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My daughter called me today from Paris, really worried after seeing the horrific images of the huge fires all over the north. I actually took her call as I was sitting by the pool, relaxed after a swim and an aerobics class. Except for an unusual number of planes overhead, it has been absolutely quiet in this part of Israel, between Haifa and Tel Aviv. But that is about to change. A major war with Hezbollah is just a matter of time.

Lebanon is also burning. With the current summer heat and dryness, Lebanon is just as vulnerable to fires, and in fact, only a little while back fires consumed seventy thousand dunam (1,800 acres), and Lebanon asked for international help putting them out. People in glass houses…

So, the question is, what are we going to do about Hezbollah? Israel was waiting for the promises made in the international community about pushing Hezbollah forces back using international pressure. But after seven months, looks like international pressure only works in one direction, Israel’s. It’s disgraceful. The disregard for all signed treaties with international and American guarantees when Israel left Lebanon have been consistently broken with no consequences. There is a huge stockpile of weapons in Lebanon for one purpose only and no one to get rid of it before it falls on our heads, except the IDF.

The good news is that we are prepared and Hezbollah, unlike Hamas, isn’t going to surprise us. The Israeli public is absolutely united that only a war against Hezbollah will make it possible for the residents of the north to return home because from past experience, no diplomatic agreement with Hezbollah will be honored. Israel has been eroding some of Hezbollah’s capabilities in recent months, and while it would have been much much better if Trump was in the White House instead of Biden, we can’t wait for the American elections to take action.

I agree with Abu Ali Express that “just as Israel realized in retrospect (and too late) that it made a huge mistake by delaying the entry into Rafah for many months to please the US and the international community, so it will realize that in delaying the inevitable war against Hezbollah, it will be much more costly.”

The time has come to gird our loins with courage and strength and enter the war against Hezbollah with all our might. I say this even though I know that it will bring rockets down on my own head. There is simply is no other option. IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy, now in northern Israel, said: “We are approaching the point where a decision will have to be made, the IDF is prepared and ready to go on the attack.”

Meanwhile, back in Gaza, IDF forces are in an intensive battle, on the ground and in the air, in the Bureij area in the center of the Gaza Strip. This is another case of the IDF returning to areas already swept clean of terrorists, only for the terrorists to return in force from areas to which they retreated, like the border with Egypt. Yesterday, the IDF downed four residential towers in Bureij after warning residents to evacuate.

It just seems endless. We are being attacked from all angles. Soon the joke that is the U.N. will pass a resolution for us to stop fighting in Gaza, a resolution the U.S. under Biden will not veto. This will tie our hands legally and diplomatically, even as Hamas ignores anything in such a resolution pertaining to them.

Israel is a valiant, heroic little democracy; a country of superheroes. She and her people are so admirable, so heartbreakingly brave and accomplished. I’m so proud to be an Israeli. Even in the midst of all that is happening, I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world. It’s a beacon of righteousness, of moral strength, radiating its light on an ever darkening planet.

As the forces of evil take over our democracies, it’s worth reading this essay by Ayaan Hirsi Ali on exactly how this is being accomplished.

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11 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 4 JUNE 2024”

  1. Natalie Nussbaum Reply

    Trump is an insane, unstable, selfish, untrustworthy human being. Anyone under 35 cannot run for President. Cut off of 75 should be in place. Neither Biden nor Trump should be running for president.

    • Daveed Shachar Reply

      You have just listed a number of unsubstantiated claims, none of which is actually true. I challenge you to find a single example of insanity in President Trump. I challenge you to find a single instance of instability in Trump. I challenge you to find a single instance of selfishness or untrustworthiness regarding Israel in Donald Trump.
      Your comment really shouldn’t be on this website atl all, not because of your political leanings, but because of your political lying.

  2. KD Reply

    In the second world war, it was FDR (not WSC) who decided that “unconditional surrender” was the only acceptable outcome to the war in the European theatre. In the Pacific, during one of his “fireside chats,” Roosevelt laid out the policy regarding Japan – it was to be “unconditional surrender or national suicide.” Talk about moral clarity!

    Those were the days when the American government knew what war was, understood that the objective in any war was to defeat the enemy – and they certainly knew how to go about doing that.

    Take a look at some of the videos on YouTube about the nature of the enemy the Americans faced in the Pacific theatre – suicidal, religious fanatics who brought the local population along with them (In Saipan, the enemy had brainwashed the civilians so much, they ran over to the cliffs and jumped off rather than fall into the American hands.)

    And note well how the Americans dealt with that enemy. They used flamethrowers to burn them to death inside their tunnels and the fatality rates as the Americans pursued their “island-hopping” strategy showed just how badly the religiously-inspired Japanese would rather die than surrender – the Americans obliged them by killing them in their thousands.

    In March 1945, Curtis LeMay, who was in charge of the American bombers in the Marianas, made the decision to use the tactics the Brits had been using against Germany, and loaded up his Superfortress bombers with incendiaries (the Americans invented napalm specifically for this purpose) and firebombed Tokyo. According to some estimates, over a hundred thousand people died in one night. This was the most devastating bombing raid that had ever taken place – far worse than the Brits bombing Hamburg in July/August 1943, when they started a firestorm.

    This was the conduct of the Americans back when they had real men in charge, who knew how to fight a war and defeat an enemy. After firebombing Tokyo, Curtis LeMay started to get congratulatory messages from his commanders, and he kept going, hitting one Japanese city after another using the same tactics.

    Ben Shapiro has recently released a podcast in which he argues that the Americans have forgotten what war is like, they no longer have any idea how to fight a war, and they certainly don’t know how to win a war. (Just look at their track record.) It’s just no longer part of their thinking – hence the “protests” about Israel actually fighting a war properly, and doing what is necessary to defeat an enemy that is not unlike the one the Americans faced in the Pacific in WW2. They just can’t handle it! Soft, pathetic snowflakes – the only “national suicide” on the American agenda under Biden is their own!

    Firebombing of Tokyo, 1945″>The American firebombing of Tokyo in 1945

  3. Steve Reply

    You cannot believe a word that Trump says and you certainly can’t trust him. G-d forbid if he is elected he will throw Israel under the bus just like our other Ally’s.

    • Eva Lande Reply

      Whom do you believe and whom do you trust? Biden?! Who said e.g. he would move the American embassy to Jerusalem and just did so? Compared to some others who lied to get the votes. Suckers are us.

    • Michalis Reply

      I suggest you stop fantasising about the future, and start dealing with the treachery and backstabbing of that disgusting, evil, amoral scumbag in Washington right now. Hey, maybe Biden will get voted in again, and all your fantasies will come to naught, eh. Won’t that be terrific!

    • Daveed Shachar Reply

      When has Trump ever lied to Israel, or even about Israel? Why would a president who was the best American president for Israel in history suddenly throw Israel under the bus. I submit that you have based your comment on nothing except your febrile imagination. Biden has lied to, and about, Israel constantly, and has just given another $90 to Hamas.

  4. golda Reply

    when will Israel do what is good and best for her people, and not
    what the United States says to do.
    when will Israel believe in the fact that only the Israeli military first, and her people second,
    and her govt, last, know what is good for the country.
    when will Israel stop listening to the Jew-hating world, and carry on for the prosperity and well
    being of her citizens.
    and for those Hamas lovers throughout the world, if you really felt in your hearts, what is coming out of your mouths;
    then I propose you trade places with all the hostages, take their place among your friends, and let them go home to their loved ones.
    and those hostage replacements should start with Amal Clooney and her twins.
    and let them enjoy!

  5. Guy Reply

    It seems like our neighbors did not get the “foresfull” Biden message:


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