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The present situation feels like a movie in which crazed, murderous zombies are roaming freely, opposed only by a small group of beleaguered heroes. Except that this movie is being directed by one of the zombies, whose entire sympathy is with the bad guys.

Is that so surprising? I remember decades ago when I first realized that the films and plays and television shows I was watching almost completely had bad guys as the heroes. It was the con man, the thief, the murderer, for whom the screenwriters and directors wanted you to root. As for retribution, modern culture doesn’t believe that bad guys being caught and punished is a modern plot. No. Not for decades. Again and again, the bad guys are smarter than the poor saps they rob. Look at all those Ocean Eleven type movies in which the thieves are rooted for and admired.

And so it is with the current conflict, in which the worst people on the face of the earth, Hamas, and Hezbollah and Iran are the ones for whom people are barricading themselves inside buildings to defend, support and demand victory.

The leaders of the West, most notably, Joe Biden, talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. In his most recent speech, President Biden, reflecting on the Holocaust, said all the right things. Or, his speechwriter did. He said: “This ancient hatred continues to lie deep in the hearts of too many people in the world… here we are not 75 years later, but just seven and a half months later and people are already forgetting! They’re already forgetting that Hamas unleashed this terror.”

And yet, as Israel does what it must to protect its people, Joe Biden is doing the unthinkable, withholding US weapons which Congress voted to send to Israel since March. For all his righteous rhetoric, Israel, attacked from all sides, surrounded by enemies, has been abandoned by the US in the greatest act of perfidy I can remember in my lifetime. There can be no forgiveness for this, and the consequences for the US and the world will be no less than that for Israel.

The moral bankruptcy of the United States of America, deepened by Barack Hussein Obama and his stooges, including his handpicked successor – the senile Joe Biden – reveals the heartbreaking demise of a great nation, my birthplace.

Writes Michael Goodwin in the New York Post: “By feuding with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, abstaining as the United Nations Security Council passed a poisonous resolution and even withholding an arms shipment that Congress authorized, the president casts doubt on their commitment to Israel and gives hope to those advocating genocide of the Jews. Weakness is one thing, but the President’s latest move takes the cake for double dealing.”

Whatever he says publicly, Biden is rooting for Israel’s defeat, and doing whatever he can materially and diplomatically to make sure it happens and that Hamas survives to massacre our people yet another day. This is unforgivable. Anyone who voted for him must take responsibility for making this possible. I know this isn’t going to sit well with many of my readers who consider themselves friends of Israel, yet cannot stomach Trump or the Republicans. I say to all of you, it doesn’t matter how you feel. What matters, is the result of your actions. You have weakened Israel when it is facing genocidal enemies alone in the world. You have made American perfidy possible. For shame!

The movement of troops in Rafah shows just how weakened. Hardly anything has happened since Israeli troops took over the Rafah crossing and Philadelphi corridor, except that the IDF has furiously reprimanded soldiers in a tank who dared to make a video showing them riding over Palestinian flags. NO! Not allowed! Israel is not allowed to project any sense of victory. Our soldiers have to die without hurting Hamas “pride.”

What the hell?

The IDF has rightfully invaded Hamas’ last stronghold. Where are Israel’s demands? What, releasing hostages is our only demand? Hamas has a laundry list two kilometers long of demands which they repeat at every possible opportunity, never mind that they didn’t win a single battle in this war they started. And we, all we do is sit there tongue-tied and pathetic.

Give us back our hostages, we moan.

WHERE IS THE DEADLINE? WHERE IS THE “AND IF YOU DON’T THEN….”!!! No demand for unconditional surrender. What is that all about? We should demand at least that. It’s not too much to ask. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER! We should say it out loud, MK’s. Shout it from the rooftops of Gaza in loudspeakers. And stop the fuel going in for the tunnel generators, instead of just overseeing deliveries! Flush them out into the open and destroy them, and take back our people.

Stop being afraid of the Americans. What did they do for us when Iran sent its rockets? Nothing! They are still sending money to Iran. They are supporting our enemies in Qatar and Egypt, where an Israeli tourist was murdered in cold blood yesterday by an Egyptian policeman. These people are not our friends. They don’t negotiate on our behalf. We have given our sons and daughters. Give us victory.

America is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. That would be Israel. If only our government were worthy of our people.

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13 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 8 MAY 2024”

  1. Karen Reply

    Thank you Naomi for your thoughts on American politics. America is dying and that is exactly what the left in America wants to see happen. We are fighting and praying for our lives. Our fight is not with soldiers, but the result of losing is death to our country. The people so against Trump have drunk the koolaid of of the left wing press. There was no insurrection. We only have two choices death to America or maybe a chance to turn things around. Biden has cursed Israel and that is scary for us all. Again thank you for saying what you did.

  2. Deinya. Mautz Reply

    While I agree with what you write, allow me to say that they thought of an another Trump presidency is horribly fearful for countless reasons. Similarly actions of the Biden administration supposedly on behalf of Israel do not offer any reassurance of future support and certainly work to compromise Israel’s right to self defense and destruction of her enemies. As I sit here today, I am at a total loss for the upcoming future off this country but maintain my absolute belief in the future of Israel no matter how my any of her supporters turn their backs. Thank you for writing the truth.

  3. Brenda Reply

    Yes, I fully agree. Bidens double dealing includes deep financial ties by his brother, to Qatar. The GOP is demanding answers as to why the weapons were not sent. This American POTUS has one thing he cares about, his power. Morally bankrupt in every other way. I predicted his support of Israel would falter quickly. Our FBI Director testified America is more in danger of a “HAMAS Style” attack on our Soil that he’s never seen..He who pledged to keep us safe: opens the borders, doesn’t vet anyone, and incentives it with secret flights and totals have reached 10 million, with likely 2 million got aways, knowing people from.Chins, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia, it’s a matter of “When”. The GOP, like it or not, is demanding answers NOW. Obama did it to.Israel in 2014. How happy Israel’s enemies are, knowing Israel lacks American support and is denying the IDF the weapons they require to complete the mission. It’s is disgusting. ( The rabid anti- Trumpers on this days comments section, are blinded to realities and certainly do NOT love Israel and it’s people. There was a small riotJan 6, never an insurrection. Not a single weapon and the death of one unarmed protester and veteran. Mrs.Babbit) Irrelevant to plight of Israel and when aid trucks are flowing again, perhaps Biden will come around. State Dept just now said ” We think too many Palestinians are dying'”. As the justification for flipping the bird to Congress. But you can BET Ukraine is getting theirs. And tucked in the same bill, is 9 billion for GAZA. Bidens pier is to be operated by IDF soldiers. Israel should say, “no help for us, leaves us unable to run your pier. Use American boots to deliver aid” See how that goes. Aloha Naomi. Hopes and prayers for Israel in all ways.

  4. KD Reply

    “True, we still have a long way to go to Tokyo. But, carrying out our original strategy of eliminating our European enemy first and then turning all our strength to the Pacific, we can force the Japanese to unconditional surrender or to national suicide much more rapidly than has been thought possible.”

    FDR, June 12th, 1944.

    That was the choice facing the enemy in the Pacific theatre.

    Unconditional surrender or national suicide.

    • KD Reply

      The Americans take Saipan.

      This is war.

      Note how the non-combatants acted (towards the end of the video.) Note the similarities between the enemy facing the Americans in the Pacific theatre back then, and the enemy facing the IDF today.

  5. Roberta Seitzman Reply

    Your take on what’s going on in Israel is all I’m interested in. Your disgust for our decent president is the reason I will unsubscribe. Your ranting about Biden makes me believe you will vote for a demagogue, unstable, lying, unstable person who once again,
    cause an insurrection when he looses.

    • KD Reply

      You’re not happy about someone “ranting about Biden?”

      Oh dearie me, how awful.

      Look around you!

      If you voted for that moral black hole, then YOU are responsible for this mess we’re all in.

      You can like that or lump it, but it is the truth.

      I notice you are unable to refute anything that was said.

      Biden is what he is – a senile, evil, utterly corrupt black hole with the most appalling offspring. The apple really hasn’t fallen far from the tree there.

      It’s people like YOU who are the problem, because people like YOU voted him into power.

      Now we’re ALL having to live with the consequences of what YOU did.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  6. Rachel Reply

    There is no way I will vote for Trump. He is a liar, a con man, a rapist, a crook, an anti semite, a misogynist, and belongs in jail as soon as possible. He will cause great harm to the US and the world if anyone is crazy enough to vote for him. All the antisemitism in America was caused by him.
    Continue writing about Israel but stay out of American politics.

    • KD Reply

      This must be a troll, surely. No rational human being can really believe such nonsense???

  7. Jill Goldblum Reply

    I’m with you on this!! Thank you for expressing my thoughts!!
    Where will we go from here??

  8. Audrey Reply

    You are absolutely right, especially about those who can’t stand Trump getting over their aversion. Trump loves America and loves Israel. America needs a very strong leader and Joe Biden is a weak willed, criminal, double dealing bully. Hold your nose if you must, but do the right thing to preserve America and Israel 🇮🇱.

    • Baila Reply

      What you are writing is all over the news. Your feelings on this are shared my many people, who are also as public with their thoughts. I wish I can read something that I don’t know about. The evidence does seem to pile up showing that many nations are against Israel.
      Can you write about the daily life you live? Can you write about the families of hostages in detail how they lived before and how they live now? Can you write about what happens to soldiers after they go to war? Can these soldiers be peaceful at home, or did something change inside them? What happens to soldiers after they shoot the enemy? Can you write about your feelings living as an Israeli? Can you write about your neighbors and relatives? Can you perhaps share personal accounts of what soldiers saw in Gaza? Can you share first hand accounts of soldiers who dealt with Hamas? I am curious to learn more than what common news sites are saying?

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