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Gaza War Diary: 4 MARCH 2024

There is supposedly a deal on the table for the release of hostages. So said a very enthusiastic President Biden. And now, suddenly, there is nothing. Hamas won’t even say which hostages are still alive. Instead, day after day after day, we get attempts by Hamas and its supporters to rile up the natives with one blood libel after the next in the hope of derailing the entire negotiating process.

There was the “Flour Massacre” on the coastal road. “Hundreds killed by Israelis.” Lie. Now, we have with the help of useful idiots like Kamala Harris (the sole reason we are not praying for senile Joe Biden to suddenly exit the White House) that the Gazans are in a “humanitarian crisis.” That they are “hungry.”

We get a photograph taken of a skeletal child who is obviously dying of a disease which has nothing to do with hunger, who Hamas says is being treated in a Rafah Hospital. Well, there are plenty of food trucks in Rafah. Nobody is hungry in Rafah. And in addition, sitting next to this skeletal child is his very well-fed looking father with a stylish and spiffy haircut. How come only the kid is skeletal, not Dad?

The same thing with the picture of a little boy wolfing down a pita as his distraught Mom sobs: “First bread he’s eaten in months!” You could almost believe her. But she makes the mistake of wiping her eyes calling attention to her very well plucked and shaped eyebrows. Do mothers of hungry little boys have time to meticulously pluck their eyebrows? I ask you.

The greatest exports of Hamas are their lies. They lie about the number of dead, they lie about their victories. They lie that their hospitals are hospitals instead of military arsenals. They lie that their UNWRA schools are now home to fleeing refugees instead of staging areas for Hamas terrorists.

But often, their lies aren’t well planned. Do you know how many TikTok videos were posted in February of Gazan marketplaces filled with well-fed Gazans eating shwarma? The pictures of the juicy lamb shwarma turning in a spit are mouthwatering. I invite you to look at them. Moreover, today there are videos of Gazan fisherman bringing in boatloads of fish (and aid packages). Israel isn’t bothering them. I guess the haul was good because Jordanian aid packages are feeding the fish off the coast when they sink into the ocean.

But I suppose you don’t have to be a very good liar when the people you are trying to convince you are starving have the “intelligence” of a Kamala Harris. Every person who voted the Harris-Biden ticket should be sick to their stomach about what they have done to the free world in general and the State of Israel in particular.

Israel’s 98th battalion continues its truly heroic efforts to clear out terrorists from Khan Yunis, secretly moving tanks and military equipment during the night to surround Madinat Hamad in northwest Khan Yunis to create a ring of fire. The area, once famous for its tall, elegant apartment buildings, has become a hiding place Hamas terrorists. The 98th created a humanitarian corridor to evacuate those less guilty while preventing terrorists from fleeing, and were able to apprehend dozens who are now being interrogated.

Photos of al Jazeerah terrorist/journalist Ismail Abu Amar who deservedly got bombed by Israel and unfortunately lost only a leg and not his head, have turned up. You’ll be delighted to know he is now ensconced like a king in a hospital bed in Qatar, having been helped by his “newspaper” to escape from Gaza (and Israeli justice) through Egypt. Too bad. Perhaps a secondary infection will finish him off? A photo of the spokesman for Hamas police, Iman Bataniji, has also turned up showing him begging Egyptians to let him out of Gaza at the Rafah crossing. No dice, said the Egyptians. No rats escaping a sinking ship.

Let’s hear it for Egypt!

That country also sentenced members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death yesterday. They are on a roll. Didn’t hear any international condemnation of that, did you?

Iranian currency is scraping rock bottom. One dollar is worth 600,000 rials! Guess their tunnels were expensive, and now they’re scrap metal buried in the sands of Gaza along with their Hamas proxy who is getting the s—beat out of them. Oh, my. So sad. Not!

According to Abu Ali Express, tonight IDF forces destroyed the home of the terrorist Ma’ad al-Masri who carried out the attack in which the mother and two daughters of the Dee family were murdered in cold blood in their car last April. The house is now rubble.

The IDF has released a tape of a teacher of Arabic at an UNWRA school in which he gloats about kidnapping an Israeli woman and witnessing the atrocities against women: “They shot them in the eyes,” he says gleefully. So far, 450 UNWRA employees have been proven to have participated in the October 7 atrocities.

Attorney Robert J. Tolchin in Brooklyn and my friend, pioneering attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner in Tel Aviv, founder of the Shurat HaDin Law Center, has filed a complaint in DC District Court against the US State Department, claiming on behalf of 8,000 plaintiffs, including relatives of the famous kidnapped red-headed babies of the Bibas family, that the State Department violated anti-terrorism laws by providing billions of US tax dollars to UNRWA. The plaintiffs “demand a complete cessation of all funding to UNRWA in contravention of law.” One of the defendants is our dear friend Blinken, who has spent so much time pressuring Israel.

Looking forward to hearing them defend the indefensible.

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9 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 4 MARCH 2024”

  1. Brenda Matsumura

    It is good to go after this complicit and catastrophic Biden/Harris regime. They have turned America inside out. Despite the American propaganda generated endlessly against President Trump, he stopped ALL UNWRA money from U.S. The U.N is begging now. I home they rot. Gazans will not go hungry.illions from Qatar, UAE, Saudis etc will continue to flow. I fear the U.S.under Biden will try to get their hands on confiscated funds by IDF. Harris demanding anything is rich. She has not been capable of a single assignment and can see her giggling thru visit with Gantz. Les clear is what he was doing there in the first place. Oct 7 and all that is following has made it impossible for my heart to find much sympathy or forgiveness for Gazans. I hear how kind many Israelis still are toward these barbaric sexual sadists and I admire them, but wonder about the naivete. Shani Louks mother said she thought ” there were no bad Gazans. RIP sweet girl.

  2. Sharron Katz

    Thank you always for these informative diaries Naomi. Am Chai Israel. Sometimes I feel like I’ve stepped into an alternate universe where I never realized how much ignorance exists. It does not take that much intelligence to see the truth…murder, annihilation, rape, burning people alive…to understand this is a call to war. Then there’s tunnels…miles upon miles of terror tunnels…hostages…war crimes…and yet, Israel is not supposed to defend itself? Every time I hear ‘poor Gazans’ I cringe. I feel they are all complicit. There can be no peace as long as Hamas exists and even after there will have to be deradicalisation (not sure of spelling). Keep up the good work.

  3. Sandra Flickstein

    Your disparaging Biden and Harris is not acceptable. As an American “non- religious”Jew previously, my heart and spirit are with Israel but also innocent Palestinians caught up in this horrific conflict. Anti-Semitism is rampant here and world wide and growing. None of this is the fault of our President or VP. I realize a two state solution is not possible with Hamas still in power, although diminished. I appreciate your post and your insights on what is happening in Gaza, but none of this conflict is the fault of our leadership. Your dialogue can influence narrow minded and immoral Americans to vote Trump, which decidedly would damage our democracy.

    • Sharron Katz

      Biden has been useless throughout this entire conflict..and honestly I’m uncertain how he can still be president clearly in his state of dementia. He’s been pushing his agenda on Israel from day one based upon him being hopeful for his own campaign goals. Kamala is a joke. If she were to take his place should some sort of emergency take place, your country would be a mess. I am on board with all of what Naomi says.

    • KD

      Disparaging Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala is not only acceptable, it is necessary – both morally and practically. A more incompetent and corrupt pair is impossible to imagine.

      We’d all better hope that Donald Trump gets in for a second term. He’s the only one who has even a chance from turning America around from the path it’s currently on.

      If the narrow minded and immoral people who voted for the corrupt semi-corpse with the utterly appalling son have their way again come election time, then you can kiss democracy, prosperity and personal liberty goodbye in “the land of the free.”

      When it comes to Israel, how many times does Biden have to stab you in the back before you realise you cannot put your faith in him?

  4. Sherrie Sicsm

    Thank you, Naomi, for sharing the truth about those naive people , particularly Jews. who voted for Biden-Harris in 2020. They have been loyal to the democrat party as if it is a religion. Hopefully, now their eyes are open. The Biden administration hides behind lies and deception. . It is no friend of Israel

  5. adinah kranzler

    HI Naomi
    Thank you for your posts. Please is there any way you can get any of your blogs to the NYTimes or Wall Street Journal. Maybe you have tried but I wish someone else besides me could be informed about what’s really happening.

  6. Ryan K

    First thing Egypt has done right since Sadat. Feel bad for the Iranian people, with their mullah “leaders”. State Department will probably weasel their way out of the lawsuit.

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