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Interview with Silvia Foti

A wonderful review and interview of my book The Enemy Beside Me by the remarkable Silvia Foti. Click here to read the review.

This is a heartwarming compliment because Silvia is one of my heroines. She is even mentioned in my book as such. Silvia, among the bravest of the brave, is at the forefront of trying to expose Lithuanian Holocaust distortion, which she does so well in her own book Storm in the Land of Rain (formerly entitled My Grandfather the Nazi).

As the granddaughter of Lithuanian hero and Nazi collaborator Jonas Noreika, she tells the remarkable true story of how her dying mother’s deathbed wish put her on the road to researching and writing about her grandfather. When she discovered the horrifying truth of his collaboration with the Nazis nd his participation in the murder of Lithuania’s Jews, she didn’t turn away, but with great honesty and courage decided to tell the truth and face the consequences . 

My Grandfather the Nazi is an unforgettable book. I urge you all to read it. 

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2 comments on “Interview with Silvia Foti”

  1. Gold Urmacher

    I just finished your latest book, and I loved it. I gave it to my very religious Catholic Lithuanian gardening friend to read. The book is wonderful in that the heroine was able to forge a relationship with a man, whose family took part in the decimation of her ancestors.I would;d love to read a sequel about their reuniting in Paris. And perhaps Darius’s daughter visiting Israel and staying.
    Looking forward to anything you write about.

  2. Mary Lou

    Hi Naomi. I read your book and immediately upon finishing I ordered My Grandfather the Nazi. I haven’t read just yet. But I will. In fact I’ve read all but two of your books (I’ll get to the 2). You’re a wonderful writer and I have learned so much from your books. They are all teaching novels especially since I’m Christian. I’ll watch the interview. And can’t wait for your next books (plural is intentional). Praying for Israel and Jews worldwide. Blessings….

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