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I’m Just Saying No to Hillary Clinton

Yes, I’m voting for Donald Trump. And I’m proud of it.

If anyone had told me two years ago that I’d be making that statement, I would have done a Jon Stewart eye roll and stare. What? The guy from reality TV? The “You’re fired” guy with the funny hair and New York accent? That guy?!

But things have happened in the last few years that have made me —and many pro-Israel Americans in both countries—decide that this is not only our best but our only choice.

First of all, there is President Barack Hussein Obama. As columnist Charles Krauthammer said in the 2012 videoDaylight: The Story of Obama and Israel: “This president has done more to delegitimize and undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president.”

Even without Obama’s toxic embrace, Hillary Clinton’s own history is damning. As she bragged to her online followers: “As Secretary of State, Hillary led the international negotiations that paved the way for the Iran deal.” Multiple outlets reported in March that Iran had test-fired two ballistic missiles bearing the phrase “Israel must be wiped out.” Clinton, conveniently no longer secretary of state, uselessly suggested sanctions. Of course, Obama did nothing. Are you surprised? Was she surprised?

I continue to wonder why American Jews—who often declare, “Never again!”— don’t seem to grasp the enormity of Clinton’s responsibility for the creation of this existential threat to six of the world’s remaining 16 million Jews. She and her fans, many of them American Jews, still believe Jewish votes are her due and expect them to sweep her into the White House, where she can carry on where Obama has left off.

How can I be sure Donald Trump will be better for Israel? I can’t. But at least he gives me hope. I fully admit that, as an American who lives in Israel, I personally loathe and distrust Hillary Clinton. Among my many reasons is her willingness to sell arms to Israel’s enemies: As reported by the International Business Times, during Clinton’s tenure, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales, some of it over Israel’s vociferous objections. This includes the 2011 sale of $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. This ramp-up has continued after her departure and may have multiple causes, but most worryingly, “…governments and corporations involved in the arms deals approved by Clinton’s State Department have delivered between $54 million and $141 million to the Clinton Foundation,” the IBT says.

Israel doesn’t have a slush fund to compete with either Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Whatever you say about Trump, he isn’t in this for either wealth or fame, both of which he has in abundant supply.

Most of all, when I look at these two candidates I see a clear choice between a successful entrepreneur and a corrupt politician; a family man honest about his failings and a hypocrite involved in a sham marriage. A person with a vision (agree with it or not) for America, and someone willing to endanger her entire country’s national security with a private email server simply to hide the truth about her words, actions and beliefs. Moreover, the cynical manipulation of the Democratic National Committee to gain unfair advantage over her opponent reveals an endemic propensity for deceit. She would have won fair and square. But that’s just not her way.

Even if you don’t believe everything in the anti-Clinton exposé by Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash, there are just too many coincidences: “Who else in American politics would be so audacious as to have one spouse accept money from foreign governments and businesses while the other charted American foreign policy?” Schweizer asks. Until the Clintons can come up with a convincing counter-narrative — which they haven’t so far — and given their conduct in amassing great wealth since leaving the White House “broke” in 2001, every American should shudder at the possibility of their returning to power.

Trump, on the other hand, has given me no reason to believe he is in this fight for the money. He did little serious fundraising in the primaries. I believe that Donald Trump is sincere in the vision he has for America, and that he will do his best to achieve it.

Some people find that vision appalling. But I have a different take.

Take border walls. As an Israeli whose family almost died in the 2002 Passover massacre in Netanya, a direct result of the disastrous Oslo “peace accords” pushed by Bill Clinton, I can testify to the wonderful power of walls. When we began building ours in 2003 — over universal condemnation — our casualties from suicide bombings, from a peak of 220 dead in 2002 and 142 in 2003, dwindled until in 2015 there were… none.

Radical Islamists have taken the worst in their religion and made it their creed, infecting some of their coreligionists with an ideology that turns them into rabid killers. This virulent ideology can strike at anyone, any time. What is wrong, then, with advocating a careful vetting of all those from affected areas? Likewise, what is wrong with stopping the illegal arrival en masse of Mexican criminals who are not vetted at all?

Clinton’s promise to continue Obama’s mass amnesty plans, along with her even vaguer plans to “protect our borders,” is simply irresponsible. Given power, she will do to America what Angela Merkel has done to Europe, destroying its people’s peace and security and leaving them helpless to barbarous daily attacks by a mass of people who appreciate neither generosity nor kindness.

Would I have preferred that another candidate — one with better hair, a more neutral accent and no reality TV on his resumé — espouse Trump’s agenda? You bet! But as it is, as an adult, I have no choice but to deal with reality. And the reality I see is that Trump is the best bet in this particular election for those who love both Israel and America.

This article was originally published in Moment.

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304 comments on “I’m Just Saying No to Hillary Clinton”

  1. dave landsman

    Late comment I doubt you’ll see, but the crux of it is when you write, “Whatever you say about Trump, he isn’t in this for either wealth or fame, both of which he has in abundant supply.” Unfortunately, this is wrong. He is in it ONLY for wealth and fame, probably more the latter, but no doubt both. There is nothing in his character to which one can attribute anything other than craven self-interest.

    I think Israel can weather Clinton. I don’t think the USA can weather a narcissistic, shallow, mean spirited thin skinned, carnival barker. Trump is anti-democratically minded; think rescinding Geneva convention to torture terrorists, trying to roll back libel laws in order to sue newspapers, eroding confidence in the electoral system with screeds regarding a “rigged” system, and claiming, prior to Republican convention, that he should be given the nomination even if he did not garner a majority of the delegates. Think his attacks on the US judiciary.

    The USA will have reached the apotheosis of a failed reality-TV culture of ignorance if we elect this man. And I will never vote for a person who forwards anti-Semitic tropes on social media (mogen david on backdrop of money) and then defends it, and that the objection is political correctness.
    There is much to dislike about the left, which is now the locus of anti-Semitism around the world. And the left’s biases are deeply troubling. Trump’s assertion that a judge of Mexican descent cannot fairly judge him is parallel to excesses on the left such as the recent furor in which author Lionel Shriver was excoriated for insisting she can, as a white woman, write minority characters into her fiction.

    The problems of the left notwithstanding, and they are deep, Trump sickens me. I cannot support a proto-fascistic borderline personality for the US presidency. If Trump destroys the USA, where is Israel then? Hillary has got my vote. Regards, dave landsman

    • Diana

      Oh Dave — your points are so well taken.
      I was practically in tears with frustration thinking of the short-sightedness and yes selfishness of American Israelis wanting to foist the United States with an ignorant sociopath.
      And someone with Naomi’s presumed intellect and sensitivity it’s astounding that she would go that rout.
      We can only hope that sanity will prevail.

      • Beth

        What do you think Donald Trump is going to say to Israel when he takes care of the Arab problem in the middle east with the power given to him by virtue of the Presidency? He would only be thinking of protecting the United States from the threat Arabs bring to the US. For the tiny country of Israel which would be in the middle of the bombing zone, all he would say is, ‘Duck’. As in duck and cover because there are bombs going over your heads. Oops, if one drops on you.

        He has made it clear, by ‘warming of the gas chambers’ how much he cares about the well being of Israel and the Jewish people.

        Defend him as you may, the fact is he had seduced you into a false sense of security. He is very skilled at saying just what you want to hear. Then, when he sees you believe him, he does whatever he wants. His behavior over the last year proves that. Point in fact, he says he does not accept or agree with David Duke and the white supremacist movement then allows his picture to be posted (tweeted) with white supremacists.

        • Fern Kurland

          First of all Donald Trump did NOT make reference to the gas chambers. It was his son.While it was not smart for him to say, please read the context from which it came. Mind you, I am not defending any kind of statement such as that.
          Second, read and look at all the pictures taken of Hillary Clinton and see where her fund money came from. She has been pictured with many Arab leaders (most of whom are not nice), and her money comes from the Arabs. The Clintons are evil, but, of course, you haven’t read all that has been written about the Clintons. As far as being for women, she was very cruel to the women that her husband had affairs with – even before the White House. She spoiled their reputations instead of knocking Bill from here to hell and back. I know this is a difficult decision, but read, read, read.

  2. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Shelley and also to Andy!

    Just want to acknowledge and thank you, Shelley, for your references to my remarks in your recent comment.

    All in all it has been an interesting exchange of views. Our opponents are extremely passionate in their views, as some of us are in ours. So I think we’ve come to an end, without changing anybody’s mind.

    Andy,although in disagreement with Naomi,you ended things on a high note by thanking Naomi for this forum and extending to all (I think) your wishes that “we weather this storm”. Allow me to second that motion.

  3. AndyC

    Thanks for providing this forum.
    May we all weather this storm.

  4. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Diana

    Dear Diana,

    I guess you feel that your assertions about Trump’s character and knowledge-base (or lack there-of) are so obvious and self-evident that they require no further back-up material or proof on your part. Of course, that also effectively precludes any further discussion on mine.

    So, although it’s been interesting communicating with you, you probably agree that it’s time to say: Over and Out.

    • Diana

      OK — but can you cite any instance at all where he he’s demonstrated expertise or thorough knowledge of any subject with which “the leader of the free world” would need to be conversant with?
      Best of luck….

  5. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Andy

    “You tell people a lie 3 times, they will believe anything. You tell people what they want to hear, play to their fantasies, and then you close the deal

    My goodness, Andy, what advertising executive doesn’t know this and doesn’t apply it liberally to every advertising campaign and commercial we see daily on television! This is not just Trump’s thinking, it underlies the psychology of selling. both products and politics, and liberally applied in both instances.

    “I hate to think of Israelis or dual citizens as his accomplices, but if you support him that’s what you are. So stay the hell out of our political situation.”

    How offensive can you be, Andy? I beg to inform you, I am neither an Israeli nor a dual citizen, and have every right to voice my opinion on “our political situation”. Furthermore, you have quite a nerve to call me a disgrace to our people, the Jews, if I support Trump. It is I who most definitely “will never forget” what happened to our people!

    Quite apart from this, my argument for supporting Trump concerns the deeper, more elusive question of political ideology: Do we want to retain the Constitutional, Representative form of government in which our representative lawmakers are responsible to the voters who elected them, or do we want the globalist proposal of world wide open borders, dedicated to trade and profit, and a one-world governing organization which would sustain this ideology and which would not be responsible to the people it governs, but would make all the decisions for them. In an example of this dilemma, the countries of the EU today are trying to decide this issue for themselves. It seems to me that Pres. Obama and Hillary, who wants to continue Obama’s policies, both want us to follow the EU example, whereas Trump is opposed to it.

    • Diana

      Irmgard — what are you talking about? Trump doesn’t even know what the EU is! He knows nothing about world affairs — international politics == the US constitution. He is a complete moron but a very dangerous one.

      • Shelley

        Diana, Andy:
        Imgard presents facts. The 2 of you speak vitriol as much as the candidate that you despise. Name calling proves nothing. I often hear one side blaming the other side of acting a certain way; do they not see that they are doing exactly what the other side is doing? Hillary Clinton was a US Senator and Sec. of State. What can you credit her for during her time in office? 40 years in politics, you ought to be able to come up with quite a bit. Quit the name calling, bring forth substance.

    • AndyC

      my quote from The Art Of The Deal does not reflect only a salesman’s mentality. It is the self proclaimed mentality behind the corrupt soul of Donald Trump, in his own words. It reflects everything he has done during this election, and what he would do if elected. The presidency of the US is not a Madison Avenue gig.

      Name calling??? Your candidate is as mature as a schoolyard bully, and has cornered the market on that. He comes out with stuff like “Lying” this, “Dopey” that, etc. etc.
      Robert Gates, a man with experience, knowledge and esteem writes an intelligent piece on both candidates, and how does your guy react? Not with the reason, or diplomacy you would hope a president would have, but with a tweet calling Gates a “clown”, and said he “doesn’t know why he doesn’t like me; he’s never met me”. This is your idea of a good choice for the leader of the free world? This is even an adult?
      You say that I am offensive? You are being too POLITICALLY CORRECT. I have a right to my opinion as well. I just happen to care about our future.

  6. Irmgard Gesund

    In response to Diana

    “As far as the “Iran Deal” is concerned you see that countries like North Korea, China — all have developed nuclear capabilities with or without our “deal”.

    Let me remind you, Diana, that long before the Iran Deal was made, Iran blatantly and repeatedly announced to the world its intention to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. So we negotiated with, and appeased “evil”, a word you and Andy consistently apply to Trump.

    The same naïve negotiating strategy , including using the same top US negotiator) was responsible for the disastrous deal with North Korea. We are today witnessing the very dangerous and threatening result of that enabling deal.

    However, as far as I know, China which does have nuclear capability, as well as all the other countries that possess the same, have never openly threatened to use it against Israel, to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. So. they aren’t exactly in the same league as Iran.

    You also remarked: “the Clinton Foundation has helped thousands around the world”. Whereas I am sure the Clinton Foundation has done some good and helped a sizeable number of unfortunates, the sad truth is that only about 5% of the donations made to the Clinton Foundation have been used for these charitable causes. This leads us to wonder what the remaining, more than sizeable, money is being used for.

    • Diana

      I’m repeating my post…
      Not a shred of proof has been found of any illegal activity in the Clinton Foundation whereas Investigators are unearthing actual criminal misuse of funds in the Trump Foundation. And if he ever releases his tax returns I’m sure his thievery will be exposed.

  7. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Diana

    Diana,I want to answer your question as to whether I think Trump is fit for the presidency as honestly as I can.

    As I have said in previous comments, Of all the Republican candidates originally running, Trump would never have been my first or even second choice. I agree with you that his style of campaigning, his manner of speaking, and the insults he used to damage his opponents were extremely nasty and crude. He certainly came across as an unpleasant narcissist–whether he truly was or this was his strategy of how to win, may be questionable. Probably it was a combination of both. However, my personal take on such behavior is that it masks an underlying insecurity. But, of course, I could be wrong.

    I think your concern that Trump is an anti-Semite who surrounds himself with Jew-haters is largely disproved by the extensive article on that subject in the recent edition of the Jerusalem Post that I referred to in my previous post.

    As to your claim that he is a misogynist, I rather think that he is an equal opportunity respondent–no matter which of the sexes he’s involved with, intent always on giving back as good as he feels he got. It is a fact that he has many women working in high positions in his various enterprises.

    I cannot agree with you that he is a “lunatic” or has a “sociopathic personality”. I see a very blustery man, who rejects the art of politics and often says things that are not politically correct, in a manner (here I agree with you)that is most unpleasant and grating.

    However, I also see quite an intelligent man, who is capable of learning and developing rapidly from the advisors he has surrounded himself with, and thereby making the most of his good qualities (energy, determination, patriotism and a desire to keep our country from going down the road to socialism and one-world government. Obviously the latter is a political philosophy that I am in agreement with, and I assume you are not.

    Of course, I see the exact opposite political philosophy emanating from Hillary’s campaign. I think it is no exaggeration to expect a continuation of Pres. Obama’s policies if she were elected. Here again, I suppose we differ greatly in our appreciation of these. Shelly, in a previous post has outlined some of them. Apart from the domestic policies, I am particularly aggrieved at how this administration, including Hillary, during her years as Secretary of State, have treated Israel and how they seem to favor the anti-Israel Muslim world. Yes, you may recoil at this judgment, but how else could you explain the sell-out of Israel which began the first year Obama was in office when he expressed his desire for more “light between the US and Israel” and started secret negotiations with Iran. The resulting Iran Deal, already a deadly threat to Israel, has now been proven to be even worse as the secret side deals, originally concealed, have now come to light. They, plus the further appeasement of Iran’s demands by this administration, will ensure that Iran will become a full nuclear power much sooner than the ten-year window we were originally led to believe.

    Finally, to answer your question whether I believe Trump is fit to be president, I must compare his fitness with how I see Hillary’s fitness for that position. Although you feel there is no proof of the accusations about her handling of her email correspondence, I am quite convinced that she set her server up privately, in contradiction to State Department rules , in order to conceal the pay for play operation she was conducting through her Foundation donations from foreign governments and private businesses. Additionally, I am not in agreement with her political ideology, which I see as world government, led by an organization similar to the UN underpinned by a globalist economic policy. I do still believe in a representative form of government in which the politicians are responsible to the will of the voters. I think it is the best form of government that has yet been devised to serve as a bulwark against tyranny.

    Diana, I do not expect you to see things the way I do. I am sorry about that.

    So, finally, although I agree with you that Donald Trump is far from what we might consider ideal, and I wish we had the option of a different choice, but both because of my internal political philosophy and my external deep love for Israel and its right to live in peace, I think Trump will make a better president than Hillary, who will carry on Obama’s policies. As horrible as this may sound to you, he may actually be right for this turning point in our history.

    • Diana

      Where to begin? The Clinton Foundation has helped thousands throughout the world whereas the Trump Foundation is being investigated for misallocation of funds and various other types of thievery. Hillary’s private e-mail server is a mere bagatelle compared to Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, his Trump University fraud and what is yet to be revealed.
      Now what about is blatant ignorance of world affairs, constitutional law, geo-political events, etc?
      As far as the “Iran Deal” is concerned you see that countries like North Korea, China — all have developed nuclear capabilities with or without our “deal”.
      As far as Israel is concerned I suspect that Bibi will respect Hillary far ore than he will Trump!
      Trump is vicious — he is a liar and a sociopathic individual who is not fit to serve. If ever his tax returns are released
      his thievery will be exposed.
      I am so sorry that otherwise intelligent people can support this man as leader of the free world!

      • AndyC

        Interested in learning? The president should know a little something before taking office. Sociopathic? Definitely. An intelligent family man who admits his failings? What planet are you on?
        In this national crisis called Trump, the U.S. is in a perilous situation like none since WW2. I hate to think of Israelis or dual citizens as his accomplices, but if you support him that’s what you are. So stay the hell out of our political situation. I hope I never have to say “I told you so”.
        It would seem that the phrase “Never Again” has lost its meaning to Jewish supporters of this amoral menace.

  8. Irmgard Gesund
    • Diana

      But what about the man himself?
      Are you not concerned with his narcissism –his misogyny — his generally sociopathic personality? Do you see him as fit for the Presidency?

  9. AndyC

    With yet another idiotic pat on his own back, Trump has inaccurately described Israel’s security procedures. He has called for more profiling, encouraging stop and search methods to be used on anyone who “looks like they are from that part of the world” and is wearing a backpack. And you think he doesn’t want to create a police state?
    I hear he’s getting some Make Israel Great Again yarmulkes made in China.

    • Diana

      Andy you are so on target about Trump — he is a lunatic?
      If nothing else – the fact that he won’t release his tax returns demonstrates his crookedness and dishonesty. How can his supporters be so blind?

    • AndyC

      Those who would elect Donald Trump are either completely ignorant, completely selfish, or both. Here, in his own words, is a summary of his character. If you can still support him with a clear conscience, that says as much about you.

      “You tell people a lie 3 times, they will believe anything. You tell people what they want to hear, play to their fantasies, and then you close the deal.”
      -Donald Trump, in The Art of the Deal

      • Shelley

        Andy, Evidently you are ignorant or stupid enough to believe Hillary’s lies. How many times did she and Susan Rice tell us, and the families of the 4 that died in Benghazi, that it was due to a video? But really, what difference does it make? I think to many it makes a big difference, for we expect our states people to be honest with us. To be a candidate for President that has selective recall should give us all pause as to whether she is capable of handling the job or is she just lying some more? Trump may lack political savvy, but he will surround himself with knowledgeable people. With Hillary we will get the same people giving her advice, which has not been too good. Her experience as Sec. of State was dismal. She thinks that giving Russia an Easy button from Staples will reset our relations. What a joke! Our world has become less safe in the last 8 years, and now we are being threatened more than ever on our own soil.

        • Diana

          Trump’s lack of “political savvy” is the least of it! Are you overlooking his sociopathic personality, his alignment with White Supremecists and Jew haters (Holocaust deniers)
          his misogyny and his general lunacy? Do you see him as a man fit to be President of the United States. If he were elected we’d be the laughing stock of the world!
          Come to your senses!!

          • Shelley

            If David Duke said that he liked Hillary Clinton, that does not make her in align with him, does it. Trump said that he does not agree with Duke, but people like you would rather ignore this. Also he employs a lot of women in high ranking jobs, so I would not call him a misogynist. Hillary listens to people like Sid Blumenthal–an anti-Zionist. Her top aide, Huma Abedin has relations to the Muslim Sisterhood–how good do you think she is going to be for Israel? When she was Sec. of State she blasted Netanyahu over the phone for 45 minutes for Israel building in their own neighborhoods. Hillary lies so much that she does not even know when she’s telling the truth. She fabricates stories of being under artillery fire when she and Chelsea went to Bosnia. She later admitted that she exaggerated (fabricated about being under fire). Brian Williams was fired from his job for such lies.
            Hillary has several years of experience of being part of our government, but sadly she has little to show for it but her terrible mistakes, lies, and bad judgment. Her agreement with the Iran Deal is another example of her bad judgment, and how she would throw Netanyahu and Israel under the bus.

          • Fern Kurland

            Very well said Shelley. Most people who are for Hillary have not even read her “rap sheet.”

          • Diana

            To Shelley
            What “rap sheet” are you talking about? NOTHING has ever been PROVEM against Hillary in spite of thirty years of hounding her.
            Trump is a thief and a liar and if his tax returns were ever to be released all of that would become evident.
            But all that aside he is unfit for office by virtue of his lunacy.

      • AndyC

        Dream on, Shelley. Even if what you’re saying was true, the alternative is not to elect trump, this embarrassment to America and humanity in general. If all the contemporary news coverage and the vast body of information that has come out about trump over the decades (even that of his propaganda machine) isn’t enough to convince you of it, then regretfully, you’re a lost cause. I only wish that you and your ilk wouldn’t drag the rest of us down with you.

      • AndyC

        To Trump, this election is nothing more than his most exciting real estate deal yet. It should be obvious by now to anyone who has studied this man and listened to the way he expresses himself that he is not in this to serve the citizens of the United States. He regards the election as a means of “negotiating” the acquisition of our country, as he would treat a piece of property. And likewise he would think of the American citizenry as his “employees”. Do his supporters really think he cares about them? This is the greatest con job in the history of the world. Wake up and recognize it. We have never encountered a personality so perverse, so devoid of integrity in US public life, that even in plain view it is not recognized by so many.
        And don’t throw me back that “But Hillary,….” garbage. No. Whatever you think of her, this abomination called Trump is something altogether different. This is the face of evil. And it still can be contained.
        Do the right thing. I’ve always thought that the Jews were especially conscientious of doing so. Don’t disgrace our people. Keep Trump out of the White House.

  10. AndyC

    Hey, it’s official, folks! Your hero has conceded that our president is an American citizen! What a mensch! But wait—did he apologize to the president for a heinous accusation? Did he apologize to the American people for perpetuating an asinine theory that did nothing but entertain our adversaries and waste the country’s time? Of course not. Instead, he took credit for proving that Obama was, in fact, a citizen, and accused Hillary Clinton of starting the “birther movement” in the first place! What will it take for Trump supporters with any intelligence at all to realize that he is a complete and total fraud?! By supporting this abomination you are supporting a hostile takeover of the US government by an amoral jackass who laughs at your gullibility while gorging himself on self congratulation.

    • Rabbi Fleishig

      As I recall, the whole “birther controversy” was started by Hillary’s supporters back in 2008, the last time she was the inevitable nominee. I think it was Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton hit man, who was behind it all. So no, this is just another Trump “scandal” invented by Hillary’s loyal servants, the mainstream media.

      • Diana

        You hate Hillary but you venerate a Nazi lunatic!
        It’s sick!

  11. Beth

    If Donald Trump becomes president it will only be a matter of time before he starts rounding up the Jews. His son, Donald Jr. made a comment about, ‘warming up the gas chambers’. This is not a usual expression so it was not a slip of the tongue. Last week Donald Jr. tweeted a cartoon of his dad, Donald Trump, himself, Pence, Christie and others with Pepe the Frog, a symbol of the white supremacist. A few months earlier there was the picture of Hillary with a Jewish star and lots of money behind it calling her names. Now a reference to the gas chambers.

    This is the way Nazi Germany started. If we think it couldn’t happen to us we are wrong. The German Jews thought it couldn’t happen to them. If my mother were alive and heard Donald Jr talking about ‘warming up the gas chambers’ she would pack up her belongings and leave the United States.

    • Diana

      I despise Trump but I don’t think he’ll be rounding up Jews any time soon!! Bu he may however press the nuclear button!

      • AndyC

        I agree Diana. I don’t think he’ll be rounding up the Jews either, but I am terrified that he may very well touch off a third world war. By barring anything but his selected media outlets, he is setting the stage for his own propaganda network. He says he can’t be bought, but his history shoes that he constantly buys favors and that if you throw money at someone “they’ll do whatever the hell you want”. Every time he is interviewed or gives a speech he lies, plain and simple, and he admits that as too, recalling his self-proclaimed “exaggerated hyperbole”, a technique he has bragged about using in order to manipulate the perceptions of others. He turns any criticism or differing opinion into a plot against him, a “rigged system”, and will feed innuendo to the press without regard for the truth. One wonders where his lack of perception ends and the lies begin. In other words, he reads whatever suits him into any situation, and acts impetuously on it without pause or regard for any difference of opinion-until it suits him again, and then denies ever having another opinion to begin with.

        Why is it that when I speak with elderly people of BOTH parties, Jewish or gentile, that they invariably compare his rise to that of Hitler? I know its not POLITICALLY CORRECT to make this comparison, but I am talking about the perceptions of those who were there, to whom WW2 was not just a historical incident. The support of Trump, Pence (who we haven’t even discussed, despite the horrid prospect of his being “a heartbeat from the presidency”)and the others in Trumps circle of deplorables is something all reasonable people should drop. If not, if he wins, it will be on your heads. Good luck with that, and G-d help us all.

  12. AndyC

    Bravo to Pastor Faith Green Timmons for calling out Trump while he inappropriately took advantage of another situation to spew his self serving rhetoric.
    Oh wait…is it politically incorrect to praise Christian clergy here?

    • AndyC

      And now, predictably, Donald now whimpers that the pastor set a trap for him! It was rigged! No fair! She hit me first!
      Do you really think this guy will be able to do well for us in a world where not everyone will be willing to kiss his butt?

  13. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Leon Kushner

    Thank you for your affirmative response.

    It seems to me that some of the furious, hateful responses Naomi’s article is engendering, just show how often people project their own behavior onto others. For example: they use the same vitriol on all who disagree with them that they accuse Trump of. And the nastiness of their condemnation of Naomi shows so clearly the undemocratic sub-text of their responses: Naomi and the rest of us who think Trump the better, though flawed candidate, are not entitled to our own reasoned political opinions. We are somehow unworthy, we should be ostracized, not entitled to come to our own conclusions and express the other side of the philosophical coin. We should be cast off into Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”.

    How un-American is that! But that is what political correctness is all about. No willingness to consider other viewpoints, and worse- eventually no right to express them at all. We already see this on practically all our major university campuses. And that political ideology, if permitted to continue, is what will eventually lead to fascism in our country.

  14. M Segal

    No good choice here.I very much doubt Trump will curtail sales to Israel’s enamies , he may raise the price, but he’s a salesman , he wants to make sales.Didn’t he also mention being neutral in middle east negotiations?
    Clinton? Hard to say, she’s running on Obama’s back, but once in office she’ll run things her way.Superficially her admin will appear more “Israel friendly”, but the truth could easily be more of the same.It’s almost a flip of a coin, no good choice.

    • AndyC

      Maybe this guy will clarify why there is only ONE choice. I knew him many years back, have followed his career, and know him to be an intelligent, perceptive journalist. His assertions about Trump are all well-founded and factual. And although he is passionate about the issue, his only bias is toward America and all it stands for. Please watch this video, whichever side of the issue you are for:

      • AndyC

        And by the way, he used to live in one of Trumps buildings. He has moved out since last year as he could no longer help support the man. After hearing Trump’s blathering, hate-filled rhetoric for so long, he could no longer stay in what came to feel like a toxic place.(And don’t compare that to leaving the country. Its not the same. Too easy a remark folks).

  15. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Andy

    Yes, I know. But thanks anyway for the correction!

  16. Lonnie

    Naomi, are you sure you’re jewish? You’re very seriously creeping me out.

    You make no mention at all of the neonazis trump courts and promotes and has brought into the mainstream, and which surely will be courted by other politicians who actually want to be elected.

    Your article sounds like you simply forwarded text that you were provided with.

    How likely is it that you are not aware that:
    Russia blocked sanctions against iran that the Obama administration wanted because of their missile tests.

    You do know which superpower trump speaks highly of?

    Naomi, do you think 85 or 90 percent of Jews are going to vote for clinton because of these facts? And do you really think they all are dupes, and don’t consider the future of the only good thing going on in that large part of the world?

    • AndyC

      Journalists who are critical of Trump routinely receive threats, are called kikes, etc. in emails and tweets if they have a last name that is perceived to be Jewish. That is well documented. Any Jew who votes for him will have enabled more of it, and much worse. Publishing articles singing his praises does no less. It is your right though. But it’s your conscience too.

      • elle levenson

        Naomi, you saying, with eyes rolled and tongue-in-check your vote is going to Trump and you’re “proud of it”
        As the campaign drones on, The Donald gets more and more obviously….what words shall I use to describe his egocentric, narcissistic, savior mentality….so lacking in character, so lacking in relevant background, so lacking in values, so lacking in service to his country….his content messages of hate and division, his divisive use of language. It is so difficult to find admirable qualities, he continues to be personally neither transparent nor accountable. What has he actually proposed that will move this great nation forward. I find it difficult to comprehend how Republicans and some jews an continue to support his callous rhetoric, even if they consider themselves conservatives. His candidacy was a poor choice, a mistake. He is not a true American Statesman. His kind of manipulation does not translate into governing and leadership.
        I will not be able to read your books, Naomi, without being reminded that you platformed this reality star media monster who appeals not to the highest good, but to low base and ugly values–not representative of who we Americans are, who we jews who strive for social justice and inclusion have been taught by ancient sages. I am an American jewish woman. I love Israel. I love the jewish people
        Hillary will rise to the office !

        • Leon Kushner

          It appears that you didn’t read Naomi’s article at all or if you did you didn’t get her message.
          Let me try to spell it out for you: Trump is the most politically incorrect person out there. Political correctness is killing us (literally). If you like Obama’s policies, vote for Hillary. If you love Israel, are Jewish or hate antisemitism, hate lying, arrogant career politicians who are responsible for killing Americans and worse, vote for Trump.

          • AndyC

            “Political correctness” has become a favorite term of Trump’s army of parrots. Railing against it has become an easy way to excuse themselves from the negativity usually associated with arrogance, cruelty, bigotry, and greed. Their hero personifies those traits. Has compassion become a fault? That would be truly deplorable.

          • Diana

            Yes Trump supporters have been correctly described as”deplorable”!They consist of White Supemecists, KKKers. Jew haters, gun crazies, Holocaust deniers,- the worst elements of our society and sorry to say that Naomi is right there with them. There is a ridiculous belief that this sociopath would be good for Israel. He would have no prestige on the world stage and no influence whatsoever for Israel or the United States.

          • Fern Kurland

            Thank you Leon Kushner. I like your reply, and I love Naomi Ragen, and respect her opinions. I hear what she is saying, and if people re-read her post maybe they would understand better. The Clintons are evil, as well as those with whom they associate.

          • Diana

            Aftter thirty years of intensive investigation no misdeeds have ever been proven except using a private e-mail server.
            How do you compare that to the ignorant narcissistic sociopath Trump who is a lying and deceptive lunatic
            In what way could he be “good” for Israel?? He would be the laughing stock of the world stage and would wield no influence whatsoever!

        • Diana

          Naomi has lost the respect of all clear thinking people — people who would buy her books and follow her podyd/
          But if she can’t see the lunacy — the danger
          the Fascism — the ignorance — what does that say about her?

        • Diana

          I can never hear the name Naomi Ragen again without thinking of how she supported the lowest of the low Fascist lunatic
          How an she fail to understand what she is doing??
          It gives a bad name to American Jews living in Israel who would want to foist this monster upon us.

      • Leon Kushner

        The democratic machine has huge resources that constantly spread rumours, lies and exaggerations about Trump. He is the farthest thing from a racist. His friends are composed of almost every race, creed and religion. As far as being an anti-semite (which there is an abundance of proof that Hillary is one), his daughter married an orthodox Jew and converted and Trump is so proud of that.

        • Diana

          What BS! His daughter was not converted in the traditional Orthodox manner and if I recall she was on the campaign trail on Shabbos.
          But who cares — the bottom line is that he, Trump is unfit in every conceivable way to be President of the United States.

          • Fern Kurland

            You sound like a bigot yourself! Ivanka was certainly converted according to Jewish practice. She may not observe in the SAME way you might, but it is not for you to decide how she practices. People like you find anything to criticize ANY convert to Judaism. Shame on you for your LaShon HaRah – that is certainly against a “real” Jewish practice. Leave her way of life out of the picture. It is not your concern and it has nothing to do with elections. As a side note – Trump’s other two married children are married to Jews. Plus, Trump is the third largest contributor to Israel.
            Clinton is evil. Read some of the books that were written by different Secret Service men who served in the White House. Especially “Hillary’s America.” An FBI Secret Service man told me things were even worse than what is written.

        • AndyC

          Leon, those you refer to are not his “friends”. When it comes to using people to gain advantage, Trump is not selective. He will use and then discard anyone, regardless of race, creed, or color. So I guess he isn’t racist since he treats everyone like crap.

    • Shelley

      I just don’t get how any Jew that loves Israel (the soul of the Jewish people) could vote for Hillary. Have people forgotten how she chastised Netanyahu over the phone for 45 minutes when Israel was extending a building project in a Jewish neighborhood. Because of Hillary’s and Obama’s coaxing and policies, Israel froze all building projects for 9 months so that Abbas would negotiate–which he did not. During that time Israelis could not even add a room onto their homes. When Bill Clinton was President he used his power to try to get Netanyahu out of office. He was happy to be able to negotiate with the new Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak played right into Clinton’s hands, but Arafat did not, so no deal was made much to Clinton’s disappointment. (Our State Dept. recently gave $$ to an organization campaigning against Netanyahu. So much for our government not meddling in Israel’s elections.) Obama and Hillary have both been hostile to Netanyahu. How could anyone vote for someone who supports the Iran Deal, which really endangers Israel? Furthermore, Hillary will use the same Middle East envoys that were there previously. They were unsuccessful then, and my guess is that they will not be any better given another chance. They just want to broker a peace deal– good or bad. Unfortunately they do not realize that Israel does not have a partner in peace at this time, and probably not in the near future if Hamas takes power in the upcoming elections in the West Bank .

  17. Gadi Naaman

    Andy C., forget Trump!
    Give me three good reasons to vote FOR Hillary. Then, give me three REAL accomplishments of Hillary. Finally, please explain (in 50 words or less) why Democrat voters rejected her “experience” in favor of an unknown, first-term Senator from Illinois who had no plan, except for a slogan, “yes we can”, and a sharp crease in his pants (how he got Chris Mathews endorsement).

    • AndyC

      Gadi, anything positive that I say about Hillary Clinton will only be met by the same old tired counter criticisms, so why even rehash it. That conversation has gotten predictable and boring. I will not take you up on your assignment. Yes, there are things about Clinton that I admire and respect, but there are things about her that bother me. And believe it or not, there are some things that Trump has said publicly that I agree with.

      Instead, I offer this: the essential reason I will vote for Clinton is that I truly believe that Trump will vastly weaken the US and further destabilize the world in ways that could be irreversible. Trump is in this election NOT to “Make America Great Again”, but rather to live out a vast fantasy game of self-enrichment, and I’m not referring to money. He is using the American public and BOTH political parties as chess pieces in his real-life reality show. He is a master of mass manipulation, and bases his performances on the degree of adulation he gets, whether its crowd frenzy, poll numbers, or winning personal wars. Issues, stances, policy, assertions…that is all just currency to him. He will exchange it in a heartbeat (even if you only take rubles). He neither understands the issues nor cares about them.
      And he doesn’t care about you….or you…. or you. For Trump, there are no rules. You see him as a great visionary leader, your savior, your voice? He sees what pushes the buttons of gullible crowds and gets a rush off the adoration, the feeling of power, dominance, and self-worth. Its not about all of us. Its about all of him.
      Trump has spent decades proving time and time again that he has no conscience, no sense of basic ethics, no stability, and no true belief system other than that of self-enrichment.
      This is not the kind of person I want as my president. He has already caused a great deal of damage to the country. No constructive change, just divisions, paranoia, anger and polarization. And that is exactly what he wants, because that is what works for a demagogue. A country weakened by internal conflict makes a demagogue more powerful. The concern that he would touch off a civil war or even a world war is not at all far-fetched.
      So when you ask me to list the reasons I will vote for Hillary Clinton, well, its beyond that. I am a patriot and I will stand up for the survival of our country and its values, and protect the dignity its highest office deserves. In order to do so, Donald Trump must be kept out of the White House.
      Over and out.

  18. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Diana

    You’re entitled to your opinion. Enough said!

  19. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Fred Stone

    You seem to have trouble distinguishing between me and Naomi Ragen. Just for your information, I happen to be a “real American Jew”. Just the fact that you can’t distinguish between Naomi’s and my viewpoints proves my contention that far from expressing a foreign view, Naomi is expressing the same views as millions of other Americans (even including some other “real American Jews” like me).

    May I remind you that neither one of us “blabbed our love of Trump”, as you put it. Far from it: we just believe he offers a better future for America than Hillary. Can we be sure? Of course not. But we do know what Hillary represents from her past record. And we know that we don’t want that.

    However, neither of us resort to name-calling, as you do. Something you unfortunately share with so many of the major players, including, I regret to say, Trump. So you see, I don’t think Trump is ideal either. However, as I have seen up to now, Hillary’s major campaign policy has consisted of calling Trump the most vicious names one can think of.

    You also state that “Trump will surround himself with neo-Nazis”. I do not see that any of the advisors he has surrounded himself with so far are neo-Nazis. In fact you do them a great disservice by insinuating that. And I fervently hope that if Trump should get elected, that you will be proven wrong. It is a gamble–I do admit that. But, as I see things, compared to the alternative, it’s a gamble I feel compelled to take.

    • Diana

      I’m so tired of all the BS! Trump id a lunatic unfit for public office and that’s the bottom line!

      • Gadi Naaman

        At least, Trump built a few things putting his money at risk. Hillary is inept and a fraud who has passed her Peter principle ceiling long time ago. Worst Sec State till Kerry who’s a bigger moron

          • Gadi Naaman

            Perhaps. What’s worse, none of her supporters (like you) can prove what she HAS done. The woman has no accomplishments.

          • Diana

            Hillary has worked for years to obtain health care coverage for children and the needy. Her Foundation has helped thousand all over the world and she served her country well as Secretary of State.
            What has Trump done other than engage in nefarious business deals defrauding thousands
            And above all he is a narcissistic lunatic!!

    • Leon Kushner

      Irmgard, your intelligent response should help placate voters who are still torn between the 2 candidates. Well done and I couldn’t add a point to your response other than to say for the millionth time that all politicians are by definition narcissistic (Obama, Bill and Hillary are not?). But Trump is far from a lunatic. Anyone who calls him that, are themselves a lunatic.

  20. Diana

    American Jews who live in Israel are selfishly trying to foist a lunatic on as President with the stupid and misguided feeling that he would be “good” for Israel.

  21. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to my last comment.

    Sorry I misspelled Naomi’s last name. I meant Ragen, and not Regan, as our former illustrious president!

  22. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Fred Stone

    Ever heard of Dual-Citizenship, Fred Stone and all the rest of you who have castigated Naomi Regan for expressing her opinion? American citizens are granted the right of Dual-Citizenship with Israel by the American government. In other words, American citizens can retain their American citizenship in addition to their later acquired Israeli citizenship, and are therefore eligible to vote in American elections.
    Since Naomi clearly intends to vote in this upcoming election, it means that she is still an American citizen. And you have some nerve accusing her of chutzpah and trying to deny her the right, as an American citizen , to express her opinion about the candidates in this election.

    • fred stone

      “Irmgard” (i.e., Naomi) —

      My comment has nothing to do with whether you are an American citizen. It has to do with the fact that you’ve chosen Israel as your home, while “real American Jews”–not you, even though you have a right to your opinion and to vote–will live day-to-day with a President Shtick Dreck who will surround himself with the neo-nazis he’s been courting from the word “go.” So just as I try not to tell a democratic Israeli government what to do to protect the safety of its people, I’m calling it chutzpah for you to blab your love of Trump to real American Jews, the Jews down here in non-aliyah land. Stay out of it, none of your business. You are welcome to tell Bibi what to do, but he has the judgment you lack to keep quiet about the American election.

  23. Leon Kushner

    This is the first time I’ve read a post by Naomi. I can tell you that it won’t be the last. I agree with every word and her logic is spots on. I am a Canadian who loves my country, Israel and the US. Islam is our # 1 threat, like it or not. That’s why when Donald said he wants to limit Muslim immigration until they can be properly vetted, I’d vote for him if I could. I also agree with most of his policies especially throwing the Iran deal into the garbage and building a wall with Mexico.
    G-d Bless Trump and Naomi!

    • Diana

      You are so naive to think that Trump can “throw out” the Iran deal. And building a wall is just a stupid fantasy of his.
      How can you buy into this garbage? The man is unfit by virtue of his sociopathic personaluty!

      • Leon Kushner

        Sounds like you’d rather have a sociopathic, antisemitic liar than an egotist like Trump.
        Maybe you also support the Iran deal? You automatically do if you vote for anyone other than Trump.

        • Diana

          What exactly has Hillary lied about??
          Her enemies have been digging around for years to find “something” — but there is nothing they can prove.
          Whereas Trump refuses to release his tax returns, has defrauded thousands in his Trump University and various other of his financial dealings.
          He’s also a hater and a racist who is supported by the most virulent of Jew haters!
          He is an embarrassment to his country and not anyone Jews should support

  24. Irmgard Gesund

    Again in response to Diana:

    It seems the “last time you looked” wasn’t good enough. Naomi was exonerated. And to accuse somebody wrongly is not “the least of it” as you write. Sort of reminds me of Hillary’s famous “What difference does it make?!” remark.
    Furthermore, Naomi didn’t give a full-throated approval to Trump. She only said what millions of American citizens are saying in this unfortunate electoral season. And that is that she agrees with that half of Americans who prefer Trump–uncouth, loud-mouthed, egotistical candidate that he is, to a probably lying, corrupt candidate who is “very careless” with emails to the point of endangering national security and who, with her husband, has set up and benefitted from their “Pay to Play” scheme.
    Just because she now lives in Israel, doesn’t mean that she no longer cares about what is taking place in her homeland-the land in which she grew up–the US. Many American Israelis care about the US, as well as caring about Israel. Is that so hard for you to understand?
    And after all, we count Israel as our greatest ally, so why is it such chutzpah for American Israelis to express their feelings?

  25. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Diana

    You have now crossed the line in lies and innuendo.
    Naomi is a true feminist. One who has honestly looked at the difficult and problematic treatment of women under Orthodoxy and has bravely defended and written about them. Why don’t you take a good look at the way women are treated in all the Muslim countries that you and your Progressive feminist friends close your eyes to?
    As to your insulting remark about plagiarism: you know darn well that that case was resolved in Naomi’s favor.
    The type of attack that you resort to is really despicable. Funny, isn’t it–it’s just the sort of thing you accuse Trump of!

    • Diana

      The last time I looked,an Israeli court convicted her. But that is the least of it!
      Supporting the likes of Trump reveals a certain shallowness and inability to assess an obvious narcissist unfit for the Presidency.
      She lives in Israel and is willing to foist this man on America. That’s chutzpah!

    • janet

      Amen. Diana will get herself frothing at the mouth about the alleged misogyny of Trump (who simply had an argument with Rosie O’Donnell) but completely ignore Bill Clinton’s documented sexual harassment (Monica Lewinsky) and *multiple* rape allegations from named, credible sources.

      She’ll then cheer on Hillary as a “feminist” while she takes money from countries like Saudi Arabia where women are basically slaves to men.

      • Diana

        What do Bill Clinton’s sexual transgressions have to do with Hillary?
        No wrongdoings have ever been PROVEN against her
        in spite of thirty years of “digging”.
        Trump has defrauded thousands in his business dealings and his refusal to release his tax returns should be very suspect.
        But at the end of the day this man is unfit for public office by virtue of his sociopathic and narcissistic personality.

  26. AndyC

    Here is a morsel of Trump enlightening Matt Lauer last night.
    Lauer asked Trump about his plan for immediately wiping out ISIS,a plan which he has been bragging about for a long time. No specifics, but what the hell. Yelling about it with bravado has been a pretty good way to whip up the crowd before his big hit, The Bigass Wall shtick!

    Heres Donald on the subject:

    “Let me tell you, if I like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals’ plan, or the generals’ plan, if I like their plan, Matt, I’m not going to call you up and say, ‘Matt, we have a great plan,'” he said.

    Having generally dismissed the notion of needing advisors, could the quote reflect a pivot? A willingness to play well with others?
    Naw, just his same old use of aggressive verbal garbage as a way of covering up lies and ignorance.

    But wait, now I remember: he DOES have a secret plan!But he wants to keep it to himself so Obama’s terrorists don’t get wind of it. Yeah, that’s it!

    • fred stone

      he’s the biggest schmuck on the face of the earth, and Naomi is sitting there in Israel purporting to guide real American Jews on how to vote. What could be more presumptuous and chutzpahdik?

    • Diana

      The man is astoundingly ignorant but more astounding is the brain dead following he has been able to capture. NOTHING he says or does discourages them!

    • janet

      So wait…Trump basically says he’s not going to risk national security by divulging detailed, secret plans by generals with Matt Lauer, and you think he’s the moron? But I guess you also think it was OK that Hillary didn’t understand that C stands for “Classified.”

      • AndyC

        What would it take for you to realize that he doesn’t HAVE a plan??? And by the way, he hasn’t heard any plan from “the generals” to keep secret. You think a private citizen who’s running for office has actually been discussing top secret security matters with “the generals”? He’s a total fraud and you trust anything he says. And look at how he expresses himself. His babble with Lauer is a great example. A true statesman? A diplomat? Standard bearer of the USA?

        • Diana

          You’re so right.
          It’s an embarrassment for this country that he has gotten this far. What does it say about Americans who can give their support to this obviously unfit sociopath?

      • AndyC

        C stands for “Confidential” on those emails. Who’s the moron now?

      • Diana

        “C” also stands for “Confidential.”
        With more than thirty years of probing and digging NOTHING has ever been proven against Hillary.
        AND there’s no evidence that ther e-mails have compromised anything!! He, Trump is the crooked sickie!

  27. Diana

    Naomi an avowed Feminist aligns herself with the most virulent misogynist!
    What is wrong with her? Why do Israelis see Trump as “good” for Israel?
    He is a brainless sociopath who would have his finger on the nuclear trigger. Is that “good” for Israel or for America?

    • janet

      Trump is not a misogynist. He had a fight with Rosie O’Donnell. Big deal! Now Hillary, on the other hand, has spent decades demeaning and silencing the *numerous* women who have spoken out about Bill Clinton’s perpetual sexual harassment and rape. Hillary doesn’t care about other women. She cares about putting herself in power.

      • AndyC

        You think it’s all about his TV feud with Rosie ODonnell???
        Where have you been? When it comes to misogyny and Trump, where does one even begin? Or maybe it’s okay because he doesn’t respect ANYONE, so how could he be a bigot or a mysoginist?

        • Diana

          What are you taking about Janet? Rosie O’Donnell? What about the Fox News anchor whom he described as “blood coming out of her whatever”? And what about ridiculing Carly

          What are you talking about Janet? Rosie O’Donnell? What about the News Anchor whom he described as “blood coming out of her whatvern”? Or ridiculing Carly Fiorina’s looks and terms he’s used to describe women? And commenting on how he’d like to date his own daughter — creepy at best! He is a PIG!

          fiorina’s looks or stating that he would like to date his own daughter (creepy) or adjectives he has used to describe women? He is a pig!

  28. Fred Stone

    Once the right-wing government of Netanyahu is replaced by a centrist coalition excluding the religious parties, Israelis will be thanking Obama and Clinton for keeping open the potential for peace with the Palestinians and the eventual resumption of relations with Iran. There is nothing in your article reflective of the true long-term interests of either America or Israel or the great majorities of their respective peoples. Even Bibi knows he can live with Hillary and has the good sense to stay out of this one. Too bad you didn’t follow suit, and decided to weigh in on behalf of the worst presidential candidate in American history.

    • Gadi Naaman

      Fred Stone. Two thoughts: 1. All that’s left from the “Peace Process” is the process. There are no “partners for peace” as evidenced by the mayhem in the Middle East. If the Palestinians wanted peace, or a state, they could have had both long time ago. May I remind you that there have been no Israeli “occupation” in Gaza since 2005. Lots of peace there.
      2. As I recall, Senator Obama’s “experience” didn’t come close to Trump’s real life experience. Somehow, Democrats didn’t think Hillary’s fake experience measured up to Obama’s crease in the pants. Based on his performance at the G-20, I think I am safe to say that he’s probably worse than carter as a President. Both of whom gave us the crazies in Iran. Carter delivered and Obama put the gift wrapping on it.

      • AndyC

        Trump’s “real life experience”? Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, this eternally immature brat has spent his life screwing others and manipulating the system with impunity. His aspirations have nothing to do with the desire to make the country and the world a better place for us and future generations. He lives for his ego and is willing to become a figurehead while his goons do the footwork he is too lazy or incapable to do. The erosion of international respect he will bring on us will weaken the country and all it stands for. We are not invincible. Read your history. Don’t be fooled into believing that this human abomination cares an iota about you, or anyone but himself. Don’t allow him to make you an accomplice to the downfall of the country and all the good that has come from the “American experiment”.
        And by the way, I am not a leftist, a liberal, or any of the other labels that those who oppose my ideas feel the need to pigeonhole me with, simply because they cannot grasp the complexities of the opinions of others.

  29. Elle

    I’ve read all these comments
    and conclude that the author,
    Naomi Ragen, wordsmith that she is
    Is salivating on her own vitruolic responses
    This jew is voting for Hilary, the less
    flawed choice; what she has acomplished
    speaks more loudly than her opponant…
    who will get what he wants anyway without
    serving….a free ride to his next media circus,
    paid for by his supporters, our fellow Americans. May G!D bless Israel.
    May we all know Peace and be safe in this
    world i leave for my grandchildren

    • Diana

      What gets me is that Naomi Ragan who has fancied herself a Feminist has aligned with thr King of Misogynists — not to mention his sociopathic behavior!
      It’s this crazy undeserved hatred of Hillary that is fueling this Trump agenda.

      • Fern Kurland

        Undeserved hatred of Hillary???? My G-d, do you know how to read? Look up ALL her transgressions and don’t miss anything, and then tell me she is fit to be president.
        She has proven to be a filthy mouth shrill to the Secret Service agents who protect her, She has done so many illegal things. Well, read for yourself – Hillary’s America and then tell me she deserves to lead our country.

        • James F Brown

          Hitlery’s treason, criminal actions, getting our spies overseas killed, these things are meaningless to the typical hitlery supporter. They are just as sociopathic and dishonest as she is, Diana is just another brain-dead progressive moron who will vote based solely upon ones gender. Birds of a feather…….

  30. Jake

    Hillary should be impeached
    Mrs. Clinton is undeserving of impeachment. That, of course, is a measure of the seriousness of her high crimes and misdemeanors: the e-mail scandal; the reckless mishandling of classified information that has surely exposed our national-defense secrets to hostile powers; the mass destruction of thousands of government records after Congress asked for them; the obstruction of government investigations; the serial lies to Congress and the public; the shocking failure to provide security for Americans stationed in Benghazi and the failure to attempt to rescue them during a terrorist siege; the lies to the American people and to the families of murdered American officials about the cause of the attack; the trumping up of a prosecution against the video producer scapegoated for the Benghazi attack; the Clinton Foundation corruption involving the sale of influence for donations, the favors done for shady benefactors at the expense of national security, and the use of the State Department as an arm of the Clinton pay-to-play enterprise.

    Read more at:

  31. G.S. Dorfman

    Trump announced earlier this year that when he becomes President, he will make Israel repay all the foreign aid it receives from the U.S.

    True, he later reversed himself. And of course, we can completely rely on his word, 100%.

    So, I’ve reversed my earlier position. Yes, I think you should trust EVERY WORD he says, and please, go ahead and vote for him. And when he follows through on his campaign promises, you can proudly say you supported him.

  32. Jacqueline

    Hitlery in the White House means there will be nuclear war and FEMA camp roundups for dissidents. Hitlery is already raising tensions with Russia, she is a NATO neocon who sold out the USA to China and American uranium to the Russians. She and Bill will do anything for $$$$ and power. They are both sexual perverts who compulsively lie. Add to this they both are rapidly declining in health before our eyes! Her VP Kaine is a Jesuit just like the Pope and a Wall Street puppet.
    If Trump doesn’t get into the White House, just kiss America goodbye. Watch the film “Clinton Cash” on the Breitbart site or YouTube.
    Hitlery has an army of paid trolls to put comments on the Internet. There are several in this discussion.

  33. janet

    Thank you for articulating why borders are sometimes necessary. It seems the current trend in America is to label anyone who wants a border as a “racist.” It’s nonsense. As someone who used to vote straight D ticket, I’m tired of all the hate the left spews at anyone who disagrees on policy. Disagree and you are a racist and a bigot. Yet, prior to Trump running for president, Jesse Jackson publicly praised him for his magnanimity.

    Trump’s no bigot. We would have heard about it long before he ran for president if he truly was. And anyone who falls for the “racist/bigot” stuff is themselves a hater who revels in being superior to the unwashed masses. Some people need others to be “racist” just so they can have an enemy to be against. Well, I for one am tired of it.

    I used to be a fan of Hillary, by the way, but she was one of the worst Secretaries of State ever. Yes, I do believe she and Obama are directly responsible for the rise of ISIS with their failed nation-building and warmongering.

    P.S. I’m a yoga teacher voting for Trump. We’re not all yokels as some would like to think.

    • AndyC

      Oh, you’re a yoga teacher. If you think that makes you more enlightened than “the yokels”, you are not only full of yourself but an elitist too.

  34. Jake

    Republican platform dumps ‘two-state’

    “This is a scoop: the Republican National Platform Committee a few moments ago unanimously adopted the Clemmons Amendment changing in one fell swoop 25 years of standard language and putting the Republican Party squarely behind the unity of Jerusalem, against BDS, removing the label of “occupier” from Israel for returning to Judea, and much more. The amendment was adopted with a standing ovation by the Platform Committee and tears from us in the audience. Please check YouTube to see Alan Clemmons stirring remarks introducing the Amendment. And see this page for the text of the Amendment that was drafted with the active participation of Donald Trump’s Middle East advisors.”

  35. Jake

    This is a candidate who has been almost invisible to the public for several weeks. She refuses to take part in press conferences (well over eight months since the last one) and speaks to us only in very tightly controlled venues. She relies on huge armies of surrogates to fill internet comment boards, the Twitterverse, and the talk shows with angry denunciations of anybody who dares point to the facts about Hillary. She has laid out virtually no policies, and failed to make clear how she would in any way be different than the current calamity we now have in the White House. She snipes at Trump for going to Louisiana to see the devastation caused by the floods; she snipes at Trump for going to Mexico at the Mexican President’s invitation; she snipes at him for his policy prescriptions; she issues weird vague tweets about nothing; and struggles to find new ways to cover-up and lie about the growing revelations of her incompetence and corruption while she was SecState.

  36. Sara cohen

    Helo Naomi, I Just read your article about Trump and I simply cannot believe what I just read….I am a big fan of yours and I am mexican.
    I quote “Likewise, what is wrong with stopping the illegal arrival en masse of Mexican criminals who are not vetted at all?”
    I cannot believe you are comparing hard working mexicans who migrate to USA because of a lack of opportunities offered by my country VS arab terrorists who enter Israel with the soul intention of hurting This nation!!! Trump said it once “rapists and criminals is what México is sending us” and Now it is you who affirms this insane idea???
    I am sorry, but this is nothing like the Naomi Ragen I know about….
    I would like to hear what is your feeling about this


    Sara Cohen
    México D.F

      • Paul Juster

        How is this a straw man argument? A straw man argument involves misrepresenting your opponent’s position. Sara is representing Naomi’s position perfectly, including a verbatim quote!

    • janet

      Did you ever ask yourself why all the “non-racist” liberals who promise to leave the United States if Trump is elected NEVER say they want to move to Mexico? It’s always Canada or some other non-Hispanic country. And why are so many Mexicans trying to get the heck out and move to America in the first place? Could it be that Mexico is overrun by violent drug cartels in many parts of the country?

      As far as I am concerned, the drug cartels are terrorists. They need to be stopped. Does this mean I have anything against poor Mexicans who are trying to get away from the mayhem in Mexico? No, but the answer isn’t to move EVERYONE to the United States. That just brings the problems over here.

      • Allen

        Of course the Mexicans love the U.S.A. We supply their drug cartels with huge amounts of money (laundered, conveniently, through our banks) as well as enough guns to support a private army. Thanks, U.S.A.!

  37. JANICE


    There is NOT a good candidate running for the presidency this time. I would not go so far as to say that Trump is GOOD but he may be whatever you think that he is but I think that he is more honest.

    • Diana

      How can you call Trump “honest”? He is refusing to reveal his tax returns – he has defrauded hundreds in his Trump University – he changes his policies hour by hour to suit the moment. Is that your idea of “honest”?

      • Rick

        Since when is revealing one’s own supposedly “confidential” income tax returns a prerequisite for running for president of the US? I guess only recently and only on one side (the progressive side) of the equation. This a ridiculous “requirement” and has no business being part of who is the best candidate for the office of President of the United States. Look at how many American presidents were wealthy and were good officeholders. Let’s move on to real issues and drop the “fake” ones like tax returns.

        • Diana

          The real issue is that this man is unfit for office by virtue of his sociopathic personality.
          Why Israelis think he would be “good” for Israel is beyond me.
          There is NO evidence that he has made financial contributions nor has he in any way demonstrated loyalty or love for the country.
          AND he would be a disaster for America — think of who his supporter are!

          • Shelly

            That’s why he was given the Tree of Life award and he positioned in the most prominent position in his office

            The Tree of Life Award is the highest humanitarian award the Jewish National Fund presents to one individual or family each year in appreciation of their outstanding community involvement, their dedication to the cause of American-Israeli friendship, and their devotion to peace and the security of human life. The award recognizes leaders of achievements and innovations in industry, government and education.

  38. Joe Bilett

    I agree with most of what you say, but rather than proudly voting for Trump, I will hold my nose to do so.

    • JANICE

      What a fantastic way of letting me how to deal with my vote. I was thinking I would have to close my eyes and hope that my finger goes to Trump! Thank you very much – this is the most horrific election that I have ever experienced and lived through and I do worry so much about what we are leaving to our kids.

  39. Gadi Naaman

    Thank you Naomi for stating the obvious so eloquently. To the contrarians who say “the lesser of two evils…”, I say:” the choice is not between two evils. It is between imperfection and evil and we all know Trump is not perfect…”

  40. Beth

    Trump is a mentally ill narcissist that will sell out Israel if it suits him. He has been sued over 3000 times over the past 30 years for breach of contract. This is who you trust with Israel’s future?

    • S M Salamon

      if you run a tiny business in the US you will get sued
      he runs a huuuuge business

      Hillary already has sold out Israel & the US–it suits her just fine that Iran has received billions, including in cash, to spend on nuclear weapons & Hamas *& Hizbollah terrorists

  41. Fern Kurland

    Thank you Naomi for your wonderful article. Most people do not know that Donald Trump is the third largest contributor to Israel. I believe that he will get the best people to help lead our country. I wish people would read “Hillary’s America.” Also, just spoke with an FBI Secret Agent and he said Hillary is the worst. Won’t go into the conversation, but confirmed my feelings. What he just said supporting the 49er not standing for the American flag and the National Anthem is disgusting. But, the 49er is not willing to give back the millions of dollars earned in these United States.
    Is Trump the very best – no, but Hillary is the very worst.

      • Sheldon Dan

        Maybe we should all agree that they are tied for the worst and be done with it…

        • Fern Kurland

          Unfortunately we cannot just leave it at that. Please read Hillary’s America and you will understand just how dangerous a Clinton administration will be.

          • Sheldon Dan

            Fern, I’m not going to get into the propaganda wars of Hillary and Trump. We are stuck with these candidates and we will just have to make the best of it.

  42. G.S. Dorfman

    I cannot respect anyone, especially a Jew, who supports Donald Trump. Shame on you, Naomi Ragen. Several months ago, I attended a lecture by Dr. Susannah Heschel, in which she conveyed her anger at AIPAC for letting Donald Trump address them. Her, I respect. You, not anymore.

    By the way, you quote Charles Krauthammer for something he said FOUR YEARS AGO. Since you seem to admire him, have you told him you’re supporting Trump? Probably not. Why don’t you read what he has to say about Trump: That he is “beyond narcissism.”

    No matter what you may think of President Obama, Hillary Clinton is not the same. She is far more hawkish, and she is very pro-Israel. Trump is a loose cannon.

    So go ahead, tell all your readers how proud you are. I am just as proud to tell you that you should be ashamed. I am proudly voting for Hillary Clinton.

    • Rick

      Hillary was in favour of the Iran deal. No one who reads actually thinks she is Pro Israel. Look what she did as Sec of State.

      The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch!

    • Diana

      I am ashamed for and of Naomi Ragan.
      I can’t believe her lack of insignt and her insensitivity to what a Trump presidency would mean.
      She’s lived in Israel too long and has lost touch with America.

      • Rick

        Diana you are the one who should be ashamed. Buy a mirror. Hillary and Obama are hated in Israel.

    • S M Salamon

      Hillary has done so much, for so many–if you include all the donors to the famous “charity” that’s earned her 100+ millions
      instead of labeling Trump, let’s see what he’s done in NYC, eg, or as a businessman with so many women & Jews in high positions

      not a saul Alinsky or Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Sidney Blumenthal among them

        • Shelly

          I’ll take Bannon ANY day over Huma, Assange has no ties to Trump, and re: Russia connections–see the Hillary email that was just released that said Slick Willie was trying to get a meeting with Putin. And don’t even get me started on the freaking URANIUM rights she sold to Putin.

          She’s a sociopath

  43. Irmgard Gesund

    In Response to Sheldon Dan

    You totally misunderstood or misread my remarks about Hitler. I did not compare either Trump or Hillary to Hitler. I only mentioned my background and family’s tragedy under Hitler to attest to the depths of my awareness and sensitivity to anti-Semitism in all its forms.
    Sorry you were so quick to judge and see an intention that was certainly not there.

    • Sheldon Dan

      Irmgard, it was not you I was referring to. I suppose I should be careful about using the reply link. Please forgive me.

      However, those who are guilty of this should look up the post I referred to. There are too many who go right to the Hitler analogy and should know better.

  44. Rachel Neuwirth


    • Sheldon Dan

      Let’s see. Most of these posts have been of the form “Vote for the candidate I support because we must vote against the other candidate.” That’s great–we can’t even feel good about our choice because the vote is out of fear of the other candidate winning!

      I think you have proved my point. We are in for a long four years. Either we vote for a megalomaniac who is not a conservative (or a Republican, from what I see) whom no one really knows what he actually will do once in office (again, we saw this in 2008) or a candidate who is a power-hungry liar whose policies are too well-known.

      Or we can vote for a Libertarian, or the Green Party candidate. Or we can express our real opinion by write-in, or just not vote for president at all but vote down-ballot. (And, yes, we have the right not to vote, and we do have the right to complain. This is an exception to that tired cliche, which does not really apply in the United States. It’s a free country.)

      I think no one should be surprised that people are revolting over the choice we have this election.

      • S M Salamon

        I live in Ohio-where my vote just may count (assuming the ballot isn’t “counted” by non-elected inner-city county temp employees)
        so if you live in, say, California, pls vituperate ad infinitum–your state is blue, regardless. Prob true of NY, NJ ..
        But here in Ohio, a vote for Johnson, or no vote, IS a vote FOR Hillary–& we can’t afford more Iranian “deals”, more Benghazi excuses, more cash for Clintons (the real clunkers–go back to ’09 for that brilliant effort), accusations of a vast right wing conspiracy when they’re routinely caught in scandal, lie, corruption, etc.
        & we don’t need her hangers on–Sidney Blumentahl, Huma Abedin & their ilk

        I’m a first-gen American with parents who survived & grandparents who did not–we do need to watch for those who demonize–as the Left does to anyone who isn’t PC.

      • Deborah

        You did an excellent job of summing up the tragedy and the cunundrun of this election:

  45. Irmgard Gesund

    Hello, dear Naomi!

    Well, I do live here in the US and now it’s time for me to add my two bits.
    First, let me say I was born in Germany and experienced Hitler,Goebbels, Nazism directly. My little nuclear family was lucky enough to get out in time and I had the privilege of growing up in America. But my grandmother and 3 aunts were not so lucky and perished in Auschwitz. So I am very sensitive to anti-Semitism which today translates into anti-Israel/anti-Zionism.
    The many accusations of some of your commenters that Trump is anti-Semitic, based on the reports that he is supported by anti-Semitic hate groups, (which he has renounced)does not make him anti-Semitic. Lost in this hyperbole is any real evidence of direct anti-Semitism on Trump’s part. If so,I have yet to read or hear of it.
    Never mentioned by your outraged correspondents is the fact that Ivanka, Trump’s beloved daughter,is married to an Orthodox Jew, has herself converted to Judaism and keeps Shabbat, and that her two little sons each had their Brit Milah ceremonies. Some anti-Semite!
    But let us look at some of the supporters of Hillary. Here we find all the Israel- haters, all the anti-Zionists, all the Muslim Brotherhood organizations that even are here in the US! Let us look at the majority ant-Israel votes that have taken place in the Democratic Platform Conventions, both in 2012 and again this year. There you see clearly the anti-Israel stand of the Democrat Progressive-Left in this country. In contrast to that, the Republican Party Platform was very pro-Israel. It seems more and more apparent that the Republican Party, that we have always been led to believe to be anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, in actuality is today much more pro-Israel than the Democratic party, which, under Obama and his administration including Hillary, have more often than not intolerably pressured and betrayed Israel,
    As Naomi has said, Trump by no means is her ideal candidate. I totally agree with her in that and with the the rest of her article, as well. The 2 choices we have do put us in a very unfortunate situation. However, Trump can still learn and develop if he surrounds himself with good advisors. Hillary’s attitude and policies (Obama’s 3d. term) are set in stone. So, for the future of an independent America (not one headed towards the UN and a One-World Government) and for a more secure Israel, I shall vote for Trump.

    • Sheldon Dan

      To everyone who wants to use the Hitler comparison (and I’ve seen too many even in the short time this article has been posted): Please go to “The Lid” blog and read Jeff Dunetz’s post on that subject. Whatever you think of Trump, the Hitler comparison is inappropriate. To quote Jeff, “Leave the Shoah out of it!”

  46. PH Waters

    Right on lady! Oh that the US press would carry your sentiments, but alas your thoughts are not their thoughts. Do not be discouraged by those who cannot accept the reality of your last paragraph. Those are the folks who would, by design or neglect, put Hillary in the White House.

  47. Pingback: I’m voting for Donald Trump. And I’m proud of it. | The 5 Towns Jewish Times

  48. Sucheta

    It’s Jews like you who make the world hate…you are an enabler of the very thing you rant against in another posting on your site.

    Herr Drumpf has turned over the rocks that covered the worst of American society allowing them free-reign into the light. Anti-Semitism is now on the rise–the KKK, skinheads, other White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis–all count themselves among his strongest supporters. The fact that his daughter is supposedly an orthodox jew (pretty non-practicing according to most reports) that her father wants to date should creep you out, not encourage your support.

    He is a clinical example of a narcissistic sociopath who likes uneducated people best (that leaves most Jews out!!) and has on several occasions asked why he cannot used nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East.

    You have bought into the 20 years of lies regarding Clinton. None of it has ever been proven. Your idiocy in supporting Trump does unimaginable harm to the cause of Israel in the US. SHAME ON YOU FOR SUPPORTING A RACIST, MISOGYNISTIC, UNINFORMED FOOL.

    But, then, you are a PLAGARIST as is Trump’s wife…,7340,L-4160630,00.html

    • Diana

      I totally agree with you.
      It really upsets me that well meaning Jews see Trump as some kind of loving friend of Israel. He is a hater of the first order and that is borne out by his supporters who know a kindred spirit Trump is a text book case of a Sociopath. He is a mortal danger to this country!
      I cant even think of Naomi Ragan now without disdain!

      • Sheldon Dan

        Can we just agree that the choice sucks?

        Yes, there are anti-Semites supporting both sides. Yes, there are good reasons for not voting for either candidate. This does not mean that there are good reasons to vote for either candidate.

        We need to remember that even if we disagree with a Trump/Hillary supporter, they have that right. I’ve been reading a number of blogs where the author revealed their preference. I may have disagreed with them, but that was no reason–by itself–to unsubscribe from the blog. Maybe you feel differently. But Naomi has a right to her opinion–right or wrong–and I will continue to read her posts.

        This election has brought out the worst in everyone. I suspect that this may have started in 1992. The results exploded in 2008 and 2016. When we get things back to normal no one knows. But we survived the War of 1812, the Civil War, World Wars I and Ii, the Cold War, and Watergate. Somehow we must survive this.

  49. Shelley

    Do not forget that Bill Clinton was set on getting Netanyahu out of office the first place. He knew he could manipulate Ehud Barak–which he did. Thank goodness Arafat reneged on that deal which would have given away Jerusalem. Each US President wants to be the “hero” who helps bring peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Unfortunately they want everything from Israel and nothing from the PA. Bottom line: the West Bank is unstable. Signing a peace accord with them now would be at best useless, and at worst dangerous if Hamas were to take over like they did in Gaza.

    • Diana Tabman

      I really can’t understand why so many of you Trump supporter see him as a loving friend of Israel. What has he ever done to reinforce this? As it stand now he has the support of the most virulent Jew haters like the KKK and the White Supremecists. I’ve heard no disavowals from him.

      • Darth Thulhu

        He had his kids marry into and convert to Judaism. He’s done thousands of business deals in an intensely-Jewish city. He supports security walls and increased vetting of potential Wahhabi terrorists, just like Israel.

        What’s for a Jew not to like?

      • Darth Thulhu

        You haven’t heard disavowals because you are willfully ignorant. He’s given dozens.

        Meanwhile, the American Communist Party and several chapters of the KKK have come out in favor of Clinton, to no disavowal, so please spend some equal-opportunity time hysterically hyperventilating about her, if this actually matters to you.

    • Sheldon Dan

      I think someone said, “Whom the gods wished to destroy, they convinced them to try to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…”

      You are absolutely right. There will not be peace until the Palestinians (and the UN, and the United States, and the EU, and anyone else) recognizes that Israel will remain as the Jewish state and that the “two-state solution” will not work–whether it takes recognition of Jordan as the Arab Palestinian state or acceptance by the Palestinians that their civil rights in Israel will be protected, the failed policies will never produce peace.

  50. AndyC

    Despite the fact that this is an election of “the lesser of two evils”, the choice should be obvious to anyone with a clear perspective and the ability to judge character. Clinton has obvious failings, many of them serious. Trump, however, is a man of no substance, no knowledge, no conscience nor compassion, and no reservations about using any means available to gorge himself on self-aggrandizement. G_d help us all, should he win the election.
    Farewell Naomi, from a former subscriber.

    • Rick

      Ha ha. Pretty rich coming from a Hillary supporter. Interesting you know so much about Trump. Probably another NY times reader

      • AndyC

        Well, I can say that none of my information comes from Trump’s beloved National Enquirer, which he has praised more than any other publication, deeming it worthy of Pulitzers. So unfair.
        I do get info from the NY Times, as well as many other sources with loyalties to BOTH candidates. I talk to Trump and Hillary supporters I know and meet, and have a feel for the various need the candidates seem to fulfill for them. My assessment of Trump is by no means due to some media conspiracy to smear his astonishingly excellent character. He and his people do it to themselves on a regular basis.
        Discussing his promises and views is almost an absurd exercise. It gives him too much credit. Of the mountains of unedited, non-editorialized material available for the watching, does he really strike you as trustworthy? He is a hollow shell of a man who taps into whatever it takes at the moment, in this case to bag his biggest prize yet, the presidency of the United States.
        He is a man who needs to be at war at all times,he is addicted to adversity itself. He is cheered for this by the legion of supporters who have been charmed by his repulsive brand of charisma. Just the kind of guy you want to give the world’s most powerful position to?
        And if he were to win the election, look at the kind of people he surrounds himself with. There are good reasons why Trump is so well loved by neo-Nazis and the KKK.
        Never Forget!

        • Darth Thulhu

          You pretty clearly have not actually watched any of his recent policy speeches.

          It’s understandable, the NYT pretends they don’t exist, just like they pretend the evidence of Clinton’s serial felonies in obstructing justice and lying to the FBI and perjuring herself before Congress don’t exist.

          But if you ever want to actually look for and sincerely listen to his actual policy speeches in recent weeks, there are plenty of them there to be easily found.

          • AndyC

            And you believe his day to day pandering? I’ve heard them all. He’ll say whatever it takes to make himself appear to be “inclusive”, just to win votes. The gullible fall for it. If David Duke visited a synagogue would you think he loves the Jews?

  51. Condie

    It seems that folks have already made up their minds who they are going to vote for, so there is no point in arguing about it.
    I am voting for Donald Trump.

    • kay

      I too am voting for Mr Trump. Thank you Naomi. **Ive been watching Ms Clinton for decades. Hell has no fury as an enabler… she is fully that, able to lie and fully participate in wickedness that puts a smile on Satan’s face, she is wearing that spirit…he owns her and her husband. **I don’t know Mr Trump. Ive listened to him, to respectful and respected people believing him….way smarter than I. **I see a man many times fallen, failed… that loves his family, his(and my) Nation. He, as a human will fail in areas again, as long as he lives. So will all humans. **Ms Clinton hooked her wagon to a bad example of man. She hates him and America. **Mr Trump is THE man we need going ahead of us, a leader that has heard some of his faults from reputable, good folks, and learned SOME humility. He listens and learns. A man(any human) that surrounds himself with wise and caring people will become as those he sees. **Best of good days, Naomi. I am voting for Mr Trump AND against Clinton and DNC.

  52. Naomi Romm

    Excellent Naomi. Perhaps Donald Trump is not the best choice, but he is the only choice. Hilary is proving by every word she utters just how mendacious and morally corrupt she is. In addition the references to her health lead one to believe that if nothing else she is not physically capable of holding the position as US President. Add to that Obama’s desire to remain active in the next administration is one of the biggest factors in not electing Hilary. Unfortunately too many Jews vote Democrat no matter who the candidate is and too many other Americans will vote for her simply because a woman is running for the first time.

    • Nechama Frank

      Donald Trump has my vote.Mr. Trump far outshines Ms. Clinton in every category.

      • Diana

        In experience – in intellect — in emotional stability – what category are you referring to??

        • Darth Thulhu

          All of them, and several others besides.

          Unlike Clinton, whose only “experience” is endless incompetent disasters and constantly repeating that “I can’t recall” what she did, Trump actually has some positive accomplishments.

          Unlike Clinton, who doesn’t have the intellect or the courage to hold an actual press conference for more than 270 days, and counting, with no end in sight, Trump has had over 15 full press conferences this year alone.

          Unlike Clinton, who can’t bring her emotionally-unstable self to face a hostile crowd or a journalist with questions she hasn’t pre-approved, Trump energetically engages dozens of people trying to twist and thwart every sentence he says, and does so with a smile.

          Unlike Clinton, who can’t gather more than a couple hundred paid-union people to see her more than once per week, before going to sit down at a fundraising dinner attended by multi-millionaires, Trump holds multiple rallies of multiple thousands of people, every day for months on end.

          No contest. On every possible axis: Trump 2016

    • Sheldon Dan

      Naomi, Trump is NOT the only choice. And Hillary supporters, Hillary is NOT the only choice.

      Most likely, either Trump or Hillary will be elected this year. And you know what? More than likely, we will survive.

      Didn’t we survive:

      George W. Bush

      If you want, I could probably go back to Washington for examples of presidents some of the voters feared would be disastrous for the country. But we somehow survived the years following 1776, and we probably faced worse than this election. It won’t be easy, thanks to the primary voters, but we will just have to muddle through the next four years.

      • AndyC

        Don’t regard survival as a given. Between Trumps reckless combativeness, greed, and ignorance regarding environmental issues (not to mention the supreme court nominees that would outlast his presidency) we would be facing an in precedented threat. He would be far worse than any president in history. Little did I think I’d ever yearn for a candidate like Dubya!

  53. Sheldon Blackman

    I am extremely disappointed by your support of Trump. While there are many points of disagreement between us, surely you can understand that the wall built in Israel to keep terrorists out is much different from Trump’s “plan” to build a wall along the US/Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it. His proposal is simply one of his many appeals to the worst in the characters of a small proportion of Americans. I tremble for all of us were this crude impetuous man elected our President.

    • Surak

      Ah, so Israelis deserve to be protected from terrorists but not Americans??? No wonder the anti-Semites question our loyalty to America! Patriotic Americans, including Jews like me, think that American lives deserve protection just as much as Israelis!

    • Dr. Roy S. Acryin

      Ahh, a small portion of uninformed Americans like you are a danger to America! Pick up a book on Islam, its practices and its history and learn the Truth, if you can handle the truth! Trump’s plan to restrict Muslim integration until they can be sufficiently vetted shows an informed intelligence and observing common sense based on present day Islamic terrorism. Hillary would let tens of thousands of them into our country without properly vetting them! Shear Maddest!

  54. Sheldon Dan

    Naomi, I’ve just thrown in the towel on this election. The Republicans had a chance to provide a real candidate who could take on Hillary. Instead, similar to what happened with the Democrats in 2008, they let anger with the incumbent allow them to nominate the worst possible choice.

    Please don’t tell me that he won fair and square. As the better candidates could not continue deep into the primaries, he became the default candidate. His behavior during the primaries and after the convention proved that he was unfit to be president. And the fact that Hillary showed how much of a liar she was only added to the sense of hopelessness.

    I am planning to write in this year. I refuse to endorse either of these candidates, although I know that one of them will probably be elected. The only thing I can do is to hope for the best and somehow survive the next four years. So you may as well save your breath and not give me the usual rhetoric about a vote against A is a vote for B, we have to elect A because we must prevent B from becoming president, and all the usual rhetoric that the partisans use to make you decide something that you know will be wrong no matter what you choose.

    • Diana Tabman

      Write-in is such a waste.
      We must elect Hillary with all her flaws.
      She is certainly more qualified to do the job and I trust that she will be fair and moderate and will surround herself with good people like the Bidens of the world!

      • Sheldon Dan

        Sorry, Diana, but I just can’t do it. If Hillary is going to be elected, it will be without my support.

      • Darth Thulhu

        She is only “qualified” to bring incompetent disaster to every single policy she touches.

        HillaryCare. Iraq war authorization. The Russian “reset”. Pay-to-play State Department open for sale to the highest Arab bidders. The Libya intervention. Pouring hundreds of millions of of dollars of arms to “Sunni moderates” in Syria … who promptly gave them to ISIS. Holding Saudia’s coat while it started committing war crimes in Yemen. Cheerleading for TPP, such a bad megacorporate-giveaway that it makes NAFTA look well-negotiated. Getting her campaign chairman in charge of the DNC, promptly losing both Houses of Congress, and then running a rigged primary with a corrupted press and with no real competition allowed.

        Every. Single. Time.

        The woman brings nothing but disaster to everythin she touches. She is a blithering idiot only capable of lining her own pockets while selling out the actual interests of her Party and her country.

  55. Benjamin

    Right on, Naomi!
    Donald Trump will absolutely be the best president Israel and the Jewish people have ever had in the White House. Clinton will be as bad—and if it’s possible—even worse than Obama.

    The truth is, all these liberal Jews here posting their hatred for Donald Trump would have done the same for every previous Republican, and every Republican going forward. Liberalism is their religion; the Democrat party is their church; and they don’t give a damn about Israel except as a mild nostalgia, if that.

    Every one of these people was absolutely SILENT on Obama’s Iranian deal, which we know he sold to them with lies and cover-ups. Any person with even one eye open knew he was lying, but liberal Jews love to be deceived if they think other liberals will like them. They were silent about every time he and Clinton sided against Israel. They want to see Israel return to the ’49 armistice lines—as does Hillary Clinton—out of nothing more than a misbegotten sense of their own phony moral superiority.

    Donald Trump is none of what they accuse him of, and they haven’t a shred of evidence for it. All they have is liberal talking points gathered from the Clinton News Network, the New York Slimes, or one of the hundred other Pravda-like liberal sources. The REAL racist and bigot is Hillary Clinton. The evidence is overwhelming that she is a fraud, a pathological liar, a criminal, a traitor, a power-hungry grifter, and a woman who will say or do anything to enrich or empower her.

    Just watch, Donald Trump will get more of the black and Hispanic vote than any previous Republican. Unfortunately, because American Jews are among the dumbest, most insecure people on the planet, they will be the only minority who likely stays with their Democrat overlords. They are so emotionally invested in the liberal Big Lie that they will NEVER—no matter what, and under no circumstances—ever vote for anyone but a Democrat.

    • Diana Tabman

      You are making such unfair assumptions. I am a Democrat AND a lover of Israel.
      I don’t see what Trump has ever done to show his support for Israel. He has the backing of so many Jew haters. Why do you think that is?
      As far as his “Jewish” grandchildren areconcerned as far as I now thy have not undergone traditional conversion rituals. But that his neither here nor there – but it is sp misguided to support Trump for what he might do for Israel!-

      • Darth Thulhu

        Whereas it is insane to support Clinton, who will continue to do nothing less than massive policy undermining of Israel at every possible turn.

  56. Ed

    Trump has surrounded himself with bigots. His record of denying housing to African Americans is well documented. He rants against Muslims. Gays, etc. Will Jews be next? We can’t take a chance on a serial liar no matter what you think. At least Hilkary has a solid record of working for equality for all peoples. She will. be fairwith Israel.

    • Chani

      If a person can’t pay rent deny the application. Simple. Not racists, also he only rants about radical Muslims.
      No, Jews will not “be next” his daughter converted, married a Jewish man and I believe they gave a child. So Trump has Jewish family members.

    • Darth Thulhu

      She will only “be fair” with Israel if you think that laundering hundreds of millions of dollars of arms to ISIS through Arab intermediaries is “fair” to Israel.

      Her idea of “fair” is that each person gets to “fairly” offer her a million-dollar bribe.

      Unfortunately for Israel, there are ten Arab scions willing to pony up a million apiece for every AIPAC scion willing to do so.

  57. Charlotte Wallace

    Clinton is a clone of Obama and is no friend of Israel. Despite what you may think of Trump, his agenda may keep this country safe and keep our alliance with Israel secure. God only knows what will happen if Hillary gets in.

  58. Robert Paul

    Naomi, I can’t believe the vitriole of these brain-disengaged American Jews who have responded to your very accurate assessment of HONEST Hillary. They played a major part in the disaster of the past 7+ years and now they want to blindly vote to continue it.

  59. S M Salamon

    the media lambasted Reagan as one who would push the nuke button right away–fewer US bullets were fired in his 8 years than any other president in the last century.
    the emails are the tip of the sleazy iceberg & are not media hype. What IS hype is the fact that neo-Nazis claim to support Trump. Well, Al Sharpton, who fuels the Crown Heights pogrom, supports Hillary. So will Farrakhan if he hasn’t died yet. And “Rev Jeremiah Wright” was Obama’s pastor for 2+ decades–didn’t that bother anyone on the Jewish Left?

    Trump is NOT politically correct–that’s his greatest asset. PCism has destroyed the West, academia, culture, all of it. Words mean nothing. Gender means nothing–ignore & deny biology.

    Hillary has never run a business (the Foundation seems to run itself:), a government, a state, etc–she has zero qualifications except her determination & her self-owned manifest destiny to get back to the White House to empower her hangers on–Sidney Blumenthal, Huma Abedin, the other Israel haters, the Alinsky crowd–all you Hillary lovers–Google Saul Alinsky & learn about whom you admire.

    • Nehama Frank

      Naomi,excellent piece,and I agree with all you stated.The only good and correct choice for President of the USA is Donald Trump.Thank you for stating what you did so well.He has been willing to listen to those who have had far more experience and have much more hard earned wisdom in this field.
      He will surround himself with the appropriate people to give him needed advice in every situation because he has learned over these past years that he MUST LISTEN to those who will help him do his job most efficiently.
      Yes, he has made unnecessary comments,like every other candidate does. He has confidence and our votes.He has learned so much,because we need vital changes. He will continue down this path of doing what is right for Jews,Gentiles, African Americans,as well as so many other group needing help.President Trump is now, and will be, the best choice for this great nation.

  60. Jane Fried

    Naomi- Trump is the biggest antiSemite I have run into in a long time. He is dangerous for Jews, for Afican Americans , for Gays, Latinos and a lot of other people. He is not good for Israel because he is not reliable and is only out to enrich himself. No Jew should vote for Trump. He terrifies me.

    • Stugee1

      All lies.He has done more to help minorities through his businesses than any politician. You don’t have to like him but you have no right to lie about him.

    • Robert

      You have all the right reasons,but your describing the wrong person.Clinton and Obama have been terrible for jews and Israel.Not the least of which is their support for the deal with Iran.Clinton’s actions in the middle east have been bad.All of her foreign policy decisions are awful.Clinton have shown reckless behavior when it comes to handling classified material.She has lied continually to American people.I don’t delude myself into thinking Trump is the perfect candidate, but when I add it all up,Donald is the only one I can support.If there is a 1%chance Trump will work out,I’ll take it! There is zero chance Hillary will be good for America or Israel.

    • Darth Thulhu

      You really don’t have anything other than ad hominem lies. An actual anti-Semite would not let his daughter marry and convert. You must be getting desperate.

  61. Val Glaser

    I think your comments are compelling especially on the problems with another Clinton (s). I’m not sure if I will take a similar action, but I do appreciate your speaking up and sharing an alternate perspective. That is a large part of what I cherish about being a Jew. Thank you for sharing Naomi.

  62. Deborah

    Everyone ignores “the elephant in the room” when discussing Trump vs Clinton and that is the issue of a nuclear confrontation. Hillary – as crooked and sleazy as she is is much less likely to engage in international political behavior that would lead up to WWIII. Trump is a loose cannon who thinks it’s ok to nuke an intransigent country. If there had been any other Republican candidate, I would gratefully support him/her. But Trump – never. It’s a tragedy that such ignorant, narrow-minded people banded together to give him the Republican nomination. The US and the world at large can survive a Hillary Clinton presidency. There’s the possibility that there would be no world left if Trump became president.

    • Stugee1

      We will not survive four to eight more years of progressive policies. That would mean the end of America.

    • Surak

      Trump would nuke a country? When did he say that? Oh, a little bird told you? Well, a little bird told me that Hillary helped obama to give $150 billion to Iran who announced they intend to commit genocide against Israel, and Hillary is PROUD of that decision. God please save Israel from their most dangerous enemies – American Jews!!!

    • Darth Thulhu

      No, Clinton will not be “less belligerent”.

      A Clinton crony got us into a proxy war with Russia by supporting the overthrow of the government of Ukraine.

      Clinton wants to start shooting down Russian planes in Syria.

      Clinton and her media cronies deflect every new revelation of her own corruption by desperately trying to re-invent a new Red Scare.

      The microsecond the woman needs a distraction, we will be breaking another Arab country and making it a haven for terrorists and/or our forces will be directly at war with Russian forces. Think about *THAT* the next time you try to claim that “Trump is the reckless one”.

  63. Linda

    Have you completely lost your mind. Drumpf is narcissistic, misogynistic, and racist, out for himself only. You are being conned by the ultimate con man. He is disgusting and repulsive. As for walls, I would rather build bridges. As for hate, I go with respect and compassion. So think and write your negative thoughts, but I choose not to read them. Please remove me from your blog and I will no longer be reading your books.

      • AndyC

        Actually it was right on target. And we haven’t even touched on his belligerent, anti-science stance on environmental issues. This is of utmost importance, yet Trump again dismisses it all as a hoax perpetrated by anti-Americans. Yep, let’s all put our heads in the sand while he drags the entire world down. But hey, he must know what he’s talking about. After all, he knows more about ISIS than all the generals do. Why should his understanding of the ecosystem be any less thorough?

      • Diana Tabman

        And what is wrong with being a “tolerant liberal”? It’s far better than being a mean spirited,hate filled Trump supporter!

        • Darth Thulhu

          You clearly lack basic reading comprehension if you cannot grasp that the problem with a “typical tolerant liberal” is that they are actually violently intolerant of all disagreement, and constantly throwing around unsubstantiated slurs about their enemies.

          “Typical tolerant liberals” are open bigots, as every one of your posts here rapidly demonstrates.

      • AndyC

        Ah, the labels they love to use in order to make matters simple enough to understand…
        Don’t confuse “political correctness” with the capacity for respect and decency.

    • Surak

      You don’t like walls, but rather bridges. Tell me, do you lock your door when you leave your house? Isn’t that racist? You should have an open door and let people break in. Typical leftist treasonous fool!

      • AndyC

        Surak-That remark reveals YOUR racism. Obviously you are insinuating that any intruder would be of another race.

        • Darth Thulhu

          No, he’s demonstrating your racism. Clearly you assume that the people being excluded by a wall or by a vetting procedure would only be of another race.

          News flash: Hispanic is not a race. Neither is Muslim.

          Calling a wall and a vetting program “racist” is as pathetic and misguided as saying that locking your door is “racist”, for exactly the reason you give. THAT WAS HIS POINT.

          • AndyC

            Read my posts again. Nowhere did I say that “a wall and a vetting program are racist”, nor that “Hispanics and Muslims are races”. Trump says whatever it takes to win votes, yet in the real world his promises are not only impractical or impossible in the way he is suggests them, but he cannot be trusted to fulfill his promises once in office.

  64. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    For those of you who have extolled how wonderful Clinton is and berated Naomi, I am attaching a You Tube link from Ezra Levant. It is over 13 minutes – and maybe…. you might learn something. Saudi Arabia. Huma. Mrs. Arafat.
    And for you Jews who responded that you are horrified that David Duke is a Trump supporter, the same illogic follows – In a January 1984 interview conversation with Black Washington Post reporter Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown”. He’s a Clinton supporter. (Does that bother you???)

  65. M. Ezer

    You presume to have insider knowledge about Clinton’s ” sham marriage”, while you call Trump, the man who had an open affair with wife number two while still married to number one, then dumped her to marry number three – a ” family’ man.
    Trump is an open racist who welcomes the support of the KKK- although sometimes he claims to not know much about it. Jews, of all people, should know that when the someone stirs up the evil of racism against two groups, Mexicans and Muslims, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone if Jews turn out to be the next target.

    • Surak

      Trump is an open anti-racist. He has never been racist against Mexicans – that is a leftist lie. Muslims do not constitute a race.

      In contrast, 0bama-Clinton are part of the strongly anti-Israel leftist DNC that waves Palestinian flags and burns Israeli flags (2016 DNC) and boos Jerusalem (2012 DNC) and gives $150 billion to Iran to destroy Israel. And you pretend to be upset about racism, but not genocide???

    • Shelly

      Trump has said he regrets the way he left Ivana and he did not have an affair on Marla–she left him because he worked too much.

      He is not a racist and fought the people of Palm Beach to integrate his club while the Clintons belonged to an all white club. He has provided opportunities to minorities throughout his career and changed his mind about running in a presidential election in the 90’s because the others running were racist and anti-gay and it made him sick

  66. JANICE

    Thank you Naomi for your heart felt e-mail. I HEARD YOU. For the first time in my life I was really thinking of NOT voting and feeling so guilty. I do not like Trump, BUT I don’t like OR TRUST Hillary. I find it extremely sad that this election has two candidates that are who they are and we have put them up as THE CANDIDATES. I listen and think and so much don’t want to vote but that IS NOT THE ANSWER. Once again, thank you very much for your opinion. And yes, I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR NEW BOOKS and hope that another one will be coming out soon and I enjoy reading your e-mails when you post.
    I wrote you after I read your last book – told you that my son and daughter-in-law are in Israel and living in the Haredi Community and your book upset me about their way of life. We saw them recently and I think that they are doing fine and thank you so much.

  67. elaine

    I just read your piece Naomi. You know I hate when writers present Trump as the better of the two but oh how I wish it weren’t Trump. That is a lame approach to this election. I honestly believe Trump won the primaries over 16 other contenders because he was the best man for the job. He captured the people’s spirit and upset.

    You, Naomi, castigate Hillary and rightfully so. American Jews are a twisted bunch of unhinged voters. They are responsible for Obama’s presidency which fellow Jews are hesitant to point out.

    You discuss Trump’s hair (which I did too in my blog) but not in a put-down kind of way, and you go on to say that he wouldn’t have been your first choice but he is better than Hillary. Give me a break….

    Well Naomi……I have news for you. Trump was my first choice. I believe he will do a great job as president if he gets the opportunity. And I believe you should stop apologizing for supporting him. That’s unacceptable and frankly, stupid.

    Stand up for a nominee who won for a reason and for whom you should never make excuses.

    Other than that, I liked your piece. 🙁

  68. Roberta

    I am appalled that you would even consider voting for the bigot who is named Trump. As a liberal feminist Jewish woman I can’t believe anyone with a brain would vote for such a narcissistic liar who is supported by the KKK and David Duke. He has brought out all the hate mongers and disgusting hatred that has been brewing in the Republican Party for the last several years.
    Clinton is a bright highly educated women with more experience in governing than any of the 17 people who should have won over Trump.

    • Stugee1

      That’s right. Vote for the vagina. I know of no feminist Jews who are actually still Jews. Leftism is a religion and you are one of its advocates.

    • Chani

      It was a very liberal paper in my liberal city the top person in the KKK is supporting Clinton.
      Also it’s stupid to not for Trump because a KKK person supports him. Do you honestly think that a politician agrees with everything their supports say and do?
      Clinton defends rapists she covers up her husbands sexual crimes and the countless women who accuse him of sexual assault and or rape are ignored.

    • Darth Thulhu

      Cliton is a “bright” woman whose every response to dozens of FBI questions about what she did while Secretary of State was “I can’t recall”.

      Clinton is a “leader” whose every example of “experience” always leads directly to incompetent disaster. Iraq. Libya. Syria. Yemen. Ukraine. Honduras. Haiti. HillaryCare.

      Everything the woman touches turns to excrement, after which she tries to pin the blame on other people while deceitfully-claiming not to remember any of the relevant details.

      Who in their right mind would ever want such an unmitigated executive failure and computer-security-incompetent anywhere remotely near sensitive national-security decisions?

  69. Rostislav

    I think you are but absolutely right, Mrs. Ragen, – while your Leftist propaganda-fed “opponents” can’t find a single sane argument for their ever-lying candidate from the Alinsky crowd. Here in Australia I’d make only one addition to your final phrase “Trump is the best bet in this particular election for those who love both Israel and America”: both Israel and America AND ALL THE FREE WORLD. With deep respect – Rostislav.

  70. Rick

    This is not even up to date. Hillary is the most corrupt politician ever to run for President.

  71. Rick

    Anyone who would vote for Hillary should have their head examined. She is a criminal and a liar. She has a track record of lying for decades.

  72. Squad

    “as an american who lives in Israel…” It’s all in that. Live in the US if you want to vote. Then maybe you will learn a few things rather than believe the hype. My mother used to say “tell me who you walk with and I will tell you who are.” Trump is supported by the KKK, by neo-nazi groups, by right-wing conspiracy theorists… You don’t know what you are talking about. Meanwhile, Hillary is NOT the lesser of two evils. Hillary is an amazing, competent, most qualified PERSON to be president of the US. Unfortunately, the misogyny from women – such as yourself – not just from men have made her such a target. Please, stay in israel and vote in your israeli politics. Don’t mess up things in the US from which you will have no impact and from which we who are here would suffer greatly.
    I didn’t know who you were before; I surely have no interest in finding out who you are now.

    • Surak

      0bama and Hillary are supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. Didn’t you love them showing the Palestinian flag and burning the Israeli flag at the 2016 DNC, and booing Jerusalem 3 times at the 2012 DNC?

      Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president, who left 4 brave Americans to die in Benghazi. Competent??? Hah!

    • Darth Thulhu

      When a leftist can’t make an actual argument, they make ad hominem accusations of racism and misogyny and bigotry and anything else in the hopes that one of the desperate distractions will stick.

      No. Clinton is not competent. Every single policy she touches gets worse for her having touched it. Child rapists go free under her care, her sexual predator husband gets his victims smeared by her, and every policy ahe interacts with fails or succeeds-by-becoming-worse.

      No. Clinton is not amazing … unless you mean “amazingly corrupt” and “amazingly deceitful”, in which case you are correct.

  73. dj duff

    Thank you for your bold and realistic take on what are the choices. One is unknown and sounding Pro Israel and one is known and frighteningly anti Israel in actions. We stand with Israel and agree with you.

  74. Diana Tabman

    I have lost all respect for you. You are supporting a misogynist, narcissistic buffoon who also has the support of virulent Jew haters. What is wrong with you? What exactly do you in your misguided way, think he will do for Israel?
    I will never again purchase any of your books — your naivety is astounding.
    Goodbye Naomi.

    • Surak

      Who is a Jew hater? 0bama and Hillary have given $150 billion to Iran which wants to finish Hitler’s job. Trump’s daughter and grandchildren are Orthodox Jews. You are a traitor to your country and to your people.

    • Nancy

      There is zero evidence that Trump is anti-Jew or anti-Israel. All of his grandchildren are Jewish, as the 2 married sons also married Jews. Did you see any anti-Jewish protests at the RNC Convention? NO! The Republican platform this year is the most pro-Israel platform ever. Did you fail to notice the Palestinian flags at the DNC or the racist, anti-Israel rhettoric at the side meetings at the DNC? Hillary also has a vocal KKK advocate from California. That does not make her a bigot any more than it makes Trump a bigot. You can’t always pick your supporters. At least Trump didn’t keep hosting Arafat in the Lincoln bedroom. He is saying some non-PC things, many of rich are almost exactly the same things that Bill, Hillary or even Obama said a few years or a decade ago. He would like to vet immigrants. How is that a crime to want to keep America safe. Hillary has essentially committed treason. It is testament to her connections (or Comey’s desire to stay alive) that she is not in jail.

      • Diana Tabman

        A candidate can’t control the crazies who show up at the convention — it is no indication of their leanings .Trump’s “Jewish” grandchildren do not impress me. He is still a misogynist – a narcissist — a megalomaniac and a stupid buffon.
        He is an embarrassment to this nation.

        • Chani

          Your comments are very hateful and angry. You don’t have to like Trump, but name calling is a sign of a person whom has no argument.

          • AndyC

            Well put Squad. To those who would elect Trump: you make your bed, you have to sleep in it. Until it catches fire. Then who will help you put it out? The most self-serving leader since Saddam Hussein? His goon squad of parasitic
            opportunists? His personal gestapo?
            Good luck with that.
            Over and out.

        • Darth Thulhu

          A candidate also can’t control who endorses them, and yet you seem entirely ready to vomit curse-words about Trump based on who endorses him … while pleading with is to pay no attention to the people burning Israeli flags at the DNC.

          Pick one.

          Again: when a desperate leftist can’t make an actual argument, they make ad hominem accusations of racism and misogyny and bigotry and anything else in the hopes that one of the pathetic efforts at distraction will stick.

      • Nechama Frank

        Very well stated,Nancy.Trump has my vote,and Hilary would continue to help our wonderful country spiral downward.

  75. Linda Luna

    That is very very sad. That you would vote for such a person. I will no longer buy any of your books or let people know what great stories you tell. Good bye

  76. elle

    A shock wave went through my body. Your REALITY is distorted. You have fallen for the Trump Tripe……..
    That mega media manipulator in the White House. I can’t bear to think of it…..if (G!D forbid) he was elected,
    the White House wouldn’t suit him…….
    Hillary is taking a lot of crap…….what they only have emails……shut up !
    Joseph Goebbles said if you repeat something enough it gets to be the truth. All that Criminal Hillary crap…..
    over and over…….it gets to the uninformed, that underbelly who is still mad Obama is black and Hillary is a woman.
    and the south lost the civil war…….Oh, America…….my heart hurts……..
    Valedictorian, comes from a solid foundation in social justice, champion of women and children, the hurt and the harmed.
    40+ years of service…….too easy to criticize. You are uninformed. Just notice that it is the rest of the world that is
    boycotting Israel, and Israel goods, and jews……..Yes, it is frightening for jews…….my grandkids !!!!!!!……..We must be vigilant
    He is dangerous, a loose cannon, with an ego so big, it’s all about him……..who would he, could he bring with him……

    • Surak

      What an idiot. I’d love to have a black or a woman president – Allen West, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin any day over a left-wing socialist Jew.

      No, we’re not going to “shut up”. Hillary killed the Benghazi 4, and her Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt racketeering organization in presidential campaign history, and 0bama and Hillary sold out Israel and enabled the genocidal Iran. But you would accept 6 million more dead Jews rather than give up your socialist dreams. Shame!

    • Darth Thulhu

      They have a lot more than her emails.

      They have her perjuring herself to Congress, which is a felony.

      They have her destroying government property (hammering Blackberries into junk), which is a felony.

      They have her lying to the FBI, which is a felony.

      They have her saying “I can’t recall” to three dozens questions of basic computer security, which makes her so breathlessly incompetent and senile that she cannot be allowed anywhere near classified information ever again.

      And that’s just the beginning of what they have on her, by her own words.

  77. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    Naomi. You are absolutely correct in what you have written. I was not a Trump supporter in the primaries, but the saying in Hebrew is Ayn Brerah – we have no choice. G-d forbid Clinton wins.

  78. Ruth Berman

    Naomi, For an intelligent woman, that is not only a stupid decision,it is dangerous for the jews.
    Trump has on his side: the nazi groups in america.
    You will be treated as an immigrant,american passport or not.
    Trump has no interest in the 0ver 6’s who need social security and medicare.
    If your only interest is in israel than give-up you US citizenship because you have no idea what the full issues are.
    Stop with the iran treaty and what that meant.
    Every country has “the bomb”.
    Bush gave nothing to israel in the years he has made money.
    His CEO from BreitBart is an anti-Semite.
    There were Jews who also believed Hitler was good for Germany.
    I accuse you of the same thinking that Trumo will be good for america.
    and you don’t live here.shame on you.
    he is a bigot, ,Narcissistand a misogynist.
    Ruth Berman

    • Surak

      The nazis are at home in the Dem party. Maybe you missed them booing Jerusalem 3 times at the 2012 DNC, or displaying the Palestinian flag in the 2016 DNC, or burning the Israeli flag at the 2016 DNC.

      You don’t give a damn that your fellow Jews could be incinerated in a second Holocaust because of your socialist agenda. Das Kapital is your Torah. For shame!

      • Diana Tabman

        How does the term “Socialist” apply to a Democrat supporting Hillary?
        It is ignorant “labeling” just to make a point!

    • Darth Thulhu

      And Clinton has, on her side, all the rich sheiks in Qatar, Saudia, Dubai, Jordan, and Oman, laundering hundreds of millions of dollars of American armaments into the hands of fellow-travellers of ISIS.

      A few whacked-out Neo-Nazis in the middle of nowhere in rural oblivion don’t hold a candle to millions of militant fanatics being actively armed, by Clinton, directly on Israel’s borders.

      Wake up.

    • janet

      And Hillary Clinton considered KKK grand wizard Robert Byrd as her mentor. Hillary has also received donations (upwards of $20,000) and support from the KKK in America but the media won’t cover it. Never mind all the money she gets from oppressive Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia where women are basically slaves to men and cannot even drive a car.

      You want to talk misogyny? Let’s also talk about Hillary Clinton’s misogyny towards all of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment and rape victims, who she helped silence over the years.

      PS Breitbart anti-Semitic? What a laugh considering they’ve been accused of being Zionist and have a Jewish/Catholic gay man as their most famous staffer.

    • Shelly

      Where do you come up with this tripe?

      Trump’s campaign CEO loves Israel and his company, Breitbart, has an outlet in Israel.

      Seek help

  79. Naomi Naierman

    You should be ashamed of yourself. A bigot like that we Jews should recognize very clearly.

    • Surak

      You should be ashamed of yourself. 0bama and Clinton and their Dem party are genocidal anti-Semites. Trump’s daughter, and his grandchildren, are Orthodox Jews.

      • AndyC

        Another absurd and simplistic viewpoint. If I must stoop to that level, wasn’t it revealed that Hitler actually had some Jewish blood (in him)? A lot of good THAT did.

    • Darth Thulhu

      You should be ashamed of yourself. A bigot like the Mufti of Jerusalem in 1940 should be even more easy to recognize. Just look at pictures of the Clintons shaking their hands and taking their bribes and agreeing to sell them hundreds of millions of dollars of advanced American weapons.

      If you refuse to look, the willful damnation is yours, not Naomi’s.

  80. Ethel Schwartz Bock

    The great businessman and the wonderful family man? Give me a break. He has fleeced people who worked for him out of thousands of dollars. He has been married three times, developing relationships when he or the woman were still married. Hillary is no prize but Trump will take us back to the days of plantation slavery and I for one don’t want to live in a country like that. He is a blowhard, a hate monger and not someone worth of the presidency.
    Ethel Schwartz Bock

    • Surak

      Trump is on his 3rd marriage. Bill Clinton is on his xth rape and his yth sexual harassment.

      It is the Dem party that supported slavery and still supports oppression of blacks. Thinking blacks, like thinking Jews, are rejecting the Dem plantation.

      Trump is a patriot. 0bama and Clinton are not worthy of the presidency.

      • Diana Tabman

        In what way is Trump a patriot?
        A patriot who won’t release his tax returns for fear it will be revealed that he has not paid his taxes and worse has hidden his assets in various overseas enterprises.
        Is that what you call a “patriot”?

        • Darth Thulhu

          Better-to release his medical records and prove his fitness with daily activity than to hide from the press and the American people for nine months straight.

          Better to patriotically comfort the families of slain innocents than to comfort the families of criminals and rioters.

          Better to patriotically support our fallen soldiers and our police and our flooded-out citizens rather than lecturing our troops and cops and avoiding/ignoring our flooded-out citizens.

          Clinton has nothing but empty platitudes and abandonment of people in need and avoidance of people who might ask tough questions. Trump actually goes places and gets involved and does things and talks to the press.

          The difference is night and day.

          • AndyC

            That doctor’s letter?! Really?! About as authentic and enlightening as all the other astonishingly excellent crap he tries to feed us on a daily basis.

  81. EDG

    I would rather have a President who understands the world than another George W Bush, who operates by the uninformed seat of his pants. Trump is the prime example os “please engage brain before putting mouth in motion” . Besides, he has bankrupted more companies than I can count, including people who have done work for him. I suggest you renounce your US citizenship.

    • Surak

      Trump and his followers are well-informed; 0bama-Clinton lead an anti-Semitic cult. Trump has bankrupted 4 companies, so you can’t count to 4. Trump’s 4 bankrupt enterprises constitute 0.8% of his 500 successful companies. Please renounce your US citizenship.

  82. vicki

    It is true, we live in a world of relative evil. But can we not, as children of Elohim, allow our eyes to let in a little light, and recognize that HE has a way that may not include the Left Wing American agenda. I continue to say, enough is enough in the USA.

        • Darth Thulhu

          It may be “simplistic” to note that Sun is bright and that a mire of tar sludge is foul … but that is not a problem, since both things are actually True.

          The Clintons are evil incompetents only interested in their own self-aggrandizement and the selling of this country’s interests to the highest bidder.

          Trump, by contrast, is a patriot who insists that American effort must serve Americans first and foremost, no matter how much it causes petulant SJWs to throw a tantrum calling that common sense “racist”.

          However “simplistic” those observations might be, they have the virtue of being True.

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