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Giving Politicians a Job They Can Do

Once again, a terrorist attack. The dead and dying are in the streets. “I’m sick of it,” Fuad (Benjamin Ben Eliezer) says with admirable feeling and conviction to a television reporter. “Sick of giving condolences to the families of the dead. Sick of wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded. I have said it again and again, as long as the Palestinians are still shooting there needs to be a complete closure of the territories. No matter how long it takes…”

Then you blame the government? The reporter asks him.

Now Fuad is a little less emphatic. “No, no. I don’t blame anyone.”

And that seems to be the way it is in Israel.

A decision was made to let Yasir Arafat, a terrorist with blood on his hands, into the country to “make peace.” And now that he’s making war, no one is responsible.

A decision was made to give the Palestinian Authority guns to “keep order” and fight Hamas. And now that they are using these guns to pick off Israeli citizens like ducks in a shooting gallery, no one is responsible.

A decision was made to “take calculated risks” by allowing the Palestinian Police to recruit, arm and train thousands of policemen, many of them from the ranks of Fatah terrorists, and no one is responsible.

And somewhere up the line, someone in the government made a decision to allow a resident of Gaza to ferry hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza into the heart of the country every single day, despite constant information that terror attacks were an imminent threat. And now a Gazan driver has plowed into dozens of unwary soldiers and civilians waiting for a bus, killing and wounding and, again, no one is responsible.

Amidst the daily murder of Israeli citizens, the Israeli government, outgoing and incoming, dithers and negotiates for their political careers and prestige.

And I say to my fellow Israeli citizens, that every single politician in Israel – in or out of government, is responsible for what happened here, and what is happening here. Every single one. And I say, let us now begin forming a new party, and a new government, in which no one tainted by the catastrophic decisions of the last seven years shall be allowed to join.

I say, let us have a clean sweep, throwing out every single, worthless Israeli politician of the last decade on his behind to earn an honest living sweeping the streets. Let each one be given a broom, and a street, and each day let them take responsibility for keeping it clean, at last, giving them something to do that is measurable and for which they can be held accountable.

Let us have one party, of right and left, secular and religious. And only members that have had nothing to do with politics. Men and women of vision and accomplishment in their own fields. Let us beg them to run. Let us rid the country of those pernicious gamblers, who’ve gambled with our lives and the lives of our families. Let’s get together and tell them the casino is closed, and they are out of a job.

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