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Here I Zoom!!

I was actually wondering how this was going to work with COVID-19, giving author lectures, that is. I was dubious if it would be possible to face my readers and give them the kind of experience they’d have meeting me in person to discuss my work.

But just recently I was invited by Rabbi Jessica Mates of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton to meet on Zoom with the sisterhood, who are currently reading my latest book An Unorthodox Match. I gave an introductory speech and then answered questions from the audience.

We were all able to see and hear each other clearly, even though none of us were in the same room! From what I understood from the comments, it was a fantastic experience for all of us, including me!

And so I am now a true believer in Zoom and would be happy to repeat the experience with groups all over the world. Please write me for information concerning costs and set up.

To contact me, please click here.

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5 comments on “Here I Zoom!!”

  1. Cathy

    We cannot buy Naomi’s books in Israel either, unless maybe in a second hand bookstore. I had to order them from the Book Depository out of the UK.

  2. Eva Lande

    I got the book at my library in Bloomfield Hills, Mi. Once in the parking lot I called the library and a masked lady came out and handed it to me also masked in my car. My Hadassah book club will discuss the book in October. I’m right in the middle and enjoying it:-)

  3. Adele Pearlman

    I”ve been ‘attending’ shul board meetings now since The Virus has us all in isolation. But the best has been ‘meeting’ with my knitting/crochet friends, since we’ve had to give up [for now] meeting at our local coffee shop. It’s the 2nd best thing if you can’t meet in person. Also, I joined an impromptu 9pm session with my favorite online knit/crochet designer/instructor. She was on Facebook and didn’t feel like knitting by herself. So she invited whoever was online to join her in a zoom meeting. We were on for at least 3 hours. It was great fun! Glad you came to appreciate Zoom. 🙂

  4. Elaine

    Dear Ms. Ragen,
    I’m writing to let you know that I tried to get your latest books from Barnes and Noble here in New Jersey and they told me that they don’t carry you any longer on the shelves but I could try ordering online. That was so disappointing and I told them that at the counter. I don’t think it went any further.
    Are you aware that Barnes and Noble no longer carry any of your books. Perhaps you publicist could speak directly with the Barnes and Noble honchos to find out why.
    Our libraries are still on lockdown so I am unable to get your books from them.

    • Adele Pearlman

      I just looked online to check out Louisville KY B&N stores (there are 2) and I see they’re available only online. Every single book states “Not in stock at my store”. I also went to the main website … same thing. I would want to know if there is an issue or not nationally. I want to know about continuing to patronize them or to not allow them to “patronize” me, if you get my drift.

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