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Gaza War Diary: 9 JANUARY 2024

We woke up to the horrifying news of the loss of nine soldiers killed as well as several others injured in Gaza, six of the dead in an explosion in the largest underground weapons factory yet discovered in Gaza, beneath the very road that the IDF has created to allow the humanitarian transfer of the Gazan population to safe areas. It was a factory filled with explosives, and yet a tour by journalists was allowed only a short time before it exploded in the largest single catastrophe since the war began. Some were soldiers from Yahalom, the combat engineering unit, my grandson’s unit. They were mostly his age or bit older. Beautiful, skillful, educated, kind young men defending all of us.

Why were they in that place at all, full of explosives and fumes? How was this allowed to happen? I still don’t know the details.

All day, every day, for every Israeli, we are in a waking nightmare. We hear from our families and friends about what is happening, mostly discussing who didn’t make it, or who needs prayers. We scour the internet and see one devastatingly awful story after the next: how Israel is now going to have to defend herself in the International Court of Justice for war crimes!!!

What!!!? After what was done to us, they want to put us on trial?

And then the protests, how the scum of the earth is closing down New York City. How policemen in Toronto instead of protecting the large Jewish community there are bringing coffee to Hamas-wannabees who threaten Jewish life in Canada. Videos of vile people accosting Jews in malls, on the street, on college campuses, calling them names, threatening physical harm, everywhere. All over the world. And no one seems to be rising to the challenge.

I now really do understand the Jews of Berlin, 1938. They were waiting and waiting for civilization to reappear, for justice to reappear, for morality to return, for moral leadership to speak loudly and clearly. For police and the justice system entrusted with keeping law and order to arrest, jail and prosecute clear violations but instead ignored crimes and gave succor (cups of coffee?) to criminals and allowed it to continue unimpeded. At least New York’s finest finally arrested those blocking traffic on the three bridges to Manhattan. But since there are no bail laws, they’ll be out in the streets in no time at all.

A friend of mine who was the former mayor of Beverly Hills sent me an article about her granddaughter and the antisemitism she suffered as a student in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago at the hands of virulently antisemitic teachers and fellow students. She is now suing, so good for her.

And now the Biden Administration is pressuring, pressuring Israel to give in and give up. To send the troops home. To make some deal with the PLO. To bring in more “humanitarian” aid going straight to Hamas even as our hostages languish in dungeons without food or medicine, enduring daily physical and even – it is rumored – sexual assaults. A Knesset Committee was even told that these girls, kidnapped soldiers, must be rescued now so they can still get abortions in time, because soon it will be too late…Our girls!! Our daughters. Our sisters. The whole thing is unthinkable. And yet the trucks with food and fuel for Hamas roll on.

Today, a convoy of the families of hostages started toward the Gaza border to physically block the aid trucks from entering. “If they want humanitarian aid, let them behave in a humanitarian way. Give us back our hostages!” they demand. Of course, the Israeli police stopped them. The trucks, which contain everything Hamas needs to prolong this war and which gives them no incentive to surrender, keep rolling in. Because Biden demands it. The EU demands it. It’s a form of insanity, or deep hatred for the Jewish people, a morally reprehensible demand to supply food and medicine to terrorists withholding both not only from hostages but the so-called civilians they are meant for.

A senior German official just announced that the Palestinian Authority must be part of any settlement in Gaza. Don’t they read the papers? We are at war with the Palestinian Authority! Every day, in Jenin and Tul Karem more terror cells are uncovered, more terrorists and their weapons apprehended and killed. The Palestinian Authority pays monthly salaries to the families of terrorist murderers, and Abu Mazen, a Holocaust denier and a terrorist in a suit, has said if he has two cents, it’s all going to the families of terrorists locked up for murder in Israeli jails.

My only comfort is that I know that I am not alone. I know that there are many in the world who understand the immorality and insanity of the demands made on Israel.

I know that many in the world also see the destruction of the American dream with the institutionalization of DEI, which is nothing more than the dismantling of the meritocracy that made America great, that made it different from every third world country where your skin color, your ethnicity, your religious beliefs, your politics, decided which opportunities come your way, and ultimately your success in the world. Immigrants from all over the world flocked to America because of this. Each was assured that his talents and hard work would give him opportunity to succeed unlike the countries they were fleeing. DEI replaces all that with the narrative of losers, the race card, the oppressors and the oppressed. Excuses for failure and jealousy towards those who earn success.  

I know that I am one of many millions who side with Israel and see Hamas for what it is, and Hamas supporters for the blood thirsty, immoral, stupid, genocidal idiots they are. Who understand that Europe and America are not experiencing mass, immigration of those seeking opportunity and freedom, but an enemy invasion of hostile, murdering hordes who care nothing for the host countries they’ve bamboozled into accepting them, viewing them as merely places to conquer and destroy so they can replace their democracy with their own warped, ugly values and mindless hatreds.

I, and all of those many millions who side with Israel, wait for some sign of stirring rebellion. For leadership that speaks clearly and sensibly from a true moral high ground. The sacrifices of the Israeli people, and the staunch resistance of the Jewish people to this new world order which they – of all the peoples of the world – have experienced most and§ thus have reason to fear most acutely, having suffered through it to the bitter end not so long ago, knows where it can and will lead. Not to hundreds of deaths, but to millions. To dhimmi-hood and slavery and rule by mob violence. To racial profiling and denial of equal opportunity, prejudice and the promotion of incompetency in all professions. Incompetent doctors who can’t heal, talentless engineers whose buildings fall apart. Artists and writers and filmmakers all producing the same crap, promoting the same Pravda-esque party line.

I am finding it hard to sleep at night as all these things go through my head. But each morning I wake up ready to look for some sparks of light, somewhere. If only we who think this way could all join together and stop the trucks to Gaza and the sympathy for murderers and the ugly mobs roaming our streets beating up Jews and Christians. If only we could replace incompetent politicians with our own Churchills, people with vision and moral clarity. If only leaders would arise in Israel who could stand up to the pressures and insist that the world face the terrible dangers now engulfing us all. If only I didn’t feel we are too scattered to do anything, leaving each other alone to face these well-funded, well-coordinated enemies of mankind.

Not only is the State of Israel, and the Jewish people in the danger zone, but every good person who has the courage to stand up and be counted against this new world order. We must find a way to unite.

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6 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 9 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Lois

    So saddened . The enemy amongst us are us . We need to join forces that is Jews, Christians, Blks Asians etc We cannot be at anyone’s merci . G-d help our children and grandchildren . We need to arm yourselves because Never Again means Never Again . G-d Bless America . Our country .

  2. Asher Fine

    Naomi, once again, you are so right. The upside-down, inside-out reality that we live in today, is so painful to experience. When will the world really wake up?

  3. Barbara

    This morning before read yours, I read that 9 innocent young solders, our boys, were killed and wept. I can’t stop crying reading your article because it is so true and so hurting! Our leaders should be ashamed of themselves turning into traitors. Our country is falling apart and who knew when we were young that we would be so hated and despised! Our country, where I always felt so safe, is now an absolute horror of hate! Won’t someone come to their senses and see the difference between good and evil?

  4. Gail McKay

    You should send this particular Gaza War Post to The NY Times Editorial Page. It’s what others like us elves need to hear.

  5. Ryan Keogh

    As an American, I believe our country owes Israel a sincere apology. The way our leaders have treated the country over the past 30 years has been grossly unfair. They are part of the reason why this war has happened (along with the naivete of some Israeli leaders). The Oslo accords, which gave that terrorist Arafat and his PLO legitimacy as a world leader was a terrible mistake, and the world is paying the price for it. It is a shame our leaders haven’t figured out where the real root of the problem lies.

  6. Ellen Calderon

    It’s always the fault of the Jews, for thousands of years they want to kill us, I feel your pain those poor soldiers killed just awful, it seems the whole world is against us again, we’re praying for you

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