter. Those who die because of it are in the hellfire. The harm of the tongue in that day will be greater than that of the sword”.

That day is rapidly approaching now, and especially in Bilad as-Sham (the greater Levant) where the innocent, ignorant and illiterate masses are completely poisoned, perverted and pervaded by the spirit of fitnah (sedition). The harm of the sword is in committing crimes of sedition and rebellion by using weapons. The even greater harm of the tongue is in declaring this behavior permissible (!), and even deserving a thawwab (reward in the world to come for good deeds) from Allah (God).

May Allah Ta’ala (God the Most High) save Muslims from being involved in fitnah (sedition) and from the risk of mingling their tongues with the tongues of those who commit that harm which is even greater than the harm of the sword.

Praise be to Allah and Allah knows best.

Wa-s-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuH (May peace, Allah’s mercy and His blessings be upon you)

Majlis al-Ulema (Board of Scholars)

Italian Muslim Association

Rome, Italy

17 Safar, 1422 (May 11, 2001) (18 Iyar, 5761)

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